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downloading issues help!

By Cassiee posted 28th Dec 2012

i just bout airline tycoon deluxe....and im trying to download it...but its not showing up on my libary..and i cant find the mygame tab anywhere..all though my order was confirmed O.o?


By lFlapjackl posted 28th Dec 2012

Should be at -

Also, make sure your order went through - - It should say "Completed" under status.

By AlexW00d posted 28th Dec 2012

If it's not appearing in your library/shelf wait a little bit, it might not have fully gone through on GG's side of things. If it's still not there later then send support an email quoting your order number etc.

By page305 posted 28th Dec 2012

I would expect instant anything at the moment. I image things are in turmoil at the Sweden HQ...

By schmuttah posted 29th Dec 2012

@page305: I would think so too, seems to be many problems atm. Or just some new intern messing things up.
@Cassiee: Check if your order really went through.
I had the same issue with Torchlight 2 this Sunday, money was taken from account but no game. In the order menu it said that the order was still pending even though my money was gone. Well to make things short, I was really angry for days but I got the game today.

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