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Dead Island at 75%, another "pricing mistake"?

By KeaBlack posted 28th Dec 2012

I've noted the game in the front page at 75%, open the game page and the timer states that the offer will continue for 15hours or so, an hour later it is at 50%, why?
This was another pricing mistake?


By mjfritz posted 28th Dec 2012

Shows %50 off for me ???

By Dunther posted 28th Dec 2012

Even if true, I never buy here again until I get my games back.

By KeaBlack posted 28th Dec 2012

By mjfritz posted Today

Shows %50 off for me ???

it was at 75% an hour ago or so, now it is at 50%

By Mathute87 posted 28th Dec 2012

I don't give a damn. Wouldn't buy it even if it's 1 buck. And if that were the case, it would be a pricing fuck-up. So done with this site unless they sort something out quickly :) But hey, they have to enjoy the holidays first. Then take care of us.

By natey2k4 posted 28th Dec 2012

Lol OP is not lying. It was 4.96 or something an hour ago. Lol

By taytothief posted 28th Dec 2012

People are complaining that games are too cheap?

By page305 posted 28th Dec 2012

I think they have someone watching the site manually now as they don't trust their automated system. Thing are chaos at the moment.

By mjfritz posted 28th Dec 2012

This company is ridiculous. I have never seen so many price mistakes in such a short time.

By santicos posted 28th Dec 2012

No point to buy that. They refund Your order without asking - probably. I'll never buy anything here because of that.

By KeaBlack posted 28th Dec 2012

By taytothief posted Today
People are complaining that games are too cheap?

no, I'm complaining that a game that was supposed to be at 75% for 15 hours (as said by the timer an hour ago) is now at 50%

By kostron posted 28th Dec 2012

now is more expensive

By nairox85 posted 28th Dec 2012

i got ghost recon future soldier without any key nor refund

By sneaklez posted 28th Dec 2012

yeah another pricing error... I thought 75% off for 15hrs now it's suddenly 50%.
Pricing error on this site never ends... :(

By ccirvine posted 28th Dec 2012

I bought it when it was 75%, didn't know it was a mistake. I hope they don't take my game :P

By schwartzag posted 28th Dec 2012

They shouldn't be able to claim that one was a pricing error because I believe Steam sold it for 75% off for a while also so obviously it is possible to make sales at that price. Right now Steam has a bunch of stuff for 75% off.

By Thraxus posted 28th Dec 2012

So far it seems that every pricing error has been a result of the intended discount being applied twice. Items that are supposed to be 50% off end up being 75% off. Bundles that were supposed to be 70% off end up being 91% off (Bethesda New Years Collection).

My guess is that they recently added some sort of back-end interface for submitting sale prices to their website and there`s some scripting error in it that is performing the requested action twice instead of once. Would explain why it`s happening so often.

By taytothief posted 28th Dec 2012

By KeaBlack posted Today

By taytothief posted Today
People are complaining that games are too cheap?

no, I'm complaining that a game that was supposed to be at 75% for 15 hours (as said by the timer an hour ago) is now at 50%

Meh, they are allowed to change their own prices you know.

By AlbertX posted 29th Dec 2012

You dont know what are the right prices anymore. How can I be certain I am buying something at the right price? and that it wont be taken back without my consent.

By Thraxus posted 29th Dec 2012

I would expect that as long as they aren't going to take a severe loss on the sales, you're probably safe to go ahead and purchase without worrying about your order being cancelled.

After all, there's a big difference between 75% off and 90-97% off. The former is a typical discount for daily deals here and they can obviously handle that, while the latter would be sold at a financial loss and could become an unbearable financial burden on the company if they tried to fulfill all the thousands of orders they likely received.

I, for one, do not want to see GamersGate suffering financially, because if they ever went out of business, there goes everyone's libraries of purchased games.

By uBinKIAd posted 29th Dec 2012

funny all the people who keep saying they are done with this site ...... yet they are STILL here. /rant
A sale that is ~95% off is probably gonna be a screw up. A 4 pack of a game that normally goes for $50 each on for $5, to good to be true (something got f*d up) where as a 75% or even 80% off sale now that is believable especially at this time of year.

By deletedHeroman68 posted 29th Dec 2012

Why are we still comming to site because we still don't have our dam money back and over xmas there were sales of 50% 75% 80% 90 % on steam so why the hell over xmas fantastic deal season wouldn't i think i got a good deal at Gamersgate. now after 4 games in 1 week being incorrectly priced how on earth am i supposed to think any deal on this site is real or not they have seriously impacted my confidence in this site. REMEMBER IS DEAL SILLY SEASON so man up grow some business balls and honor your sales commitment obligations.

By kjx posted 29th Dec 2012

And AGAIN? Mother of God. SC Conviction is 84% off...

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