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Lol out of keys yet doom 3 is on daily sale

By natey2k4 posted 28th Dec 2012

Lol Gamersgate ... Pathetic


By OnBoard posted 28th Dec 2012

Premade sale list :)

By HolyJudgement posted 28th Dec 2012

You will got email refund for it =))

By natey2k4 posted 28th Dec 2012

Lol.. I won't buy anything here again cause I think I'll own a game and bam it's gone lol they screw up so much I never know what's a real sale lol

By Dunther posted 28th Dec 2012

Even if true, I never buy here again until I get my games back.

By Maniacal posted 28th Dec 2012

Lots of DDs have run out of keys during sales, GamersGate is no exception. Even Steam has run out of keys before.

By kbe2k11 posted 28th Dec 2012

Yea but the difference is those sites fulfill missing keys before they attempt to sell more of the game.

By Maniacal posted 29th Dec 2012

Which means that nobody else can get it for the sale price. With the exception of the Bethpack and BL2 4pack mess up, GG has always delivered more keys as soon as they can (they have to get them from the publisher on one of the next business days).

They should still work on putting up a notice that keys are temporarily out of stock on the game's page though.

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