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Fallout 3 and Rage as separate purchases

By madnessnewb posted 28th Dec 2012

Will I get keys for those? In January? I bought these games separately but didn't reveal keys, how was I supposed to know there will be a low priced Bethesda pack that'll make all the keys run out... So now Im wondering, will I ever get these 2 games or a refund or what?


By Alcifer posted 28th Dec 2012

If you have not downloaded the games (clearly you've not revealed the keys) then you can get a refund from support if you want one. As you didn't by a mispriced game they should not refund the games automatically so if you wait I think you'll get the keys.

By lFlapjackl posted 28th Dec 2012

They stated they will get keys mid-January. If they put keys into the system, it will go through systematically and assign keys to those that need them. If you haven't revealed any of the keys, you can create a support ticket with your order number and ask for a refund.

By lFlapjackl posted 28th Dec 2012

You should open a ticket and ask them to assign you a key for the game. Make sure to include your order number. I would do that before you ask for a refund, they might have a few keys left.

By madnessnewb posted 28th Dec 2012

I find it a bit silly that they don't issue you a key when you buy the game..I thought I already had the key but it was just hidden. Heh

By ceildric posted 28th Dec 2012

Gamersgate is not the only store that does this, but, I too find it ridiculous that sales continue to be made after keys run out. It seems that there could be and easy, automatic way to close sales of items that are out of stock. Of course, merchants do not want to lose a sale.

By ElessarEredhian posted 29th Dec 2012

I think they simply think "If we run out of keys, we will simply get more from publishers!", which is not a wrong thought at all as long as they do not misprice and, accordingly, sell waaaaay more copies than they should.

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