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Orders cancelled, no refunds

By NigerianKnight posted 28th Dec 2012

I purchased two Borderlands 2 4-packs via credit card and apparently they cancelled them after the payment had been complete. I now have no games nor any money. Should I be expecting it or are they always this scummy


By keda009 posted 28th Dec 2012

You should expect it sooner or later.

By Dunther posted 28th Dec 2012

Same, what a scam

By tonyd posted 28th Dec 2012

people need to relax more , they will sort it , thers more important things in life than a few quid .

By luxaeterna101 posted 28th Dec 2012

By NigerianKnight posted 28th Dec 2012

It was really all I had and there are steam sales going on so it really pisses me off.

By vdto posted 28th Dec 2012

Don't be so stupid next time NigerianKnight, it was a blatant error. What did you expect?

By Makorus posted 28th Dec 2012

Why did they let the "blatant error" run for ~5 hours then? And anyway, it's like the fifth time it has happened this month alone.

By schwartzag posted 28th Dec 2012

@vdto: He isn't stupid for expecting a company to honor the sales they have made and deals they have posted. In most countries I know of it is legally required to honor what you have advertised especially once they take your money. Unfortunately this company doesn't seem to care about doing what is right and honoring their commitments, and it seems they have no problem breaking the law in at least some countries.

@NigerianKnight: Try to contact your credit card company and explain what GamersGate has done. Ask them to remove the charge and not give payment to GamersGate.

By natey2k4 posted 29th Dec 2012

@ Makorus

5th time? They've had like 10 price errors, at least, since the Bethesda bundle lol.

By malandris posted 29th Dec 2012

Do a charge back on your credit card. GamersGate will be hit with a fee on top of being forced to refund.

That's what i'll be doing monday if i don't have my money back.

No email, no refund, nothing. Games taken with no notice.

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