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5.1 patch

By Bearslayer posted 28th Dec 2012

Why can't I update to patch 5.1. I am stuck with 5.0.
I really want 5.1 so I could play with death and taxes mod.
P.S. Sorry for any mistakes my english is not that good.


By fractalwizz posted 28th Dec 2012

1. Do you have the patch to install it?
2. If you do and have attempted it, what kind of error is it giving?

By Narestel posted 28th Dec 2012

Hello Bearslayer,

Have you tried downloading the patch 5.1 from here?

Execute it and let us know if it would work. Otherwise, kindly explain a bit further your scenario so that we can give a hand as much as possible ;-)

Best regards,

By Bearslayer posted 28th Dec 2012

Thank you Narestel! This one works. Before when I tried to get the patch it always either failed to download or failed to install.

By gamersgate posted 29th Dec 2012

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 29th Dec 2012

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