Crusader Kings II

Can't download Mac client.

By SDBradfo posted 28th Dec 2012

Just a continous page load.


By perryliu97 posted 28th Dec 2012

The site is being really dodgy during this period. Everyone is complaining about an error regarding Bethesda and borderland bundles, missing keys and incorrect prices. I reckon they are trying to fix the site. I'd suggest trying again in a day or two.

By perryliu97 posted 28th Dec 2012
check from time to time to see how things are

their support team is currently being spammed with hate messages and refund demands
even Steam's servers go down during massive sales
Gamersgate? I'm amazed anyone can still access it

By perryliu97 posted 28th Dec 2012

BTW according to your profile, Gamersgate is refusing to recognise your purchase, just like the Borderland chaos right now

time to go to the support desk (left sidebar) and tell them the problem is bigger than they expected
i used it before
they're surprisingly helpful
try it

By SDBradfo posted 28th Dec 2012

Thanks for your replies guys.
@Perry, I wouldn't worry too much about my profile saying I have 0 games. I've owned Torchlight 2 a while, and its still in my shelf, as well as FO3 GOTY. So I don't think that's the issue here.

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