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Compilation of reasons why people are mad.

By kesutu posted 28th Dec 2012

1. They heavily implied that all purchases of the Besthesda New Years Bundle would be honored. If they had immediately came out and said "Sorry guys, that was a pricing error, apologies", then there would be a lot less lash back. However, they issued these two twitter statements:
"The Bethesda bundle is now unavailable and we will not get new serials until middle of January next year."
"if you want a refund for your Bethesda bundle purchase due to the lack of serials please contact our support. Sorry for this"

These tweets heavily implied that the Besthesda Bundle purchases will be honored.

2. The pricing error for the Besthesda Bundle was up for 9 hours. Many people who initially thought it was merely a pricing error eventually were convinced that it was in fact just a Christmas miracle. The logic was that if it was a pricing error the site would have either closed or fix the issue much sooner.

3. A total of 4+ (many more, I just don't know them) pricing errors have been recorded in the past week.
- Besthesda New Years Bundle
- Borderlands 2 4 Pack
- Patrician IV Gold Bundle
- Ghost Recon: Future Deluxe Soldier Edition

This honestly seems like some sort of terrible marketing ploy. Why else would there be so many pricing errors spread out over the course of a week?

4. They essentially break their own rules:

Prices GamersGate reserves the right to change the price and availability of any products at any time without notice; provided, however, such price change will not affect your purchase price for orders that GamersGate has already received from you and processed.

5. It is illegal for forced refunds after the completed purchase of the product (differs in countries)

6. Things that could have happened after someone thought they'd bought the games:

Friends also bought the games in order to play together
Money was spent on extra download quota to download it all
Money was spent on PC upgrades to play the games
Money was spent on DLC
Games were not bought elsewhere while on sale
Individual games previously bought but not activated in some way were given away or traded
Trades of some kind were half completed pending the keys

This negatively impacts the consumer in a significant manner.
(Credit to yay_icade_support from Reddit)

7. Some people have no received refunds despite having their orders cancelled.

I'm sure there are many reasons, but these are just the brief reasons why people are mad. I personally am not angry they refunded my purchases, I'm angry that they implied they would honor them, then went back on their words. These actions are not acceptable by a company. Even if this was not a marketing ploy to garner more attention to the site, do you really wish to give your money to a bunch of amateurs who manage to repeatedly screw up something so basic? Next thing you know, they actually keep their accounts and password on an unencrypted .txt file and manage to lose that. There are many places you can buy cheap games, this place is not one of them.

Also. IGN 15% off. Forever mad.


By Diomands posted 28th Dec 2012


By domasgre posted 28th Dec 2012

There was more price mistakes:

Cargo Commander
Alan Wakes American Nightmare
Vikings Battle of Asgard

By wondrous posted 28th Dec 2012

thats a lot of writing... but i agree.

By kesutu posted 28th Dec 2012

TL;DR: They implied they would honor the Besthesda deal; it all seems like a terrible marketing ploy; breaking their own ToS; forced refunds are illegal in some countries; some people have not received the refunded money.

There are many more, but those are the main ones.

By Aullah posted 28th Dec 2012

Very good summary... My order was completed... and now its cancelled. No key, no money.

By luxaeterna101 posted 28th Dec 2012 a summary of cases in which people are getting some keys.

By Ladron3dfx posted 28th Dec 2012

So your money was refunded and you're still complaining.

This has become a game unto itself, exploiting a price mistake, hitting F5 refresh for hours upon hours hoping the sale completes, making multiple GamerGate accounts, making multiple email accounts, gifting keys from one account to another, anticipating profit from resell of keys, selling keys, disappointment at not being able to profit, outrage at being refunded, etc. etc. etc..

By Ladron3dfx posted 28th Dec 2012

Who has time to watch a pricing mistake online for 9 hours on a digital game distribution site? Just who? Who has this time?

Get a girl. Get a job. Get a fucking life.

By Stiler posted 28th Dec 2012

@ Ladron3dfx You know not everyone knew/thought "hey it's a pricing mistake." This was happening during Christmas and many digital game sites have big sales this time of year.

Many companies are willing ot LOSE money on huge sales like that in order to get more customers/publicity.

Also when they said that if you WAIT until mid janurary they will have more keys then, some of us were willing to wait. IT was assumed that they'd honor the deal and give us our keys we paid for.

Then they turn around and go back on that word as well.

I've been burned twice in a row now with the IGN "Permanent" discount and now this. Terrible way to treat your customers.

Also if they can't give us keys, then why are they still selling the games individually???

By Dravo posted 28th Dec 2012


Right on!

By tdlop posted 28th Dec 2012

"So your money was refunded and you're still complaining."

My games are gone and my money wasn't refunded.

"Who has time to watch a pricing mistake online for 9 hours on a digital game distribution site? Just who? Who has this time?"

I don't know, maybe the people being paid to do just that?

"Get a girl. Get a job. Get a fucking life."

I already have all of those, thanks.

By ceildric posted 28th Dec 2012

Ladron, perhaps you should try realizing that not everybody that bought this deal was trying to profit in some way. Some people just bought for themselves or for friends / family. Yes there are some that tried to make a business out of it, but to insinuate that all (or even most) that have a beef with Gamersgate are of that stripe is entirely naive.

As for watching a pricing error for nine hours, sitting there for that long was not necessary. I completed my purchase within an hour. Also, shoppers regularly camp out hours ahead of time for deals at brick and mortar stores on Black Friday, Boxing Day, and other similar "shopping holidays." How is spending a fraction of that time to get a similarly good deal online any different?

You also blithely overlook the meat of many peoples' complaints which have nothing to do with getting the games taken away. Some people have lost the games but still have no refunds. Some people have lost money in various ways (transaction fees, purchased DLC, etc enumerated above). Some people gifted bundles or individual games and either have already disappointed family / friends, or are afraid that family / friends will be disappointed if the keys get revoked. Some people just do not like others feeling they are above the law. Some just feel that the customer service / public relations response to this has been an amateurish mess that insults the customer base with the sheer incompetence involved.

Ultimately the issue is not as simple as you wish to paint it.

By kesutu posted 29th Dec 2012

Ultimately, it still comes down to "do you want to give your money to a company that acts so unprofessionally?" Who handled this situation in arguably the worst manner possible? Not only did they have terrible communication on their part, but also allowing this thing to happen in the first place. Why does their system allow the selling of keys if they're out of stock? How does a system screw up so many games? Why would you imply that you were honoring the deal, but then backtracking afterwards? That's weak. That's unprofessional. From this alone, you should take your business elsewhere.

Also once again, IGN 15% off. Forever angry.

By cyxceven posted 29th Dec 2012

GG site was down for me that day. I bet a lot of people gamed the system hard.

Never cared for IGN anyway.

By mendel posted 29th Dec 2012

The reason I am aggravated is that though is by no means Gamersgate's first Christmas sale, nor the first one with some problems, they are still understaffed for the occasion.

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