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Very nice fuckup GG

By domasgre posted 28th Dec 2012

So yes I bought Borderlands 2 four pack and I sent my extra copys to friends after some time my copy is removed but my friends still have the game in GG shelf. Later they get steam activation keys but not me because my game was removed from damn shelf also I didnt got any refund and I wont so this is nice fuckup which you did GG.


By aztek posted 28th Dec 2012

same here.. this site is trash

By HolyJudgement posted 28th Dec 2012

Same here ...

By domasgre posted 28th Dec 2012

Forgot to say but what intresting that they sent an email message in which said I will get refund but after contacting support it doesnt looks so they said that they cant refund because of gifted copys.

By Ubivis posted 28th Dec 2012

looks like the same here... my gifted copies got a key now, but I also got a refund... none of my versions got removed in the. Hope GG canceled the refund :)

They really managed it to do wrong what a company can do wrong.

By pysiu posted 28th Dec 2012

same situation and no refund...

I`m assuming someone made 2 mistakes- 1 with incorrect price, 2 with cancelling the completed orders.

Now it`s a complete mess

By luxaeterna101 posted 28th Dec 2012
a summary of cases in which people are getting some keys.

By taytothief posted 28th Dec 2012

luxa will you stop spamming that everywhere ffs

By Ironmaidenrlz1 posted 31st Dec 2012

HAHA! hope you get/got your money back :(

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