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Can´t register

By S.T.T.F posted 28th Dec 2012

If you want new customers you might wanna fix the register function.
My brother need to have ARMA 2 by tomorrow but since you apprently dont whant new customers hes forced to buy it at steam instead.


By S.T.T.F posted 28th Dec 2012

Ohh, i thought this went to the support.
Whatever, like i said. He can´t register anyway so wht bother with this crap site..

By ACorpse posted 28th Dec 2012

I can only presume that new registrations were closed off for a while due to a MASSIVE influx of new users caused by some pricing errors.

That said, if this is the kind of ticket you log, if I were GG I wouldn't shed a tear. :p

By S.T.T.F posted 28th Dec 2012

Fair enough that im unpolite, ive got a short temper like that. Everything today seems to go sideways and this was the last drop and yea, i brusted out abit.

But it´s still annyoing that my brother can´t register. It dosent work at all and as i said, he needs ARMA 2 by tomorrow.

By Alcifer posted 28th Dec 2012

Do you mean that he couldn't get a verification email, or simply that it won't create an account?
GamersGate verification emails tend to get lost by some providers, not even appearing in spam filters (gmail, hotmail and a few others are known to work).

By S.T.T.F posted 28th Dec 2012

He filled in all the info and pressed "sign up", the page gets refreshed and info is gone.
He cant login, the "forgot password" says there is no account with that email.

By Xmorph posted 28th Dec 2012

Create account during your checkout proces.

By Maz11 posted 28th Dec 2012

Still you can buy him a gift

By Alcifer posted 28th Dec 2012

That would be worse as he needs an account to access the gift.

Did he try a different browser?

By Maz11 posted 28th Dec 2012

I managed to create a new account. So it works. Used firefox.

By ElessarEredhian posted 29th Dec 2012 is a bit buggy when it comes to registering, but you can use instead.

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