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Borderland 2 4 pack key

By HolyJudgement posted 28th Dec 2012

So, i can see my friend have key and i dont have a key

Anyone have same problem with me ?


By pysiu posted 28th Dec 2012


By Neosde69 posted 28th Dec 2012

Yes... Where are the other keys?

By Amershan posted 28th Dec 2012

Thats because the gifted ones got keys and your got deleted completly

By Amershan posted 28th Dec 2012


By akinox posted 28th Dec 2012

Weird thing I just got another key which I gift to myself, yesterday was only a blank space, seems everything it's messed up

By HolyJudgement posted 28th Dec 2012

Oh Nice GG, I buy it, gift for my friend, and my friend can play it without me lol

By aztek posted 28th Dec 2012

Your keys coming but our games completely removing!! fuck you gamersgate!!!

By thienphuchm posted 28th Dec 2012

Fuck you GG, my order in a status that said "completed", but there's no fucking game in my library, and haven't received any refund email yet! I don't want refund, just give me what i bought for!

By pysiu posted 28th Dec 2012

Actually 2 of my friends who got gifts from me received the keys. Makes me feel like santa (a pity i didn`t want this :P)
(while for me the game is deleted from inventory and i got no refund)

By soitre posted 28th Dec 2012

It's very annoying from what gamersgate did: they had canceled orders, removed games from our library but still send key for those one which we've send gift to. (and no refund)

Come on gamersgate, it's not fair. How can we still believe your service after what you did?

By moiskyrie posted 28th Dec 2012

my games also gone and no any mail state about the refund...
while other people got refund and some got the key...
look like no more buying for me from gg

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