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How to differentiate between multiple copies of the same game

By zeldrinn posted 28th Dec 2012


I just bought two copies of a game, one to be used on my computer and another to be used on a friend's. Unfortunately, instead of gifting one of them, I simply logged into my GG account on one computer, clicked Download, then logged into my GG account on the other computer and clicked Download again, failing to realize that the two copies of the game were bundled into one selection.

How do I download one of the copies on one computer and the other copy on the other computer?

Cheers :)


By rahulverma posted 28th Dec 2012

After the download is complete, use the key with either of the copies to complete the installation. You can use separate keys on both computers.

By Alcifer posted 28th Dec 2012

The installation files for each copy will be identical. The unique serial key for each copy is what distinguishes between them.

By zeldrinn posted 28th Dec 2012

Thanks. I see where my confusion was... the game I bought is DRM-free, so I couldn't find any serials anywhere! That said, does a DRM-free game therefore not experience multiplayer conflicts if two people have the same copy of a game?

By zeldrinn posted 28th Dec 2012

In other words, was it a waste to buy a second copy of a DRM-free game in order to play over LAN with a friend? If so, how do refunds with DRM-free games on GG work?

Thanks, forgive the barrage of questions :)

By Alcifer posted 28th Dec 2012

If a game is DRM free then by definition it does not try to enforce copy protection, so you can install a single copy multiple times and play against one another because there is no digital rights management service to prevent that. Although it could be argued that doing so is taking advantage of the trust shown by the developer.

The refund policy is based on whether you have downloaded a game or revealed the serial. So if one copy was not downloaded you might be able to get a refund.

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