Can't download... Wut?

By kjx posted 28th Dec 2012

When I press download I get: "You cannot download this product now." Simple question: why?


By Ingootje posted 28th Dec 2012

gg is probably out of keys, i think

By Alcifer posted 28th Dec 2012

On the UK site it says "coming soon" ( perhaps it's not released in your region.

By kjx posted 28th Dec 2012

One, there is no key! Game was DRMFree when i paid for it. So no, they can't run out of keys. Two, game was available, already released. I bought and paid four days ago.

By Ladron3dfx posted 28th Dec 2012

Yep, same here. I can't download it. I bought it a few months ago. Strange.

It says:

"You cannot download this product now.

By Ladron3dfx posted 28th Dec 2012

It's not for sale either, all it says "Coming soon".

By Alcifer posted 28th Dec 2012

It sounds like it's been removed from the site temporarily for whatever reason, could be a technical problem with the files or something to do with the agreement between GamersGate and the publisher. Hopefully they'll resolve the issues soon.

By kjx posted 28th Dec 2012

As we know, support going through a nightmare, so it makes no sense to bother them now. But MAYBE, someone from GamersGate peeks here and we can get an answer what is wrong with our game.

GG slogan is "Download games anytime anywhere" so...

By raistand posted 30th Dec 2012

Week passed. I still can not play the game I bought.

By Ladron3dfx posted 30th Dec 2012

Same here, I'm sure we will know the status of crash time 3 after the storm created by the bethesda/borderlands 2 bundle fiasco is settled.

Support is online/offline depending on the hour of the day. =/

By kjx posted 31st Dec 2012

Stil waiting... Let's give them few more days.

By kjx posted 4th Jan 2013

OK. Download button working now. Thanks GG.

By gamersgate posted 4th Jan 2013

Marked as solved!

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