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Borderlands 2 revoked without even a single notice?!

By benbenkr posted 28th Dec 2012

GamersGate did not even send me an e-mail notice for the refund and I've checked my Paypal history as well, no refund at all yet they revoke my Borderlands 2 4-pack without even giving me a single key.

This is the first time I've used GamersGate and this is the sort of service they have? It's not my problem they made a pricing error, it's not my problem either if they didn't have enough keys to send out.

Even if their terms says that they reserve the right to alter game pricing withouth any prior notice, Borderlands 2 4-pack was charged to me at $11.25 at the time of my purchase.

Extremely dissapointed considering how much recognition GamersGate has had in the past.


By aceman posted 28th Dec 2012

contact customer service

By kbe2k11 posted 28th Dec 2012

Good luck emailing them when their support link isn't working, try emailing them directly though at but good luck getting a response any time soon or period.

Best bet is to wait a day or two if nothing, issue a charge back through Paypal and stick GG with the fees.

By benbenkr posted 28th Dec 2012

I would, but their "Contact Us" link ISN'T even working... so? Do I write to the wall or something?

I'll be doing that, a charge back through PayPal if this isn't resolved by the end of the week. Also, will be reporting this throughout portals like N4G for how GG really is gg.

By Ladron3dfx posted 28th Dec 2012

"Borderlands 2 4-pack on sale for $11.25"

That comes to about $2.81 for each key. A game now priced $60.00 individually. A saving of $228.75.

Someone has to make up for the $228.75 revenue loss. Who should that be? GamersGate?

By BaseBallDudeSter posted 28th Dec 2012

Are we not going to get the 4 pack since we bought it for a good price?

By Maniacal posted 28th Dec 2012

I'm not at all surprised they are refunding the B2 4pack bundle, it was obviously a price error.

This isn't normal for GamersGate by any means though, I've gotten a number of games from here over the years and haven't had any problems.

By maedla posted 28th Dec 2012

BL2 would have been third purchase from this site, but unfortunately it was an error.
Got notification that i have been refunded, but don't see it yet on bank account... hopefully it just takes its time to arrive.
Hopefully they can compensate it somehow to get customers back who left because of this.

By Evil_C posted 28th Dec 2012

I'm not too disappointed with the fact that they revoked the purchase. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But I am disappointed with the way they handled it. Unless that compensation they are "considering" is massive, I'm deleting this site from by bookmarks, can't take them seriously after this

By benbenkr posted 28th Dec 2012

It was GamersGate mistake, that is their problem and not mine. So why is it that I have my game revoked WITHOUT ANY PRIOR NOTICE nor any e-mail of any sort? Heck, they didn't even made an announcement on Twitter regarding the matter.

If they would have at least send an e-mail and notify me of the revoke, I wouldn't have been so mad. But keeping SILENT after revoking my games? That's as good as stealing.

By Ubivis posted 28th Dec 2012

Sweden falls under EU-Law and to protect seller and customer, a trade is completed as soon the money given from the buyer to the seller and the seller handed the receipt to the buyer. This happened here (I got a confirmation of completion of the trade). What gamersgate now did is simply theft. I have not asked for a refund andd they can't simply take my game back.

It would be something else, if they had contacted me and told about a price error, but what happened? They just gave the money back and took the game they sold me.

By Entity20 posted 28th Dec 2012

Yeah, this is why when sites accidentally put a TV for 90% off they can get out of it. They don't take the money until they've released the goods, which gives them time to see if they've messed up. They do this to cover themselves. In this instance I can't see how GG can legally do this.

Money changed hands, a receipt was delivered, goods were put in our hands (abstract). A shop can refuse a sale up until the point where the consumer pays for the goods and has a receipt. This is like the shop manager going into your house when you're not in, and taking the goods, while leaving you with the money you paid. In any other walk of life that would be theft.

I don't have an undying loyalty to a business.

By Entity20 posted 28th Dec 2012

/armchair retail lawyer stuff

By benbenkr posted 28th Dec 2012

"while leaving you with the money you paid."

Except this time, they didn't even leave the money that was paid. They just took it without knowledge of the customer.

Taking something without the knowledge of someone = Theft.

By schwartzag posted 28th Dec 2012


""Borderlands 2 4-pack on sale for $11.25"

That comes to about $2.81 for each key. A game now priced $60.00 individually. A saving of $228.75.

Someone has to make up for the $228.75 revenue loss. Who should that be? GamersGate?"


Yes, it should be GamersGate. They made the mistake and they accepted the customers' money and completed the transaction. Once those things happened they had no right to take back the items they sold, whether they refund the money or not. It is absolutely theft, and even if not meeting specific legal standards, morally and ethically it is still theft. Beyond that they have a history very recently of multiple dishonest/unethical/anti-consumer practices (not sure if it goes back even longer). People said they did something like this before and then there was the whole IGN discount issue which was handled just as horribly and wrong as this.

This company doesn't seem to be able to be run competently/effectively/efficiently. They make offers to people and then back out on them once deals are completed. They make excuses and don't honor their commitments. They blame customers when they are the ones who keep making "mistakes". They even try to claim that they don't speak English well so they can't be held responsible for giving the customer what they promised them in writing, with payments exchanged, and somehow think this means they aren't responsible for fulfilling their obligation to provide the services they have offered in writing/advertising. If they can't manage to speak or understand the English language well enough to use it in business they should be using translators or paying people who can communicate correctly to review their work before putting it out to customers who then have every right to expect that if they offered something they will honor it.

Also, it is not like fulfilling the orders would actually cost them $228.75 each. They didn't pay retail ($60) to obtain the keys and then sell them at that same price.

By Dravo posted 28th Dec 2012

If you want to get technical on the whole they have my payment thing. No they don't.
Paypal or your credit card has it. They have to send it to GamersGate and that doesn't happen every day.
Welcome to loopwhole.

By schwartzag posted 28th Dec 2012

@Dravo: I don't think that would be a legal loophole. If this were a physical store and you used a credit card to buy something they couldn't come to your home and take it away from you just because they decided they didn't mean to sell it to you for what they did. They wouldn't have the money from the credit card company yet either but would still be bound because they are guaranteed the money. That is one of the reasons businesses like credit cards (if not cash), because if you don't have the money to pay your credit card bill they still get their money and the credit card company comes after you for the payment.

By benbenkr posted 29th Dec 2012


Do you know what's the point of a credit card or Paypal for this matter is for? The bank issues their clients a credit card because they deem they can pay it back by the end of each billing cycle. The credit card is served as a "we'll pay for you first, you pay us back with interest later" plan.

And no, this is no loophole. I bought stuff on Steam and on GMG on the same day, I got my stuff right away and my credit card was properly charged. You could say that, it passed for them, that doesn't mean it'll pass for GG.

But if it doesn't pass for GG, then what's the point of opening an online games store? Close it down.

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