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Bethesda Collection, Borderland 2, Ghost Recon Future Soldier

By TuDragon76 posted 28th Dec 2012

I had bought 3 packs above and now you took back without any comment ???

What is going on here ? I had bought those games and I have receipts, I don't beg them for free, remember that !

And some games in those packs I gifted to my friends. Now they taunt me why those games can't play, why those games can't get the key

YOU CAN'T TREAT CUSTOMER LIKE THAT ! I don't know what happened to you or I DON'T CARE, don't waste time to explain to me ! YOU MUST HAVE RESPONSIBLE TO CUSTOMER !

If I buy those games for me to use for myself. OK, I am sympathetic with you, I agree to get back my money, no problem. But now, how can I explain to my friends ???

I don't accept any refund from you. YOU MUST GIVE BACK THOSE GAMES TO ME IMMEDIATELY !

I can't believe a website like you can treat customer like this ! What a suck !


By Mkilbride posted 28th Dec 2012

Exactly. This is utter trash. I had friends who could not buy due to region restrictions, so I bought a copy for them, even though I was limited to two.

Now, I am out most of the games and my second copy.

Only 2 of the games in my pack, did I get a CD key for. Therefore, I only received 22% of the games I paid for. If you're going to do this, refund me the other 78% of games I did not get.

By TuDragon76 posted 28th Dec 2012

Guys, I don't accept refund !

I can't believe a company can do that : took back goods silent as thiefs and suggest to roll back money. What kind is this company ???

By Mkilbride posted 28th Dec 2012

Not much of one.

I imagine this is what will bring down Gamersgate. They were a small website before this, with the occasional good deal, once every few months. Now they are a small website, with a terrible reputation for customer service.

By TuDragon76 posted 28th Dec 2012


It is just about a few dollars. I don't want to be rude but I cant' bear what they did. If they were polite to ask me before they took my games, save me some hours to explain to my friends, so I will be sympathetic with them and I will accept refund

But now, my friends taunt me, laugh at me ! They think I am a stupid because I trade with un-trusted company, they think I cheat them somewhat. What the hell can I bear this ?

By Makorus posted 28th Dec 2012

They aren't even allowed to refund it.

They have to refund if they can't deliever the goods in a "reasonable amount of time".
They've actually said that they will get keys in January.

By exor6st posted 28th Dec 2012

How am Babby formed?

By Dravo posted 28th Dec 2012


Get better "friends", because you look stupid now complaining like a baby.

Hey, How am baby formed?

By TuDragon76 posted 28th Dec 2012

You think it is funny, asshole ?

By exor6st posted 29th Dec 2012

I think babby not formed in funny anything. you show me babby make?

By Dravo posted 3rd Jan 2013

Sorry for the late reply.
Yes, I do thing it's funny.
Way to prove your I.Q. genius.

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