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Borderlands 2 refunds

By marhell posted 27th Dec 2012

Today I bought the Borderlands 2 4-pack, I paid it and I got it in my library. Now I recieved your mail which says that you give me a refund due to some "technical difficulties" that prevent you to deliver the games now. Shouldn't you have asked me if I want the refund or if I prefer wait to get the item I paid for in full respect of the laws?
I saw a good offer and paid for it, that's all. If you have difficulties you can advise me but not decide in my place what to do.
I had the product already in my GG library because the payment went fine, I was just waiting to know when I would got my codes.
Taking an item back just by giving a refound without asking I'm pretty sure that is against EU laws, so the one in fault are you and not me.


By ononce posted 27th Dec 2012

they cant refund the items, by the ToS... but they do, and to me too

By ZsZso posted 27th Dec 2012

I have never heard about such things in EU. Refunding a completed order without questioning the customer?! That's insane.

By marhell posted 27th Dec 2012

I forgot to say that thay didn't run out of keys because you can still buy the single game and there isn't any message about lack of keys.
And also there is people that bought the pack at that price soon enough to get ad activate the keys, so why can't we get them the same way?

By santicos posted 27th Dec 2012

Same situation here. They refunded my order without asking. Apparently they decided that price was to low and now they refunding. As far as I know when they selling in EU and they show something at low price. If someone buys this, they must delilver item even if they sold at lower price. It's GamersGate mistake so they must pay for that.

By santicos posted 27th Dec 2012

By the way if they treat customers like that. I will never buy any game at GamersGate again thank You.

By Lourdin posted 27th Dec 2012

I can not believe that one serious firm is capable of doing a thing like that.
This only shows that they have no respect for their customers and that we should never again buy something from this site.

By F0xxd11e posted 28th Dec 2012

As far as I know the insanely cheap price on the Borderlands 2 4 pack recently was a technical glitch. Gamersgate never meant to sell that product at such a low price, it was a simple computer error. Gamersgate is looking to correct this error, which unfortunately means refunding and taking back all the keys bought by those unaware that the price was listed falsely.

By santicos posted 28th Dec 2012

(2) Consumers must not be misled or exposed to aggressive marketing and this applies also in the digital environment. Any claim made by traders in the EU has to be truthful, clear, accurate and substantiated, enabling consumers to make informed and meaningful choices.41 Comparative advertising must compare goods or services meeting the same needs or intended for the same purpose and it must objectively compare material, relevant, verifiable and representative features.42

Examples of unfair commercial practices:
- a trader is not allowed to make an invitation to purchase products at a specified price if he then refuses either to take orders for them or to deliver them within a reasonable time, with the intention of promoting a different product (‘bait and switch’);

And that's: Code of EU Online Rights (check 8 paragraph, second subpar):

By marhell posted 28th Dec 2012

And, btw, that "glitch" appeared with the Bethesda bundle on 22th and then again with Borderlands 2 and Ghost Recon (didn't know about that one until a friend told me, but I wasn't interested in it anyway), with differente prices and discount value... A quite selective and interesting glitch I would say. No such problems have been seen on less "famous" names.
Usually when you make an error you start paying more attention to not repeat it again and you are ready to correct it quickly. Here they put down the site 2 time in a couple of hours without even deleting the orders in "pending" status, giving us the possibility to end the transaction in the right way, putting us on the "reason side" I would say.

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