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IGN pet disappeared?

By byeriptor posted 23rd Nov 2012

I just noticed that my IGN pet has disappeared from my profile. The dropdown on the "My minion" page where you can choose your pet is also gone.

How do I get my pet back? I know it's just cosmetic, but still...


By Licurg posted 23rd Nov 2012

Maybe if you fed it more often, it would still be there...

By aslird posted 23rd Nov 2012

On a related note - the IGN discount has also disappeared. I am hoping it is just a glitch....

By weateallthepies posted 23rd Nov 2012

My IGN discount is no longer being applied. Maybe related.

By Ladron3dfx posted 23rd Nov 2012

Your pet ran away?

By byeriptor posted 23rd Nov 2012

It almost had reached the final stage in its evolution, so it got fed quite a bit :p

By miguelurbie posted 23rd Nov 2012

i just send a ticket asking about the 15% dicount....

By byeriptor posted 23rd Nov 2012

Keep us updated when you receive a reply.

By miguelurbie posted 23rd Nov 2012

Hello Miguel!

The IGN Prime discount promotion has expired. We hope you've enjoyed your 15% discount and that you'll stick with us both at GamersGate (for all your games) and at IGN (for all your news).

The IGN Prime 15% discount will be taken down between Friday and Monday, depending on your IGN account status and if you are currently a paying subscriber of IGN Prime. Don't worry though, we've just entered into our yearly holiday sales, so there will be lots of games and awesome deals to be had - and this Holiday Sale is bigger than ever before!

Best regards,

Raúl C
GamersGate Support

By weateallthepies posted 23rd Nov 2012

Just had a note from support to say that the discount has expired....


The IGN Prime discount promotion has expired. We hope you've enjoyed your 15% discount and that you'll stick with us both at GamersGate (for all your games) and at IGN (for all your news).

The IGN Prime 15% discount will be taken down between Friday and Monday, depending on your IGN account status and if you are currently a paying subscriber of IGN Prime. Don't worry though, we've just entered into our yearly holiday sales, so there will be lots of games and awesome deals to be had - and this Holiday Sale is bigger than ever before!

By byeriptor posted 23rd Nov 2012

Wasn't the IGN Prime discount a lifetime discount? If so, how can something that you're supposed to get for life expire?

By weateallthepies posted 23rd Nov 2012

Obviously some new interpretation of the word permanent I wasn't previously aware of.

By miguelurbie posted 23rd Nov 2012

if i don't get my code back, i will run to green man gaming... they had 20% discount on the games i purchased in here...

By Psyringe posted 23rd Nov 2012

@weateallthepies: I believe that the "permanent" was a misunderstanding. I do not recall GamersGate ever stating that the bonus was permanent. Do you?

By miguelurbie posted 23rd Nov 2012

not to mention, they said it was permanent.... if by permanent they mean "you need to feed ign if you want your discount and the discount is not available in "special days" i preefer to stay on steam pay it for the full price, not to mention when i pre-order OMD2 i just get my key hours after the release...

By weateallthepies posted 23rd Nov 2012

...I don't know, anyway was nice while it lasted but I was about to buy a few things I probably won't now. I bought here rather than steam a lot as the discount helped save a little.

By miguelurbie posted 23rd Nov 2012

@psyringe, but i remember in ign prime they said "permanent"

By byeriptor posted 23rd Nov 2012

>> note the word "ALWAYS"

By miguelurbie posted 23rd Nov 2012

my problem is, a friend gived me that code he didn't wanted it and gived me, so i will need to get myself an account? because i can't ask that friend again..

By byeriptor posted 23rd Nov 2012

@miguel There's no point in getting an IGN Prime account now if the 15% discount (best part of Prime) really expires this weekend. You'd be able to enjoy 3 extra days of discount at maximum.

By teroteki posted 23rd Nov 2012

The *life time* IGN promotion was the _only_ reason I bothered to purchase anything from GamersGate.
Without it, GamersGate is even more expensive than Steam (excluding Steam's famous sales of course)!
When compared to the competition (like GreenmanGaming, GoG and even Amazon lately), GamersGate really has little to offer.

By miguelurbie posted 23rd Nov 2012

@byeriptor, but in the mail they make me think the discount will be back after this weekend, i will ask support more about it

By Psyringe posted 23rd Nov 2012

No, the discount will really expire. It won't come back after the weekend.

By rcantora posted 23rd Nov 2012

@miguelurbie: No, discount will not be back after the weekend. Sorry.

By byeriptor posted 23rd Nov 2012

What is the reason behind it expiring?

It is just very weird that IGN promotes it as a lifetime discount, and then it gets taken down by Gamersgate without any explanation.

Hell, IGN still promotes the discount on Prime at this moment, check .

By miguelurbie posted 23rd Nov 2012

thanks, i just send a big wall of text to support, if the answer is not the one i want, i will leave GG...

By miguelurbie posted 23rd Nov 2012

but i think they mention if you continue to be a ign prime subscriber you will get like a new code, so they can check who is still subscribed..

By byeriptor posted 23rd Nov 2012

I haven't been a subscriber since the last couple of months (cost of subscribing outweighed the benefits), but I could still use my "lifetime" discount on Gamersgate. Which made sense, because last time I checked "lifetime" did not mean "until you stop subscribing to Prime". Also, nowhere does/did IGN mention that their "lifetime" promotion would stop working when your subscription to Prime ended.

If the IGN discount really is gone starting this weekend, I'll probably stick to simply buying from Steam (or other direct download sites) because without that IGN discount the prices on Gamersgate are usually the same as the one on Steam (or even more expensive).

Also makes me wonder in how far I can trust Gamersgate in general, especially when they decide to disable "lifetime" discounts without prior warning or explanation.

By Psyringe posted 23rd Nov 2012

@byeriptor: I don't know the details, but I'd assume it's just a contract that has run out.

With regard to the promotion of the discount on IGN, I think there may have been a misunderstanding. I (quickly) checked the IGN site, and found no mention of "life-time". I do find mention of "always" and "permanent", but those are only on pages that explain the bonuses of an IGN prime membership ("Membership has its privileges" on the page you linked to). I don't think that these were ever meant as "life-long" discounts.

And while I absolutely understand the disappointment over the expiry of a good discount, let's be honest: The ability to get a one-time minimal subscription at IGN, and then receive a discount on GG for decades, _does_ sound a bit too good to be true, doesn't it? ;)

@miguelurbie: As far as I know, the discount has expired completely. Subscribing to IGN now will not give you the discount on GamersGate. However, subscribing at IGN may of course be worthwhile for their other bonuses, just as purchasing games at GamersGate is worthwhile even without an additional discount. GamersGate has also started to give out discount codes for specific games, have you checked the Twitter page lately? :)

By Ladron3dfx posted 23rd Nov 2012

"Lifetime" "Permanent" "Always" "15% discount"

It only applies if you are a current IGN Prime subscriber. So subscribe. If you're not a subscriber you should not be able to use the discount.

Seems fair.

I'm not able to use the discount. I'm not a IGN Prime subscriber.


By Psyringe posted 23rd Nov 2012

Regarding "Trust": I can only repeat, AFAIK GamersGate has never seen this discount as "life-time", and has never claimed it would be.

By yasumz posted 23rd Nov 2012

My Prime membership will expire in the next 8 months and from the e-mail that I've gotten from Gamersgate it says my discount will expire in the next 48 hours.

Good bye Gamersgate.

It was good while it lasted

By alonechief posted 23rd Nov 2012

I think it's pretty bad they just sent a mail out of the blur saying it will be gone in 48h. Like many others, I got the Prime because of the 15% discount. Gamersgate never stated it was under a limited time either, only: - A permanent 15% discount. So they got 2 options, give the Prime subs back they 15% discount or compensate with something else...

By byeriptor posted 23rd Nov 2012

While it does sound too good to be true, my biggest problem with this whole fiasco (if I may call it that) is that neither Gamersgate nor IGN have stated anywhere that the discount could end (due to contracts expiring for example.

When something gets promoted as a permanent discount for your Gamersgate account, it is not unreasonable to expect that discount to really be permanent and not simply disappears after a while. I wouldn't have felt betrayed (this may be a bit strongly worded ;) ) if it was promoted as a "1 year long promotion".

It might be a bit childish, but from now on Gamersgate won't be my first choice to buy new games from.

PS: Checked twitter page, did not find any of those 'discount codes for specific games' :p

By miguelurbie posted 23rd Nov 2012

Hi again,

No, that discount will not come back. Sorry if my previous reply made you think otherwise.

Best regards,

Raúl C
GamersGate Support

By Psyringe posted 23rd Nov 2012

@byeriptor: I understand the sentiment. I'm just as sad as you to see the discount go, I've had it as well. On the other hand, I got it in the course of a free IGN promo, and always had this suspicion that it was too good to be true. So the news about the expiration didn't come completely out of the blue for me, it just confirmed a thought that I always had. Considering the amount of purchases that I made with this discount, it was still a _very_ good deal.

In the end, with all the other sales, dicounts, and blue coin kickbacks, GamersGate still makes exceptional offers imho. With regard to the Twitter page - keep checking it. :) There have been 30% weekend codes for selected titles for a while, and there may be more in the future. It's a bit like the game specific discount codes of the other shop that people here had talked about, with the exception that all other GamersGate bonuses also apply. ;)

By miguelurbie posted 23rd Nov 2012

my last reply

ok, thanks for the reply

my last question is, why the discount said "permanent 15%" when it's not permanent? and i didn't read any small letters saying it would expire in x time

gamersgate is lucky i don't have the needed money and\or a lawyer, i'd love to see someone put gamersgate\ign in the court because of misleading information, seriously, this is a company abuse and should be put on the courts

also, i am not buying from gg anymore, and i hope a lot of people do the same...

By punisox posted 23rd Nov 2012

I believe it's IGN who is at fault here, not GamersGate.

By City Builder posted 23rd Nov 2012

Well, it's too bad for GamersGate. If they can't match or beat the prices of other digital distributors then I have no reason to buy from here anymore. That 15% made the difference between buying on GG or buying on Steam, GMG, or GOG.

From what I remember when signing up for Prime it was conferred as a lifetime discount. But if that is not the case then I see that GG is going to lose a lot of business from this blunder. I'd be guessing that somebody in the GG bean counters department finally added up how much all these discounts were costing and whom ever is now in charge said, "Holy hell, we gave away hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars for that discount, it's got to END NOW!".

I've not received this email that says that it's going to end in the next 48 hours, however it looks more to me that they rushed out that email and then immediately shut off the discount, because usually when somebody says "in the next 48 hours", it actually means sometime in the next 48 hours like maybe later tonight, or tomorrow but at the latest, 48 hours, it doesn't usually mean...

8:15AM Send out the email...
8:20AM Turn off the discount...

Oh well, it's their loss right? People are going to go to whom ever can offer them the best price and currently it's not GamersGate that is certain.

By Alcifer posted 23rd Nov 2012

I assume "permanent" in this case was meant simply to differentiate the discount from the one use codes that you would usually get.

As the terms of services state "GamersGate may change, suspend, or discontinue all or any aspect of the Website at any time, including the availability of any feature, without prior notice or liability.", which is pretty standard. I would be very surprised if IGN didn't have a similar clause in the small print regarding the offer.

By billet123 posted 23rd Nov 2012

Well IGN is the only one who advertised/had the deal, so gaersgate can't have "broken" the agreement per se.

By City Builder posted 23rd Nov 2012

Oh and funny thing was that I had just put 3 games into my shopping cart here on GG and was ready to press the purchase button. Thankfully I noticed that the IGN discount was no longer listed so I emptied my shopping cart and am now headed over to Steam to buy the games over there since at least one of them all I'm really buying from GG is the serial key that I have to use on Steam anyway to get my game. What the hell is the point in that? If GG can't offer a better price than the service that i HAVE to use to get the game, then why in anybody's right mind would they even bother to shop for a Steam works game on a 3rd party site if the price isn't better?

Oh well, thanks anyway GG, I guess it's time to go back to Steam

By iofiel posted 23rd Nov 2012

GamersGate's deals are rarely the best price around without the extra 15% boost. I won't bother to throw a fit against GamersGate but I probably won't spend much money here any longer either. Gotta go where the best deals are.

By Psyringe posted 23rd Nov 2012

Miguelurbie - Well, let me put it this way: Considering the fact that you said yourself that you got your discount code from a friend - meaning, you made several purchases here with a 15% discount that you personally were never entitled to have in the first place - I am a bit surprised about your reaction.

That said, my recommendation is to sleep over the issue for a day or two (as I said, I absolutely understand the disappointment, I'm s´disappointed myself), and then decide if the prices at GamersGate are really that bad without an additional 15% discount. I don't think they are.

By lFlapjackl posted 23rd Nov 2012

And here I thought it was a good deal getting 15%, where other sites have had 15-25% off before. I guess the IGN loyalty is now worthless. Not only do I no longer want to pay IGN, I do not see myself getting a deal I can't pass up on Gamersgate. Thanks for the while it was still good!

By City Builder posted 23rd Nov 2012

I'm sorry to disagree but yeah, the prices are that bad without the discount. They are either the same price as everybody else (unless something is on sale) or they are higher.

The only reason to shop at GG would be that discount, or if for some reason you can't buy from any of the other online distributors for whatever reason you may have. With Steam, I kind of see the value in buying games from them, as they offer a whole system to deal with all of those games as well as have a community, and now steam works etc etc etc. With GG, what do we get for buying the games at the same price (if not higher)? Nothing that I can think of except for some gimicky little pet thing that pops up when ever I'm willing to offer up a review of a game that I buy on GG (which only helps them sell more of that game) so they give me some stupid blue coins that actually end up expiring before I can accumulate enough of them to actually make a purchase and use them.

Pfft, no thanks GG. Offer me something of value if you're going to charge the same prices as everybody else, otherwise offer me better prices to get me to continue to shop on your service.

By tqwert12 posted 23rd Nov 2012

How does a lifetime discount expire when I'm not dead. This is fraud. I'll never buy another game from Gamersgate.

By City Builder posted 23rd Nov 2012

Actually, I want to just say that I was wrong in regards to prices...

Gamersgate is trying to be the "walmart" of digital distributors, what I mean by that is let's take Borderlands 2 as an example, on Steam it's on sale for $44.99 and on GG it's on sale for $44.96

It's the same thing that the mega-corporation, Walmart does. They reduce their prices by anywhere from one penny to 3 pennies to "beat" the other guys prices. So in this regard I could save 3 cents by purchasing the game on GG although I'd still just be getting a key from them and downloading the data and activating it over on steam since it requires Steam.

So I was wrong to say that "the prices are that bad", they are at best, 3 cents below others or the same price (sale prices excluded). So they'll have to step up other fluff stuff though to keep me buying from them since 3 cents doesn't mean anything to me where as 15% actually did.

By RenderB posted 23rd Nov 2012

I have to agree that this is kind of iffy. It was clearly called a lifetime discount.
I also got no e-mail, no pm, no nothing about it expiring. I just noticed it missing while trying to place a double order and looked into game tutor.

By yapchagi posted 23rd Nov 2012

holy cow. My PRIME IGN account will expire in April 2013, so how come my 15% discount will expire in 48 hours? SCREW YOU, GAMERSGATE!!!!

By sergeron posted 23rd Nov 2012

My Prime IGN account expire in May 2013. "Permanent and always" IGN discount expire in 48 hours.

By Licurg posted 23rd Nov 2012

Now, I didn't have the IGN prime myself, but I think this is IGN's fault, not Gamersgate. The way I see it, IGN probably didn't get the publicity/money/whatever they were expecting, and decided to cancel it. Don't think this is Gamersgate's fault...

By Elder posted 23rd Nov 2012

Even gamersgate continues advertising it as permanent! (last link)
I predict a big drop in sales. When nobody will talk about GG, the staff will regret.
This combined with tutors that had not given coins since 6 months ago sums in two words: Good Bye!

By Elder posted 23rd Nov 2012

By moliva posted 23rd Nov 2012

Hmm yes you'd think they'd bother editing the page first before sending out the cancellation notices

"Your IGN Prime membership will give you:
- A permanent 15% discount on all purchases on GamersGate!"

So for all this 'Gamersgate never said it was for life!' talk, uh yeah, they did. Lame.

I screengrabbed it in case they quickly yank it to cover their butts.

By LXMc posted 23rd Nov 2012

Thought I had lost my discount due to some error but clearly that's not the case. Both Gamersgate and IGN have lost a customer in this, I'll be buying games on Steam and GMG where they're cheaper and I'm letting my Prime membership expire ... It's too bad, it was good while it lasted.

By JediEagle posted 23rd Nov 2012

I didnt even get an email, got surprised when I put an item in the cart. Definitely minus points for GG and IGNs false advertising.

By Kovaelin posted 23rd Nov 2012

I didn't get a notification either. I just found out during checkout that I lost the discount. Not cool.

By Kleidophoros posted 23rd Nov 2012

Interesting, I didn't even get an e-mail that it would be cancelled.

And you guys still have this right here;

"Your IGN Prime membership will give you:
- A permanent 15% discount on all purchases on GamersGate!"
makes it sound like it is indeed permanent.

Oh well...

By Kovaelin posted 23rd Nov 2012

Whatever. It's just another disappointing demonstration of "too good to be true".

By Ladron3dfx posted 23rd Nov 2012

Their contract with IGN expired and so the 15% discount has expired along with it.

Also, IGN is up for sale and is looking for a buyer. Bought for $650 million a few years ago and now being sold for $100 million. Thats a mega discount.

By MrLackapants posted 23rd Nov 2012

I am also annoyed by gamersgates behaviour - pet gone, no notification. In fact I just started wondering whether my purchased games were permanently added to my library...

By Sutrabla posted 23rd Nov 2012

Well, thank you to have offered the IGN Prime discounts. I wasn't aware of this until I heard about it somewhere on the internet, can't remember receiving an email about it. I kind of never believed the lifetime / permanent claim in the first place. Still I feel sad to see it go. I usually check different sites and pick the best deal.

It would have been nice to have known about this before it happened...

By Saint_ago posted 23rd Nov 2012


" Date Posted: 31 minutes ago #8

just had this response when talking to gamers gate

I believe "permanent" was used to illustrate that you would only need to enter it once, then the code would keep providing the discount. I definitely understand the confusion. However, the promotion is tied to a contract which in turn has now ended, so I apologize for the poor wording and hope you understand.
The promotional material should be coming down very soon, if not already.

We hope that our future sales will make the loss of the 15% IGN discount less disappointing."

That's the explanation, dudes.

By ceildric posted 23rd Nov 2012

I emailed Gamersgate back on this issue but I do not expect any kind of reply.

However to address some things here, I would like to point out that IGN Prime did (and still does) describe the Gamersgate discount (not the membership benefits in general as has been suggested) as "permanent", "always", and I THINK "forever".

Right now, you can look on the Prime homepage and see "Redeem Code for Permanent 15% discount"

Additionally, even if IGN misrepresented the deal that was given them, Gamersgate as a responsible business SHOULD have been aware of how these codes were marketed. I am, in fact, not convinced that they were NOT aware of it.

I am very disappointed in both companies. As with others, the discount was 90% of the reason I joined IGN Prime (and I still have 9 months on my membership), and it is a big reason I shop with Gamersgate as much as possible. I have been a very frequent customer over the last several months.

Up till this point I had a VERY good impression of Gamersgate, recommended them to all my friends, urged them to start shopping here or shop here more often, and as mentioned above shopped here frequently myself.

I hope that Gamersgate makes this right because otherwise my buying habits will seriously change.

By byeriptor posted 23rd Nov 2012

Poor wording is an understatement. They could have easily mentioned the "contract" part and the "ending" part on the promotional pages. Both GamersGate and IGN failed to mention this anywhere.

If there was a contract, then they knew when it would end. And yet IGN continues to promote the discount on their Prime section, even when they just stated the discount will be gone in maximum 2 days. There's a word for that: False advertising.

I truly feel ashamed that I talked a buddy of mine into subscribing to IGN Prime last week so he could enjoy the discount too.

And don't get me wrong, I do appreciate that the discount was available in the first place. But this won't change the fact that I very likely won't buy anything on Gamersgate anytime soon, mainly because price-wise there is no difference with buying directly from Steam.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

By lFlapjackl posted 23rd Nov 2012

How can you remove a permanent discount from your loyal customers? Just because the "deal" has ended on their side means that the customers that already have the discount should lose it! Keep new people from getting it, but for crying out loud don't make the customer lose something described as permanent. It's false advertisement and makes you look bad to the BBB. I wonder how much of your business was from IGN, and how much you will lose now that you stabbed them in the back.

By WarrantOfficer posted 23rd Nov 2012

IGN Prime discount is like the only plus on GamersGate compared to others. And yes, it really said "permanent."

By Woodster903 posted 23rd Nov 2012

I'll just have to wait a little longer for the prices to drop a little lower to make up the difference :)

By Typo posted 23rd Nov 2012

This is stabbing loyal customers in the back.

From what I see here, Monday my discount expires even though the IGN Prime I pay for is not expired and the %15 off was part of what was sold to me when I signed or IGN Prime. I would never have even tried it if no for the discount, its worthless to me without it.

If this slap in the face really happens, it will be the last dollar that IGN or GamersGate ever see from me.

By elbersame posted 23rd Nov 2012

i dont love a company which fraud customer,but who fucking cares this? 15% discount with 60% or 66% off games always? that is not better than steam or amazon games 75% off(and gamersgate always have a high price than other sellor),however, i dont buy games from gamersgate now,because the support is too slow,usually 1-3 days.Amazon digital download services alwaus reply me in less than six hours.So when i need to contract GG support about the purchasing question or any other,i think the better way to slove that is to go to find other resellor,i dont want to wait 3 days,when they(maybe only one support staff AshotP am i right?)reply,i die

By elbersame posted 23rd Nov 2012

plus,once i plan to buy torchlight 2 4-pack on gamersgate,with 15% and extra 5% coupon,but now i think i should give the money to amazon or steam,because they never get back anything from my(their customer's) account!

By ceildric posted 23rd Nov 2012

I just sent a lengthy complaint to Gamersgate support. I had emailed back the PR guy that sent out the emails this morning but I don't think that went anywhere.

We'll see what happens.

By alonechief posted 23rd Nov 2012

Got reply from them:
I believe the term "permanent" was used to illustrate that you would only need to enter the code once, then it would keep providing the discount, without a need to enter it again for every purchase. I definitely understand the confusion. However, the promotion is tied to a contract, which in turn has now ended, so I apologize for the poor wording and hope you understand.

I understand that this would feel misleading, and thank you for getting in touch with us about it, but unfortunately we aren't able to provide life-long discounts (although that would admittedly be pretty cool). Again, I really do apologize for the poor choice of words, and we will make sure to be more attentive with our, and our partners', promotional material in the future.

The promotional material that you are referring to should be coming down very soon, if not already.

Please contact IGN if you have any questions regarding your Prime membership.

By lFlapjackl posted 23rd Nov 2012

What I don't understand is why they won't continue to honor it. Just because the contract has ended means the customers should be rejected it. It's not like they are losing money with the discount, they are losing money taking it away. I hope they understand this.

By alonechief posted 23rd Nov 2012

I sent them a new mail with following pics:
IGN states: ALWAYS. , GG states: Permanent. Right now it seems they just trying to make up excuses. So either GG will give the 15% back and make IGN pay for it or IGN can refund the Prime payment and still let us keep it during the period we paid for.

By Alcifer posted 24th Nov 2012

From IGN Prime user agreement section 2A. (
"IGN reserves the right to change or to discontinue temporarily or permanently the Services at any time without notice. You agree that IGN will not be liable to you or any third party for any modification or discontinuance of the Services."

By moliva posted 24th Nov 2012

Also if the contract was ending you mean to tell me no one knew until 5 minutes before the emails starting going out (which I never did get by the way) and they started shutting people off?

By ceildric posted 24th Nov 2012

Alcifer, I will still demand a refund from IGN, and if necessary report them to the BBB.

Putting that kind of legalese in the small print is not sufficient to counter the strong wording used by them in their main advertisements such as "permanent", "lifetime", etc. Someone cannot sell me a car and in the fine print say "We reserve the right to come by and steal it any time." I believe there is quite a bit of legal precedent for this interpretation as well. There are definite limits to what can be put in fine-print and the weight it has if there is a prevailing understanding given by the large print.

By Chisaku posted 24th Nov 2012

I'm disappointed in how this discount was marketed as a "permanent" 15% discount. If they had on contract that it would last for one/two year(s), cool, but it would have made sense to inform those signing up for an IGN Prime plan that the discount only lasted for a certain period of time. Have I missed this line? Is it written somewhere?

This kind of marketing tastes sour and I feel lied to. I would have understood if the discount would have disappeared when your subscription ended, but like this? No, but I guess money and marketing are the top priorities for a company. I should have known that this offer was too good to be true.

By ShrikeMalakim posted 24th Nov 2012

This is PR dishonesty. In no world does "permanent" mean what they want it to mean. Also, if it's the IGN Contract ending, IGN stops having any control over what discounts GamersGate gives or does not give. GamersGate then decides to revoke a "permanent" discount, and pretends to blame IGN.

Their response to me was similar:
"I believe “permanent” was used to illustrate that you would only need to enter it once, then the code would keep providing the discount. Definitely understand the confusion. However, the promotion is tied to a contract which in turn has now ended so I apologize for the poor wording and hope you understand.

The promotional material should be coming down very soon, if not already.
Please contact IGN if you have any questions regarding your Prime membership.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience."

By ceildric posted 24th Nov 2012

The promo material is still up. People joining today will still think they're getting a "permanent" discount.

By taylynne posted 24th Nov 2012

They need to take the material down or else they will be getting into some serious trouble. That'll be some serious false advertisement there.

I never got the email, and my discount is no longer active. I will be writing up complaints to gamersgate and any email I can get on IGN.

I'm trying to find a screen shot of the word "lifetime" being used, but I am having no luck. Which is no surprise: who would have thought their lifetime/permanent discount would be discontinued? Who would've thought to take a screen shot..

By ceildric posted 24th Nov 2012

I just emailed everyone here:

And also made a support ticket. I had previously contributed to an on-going forum post over in the IGN boards on this same topic.

By ShrikeMalakim posted 24th Nov 2012

So the page was updated. Now it says:

"Unfortunately the IGN discount has come to an end, we hope you enjoyed it!"

Followed by the same banner that was there before:

"Your IGN Prime membership will give you:
- A permanent 15% discount on all purchases on GamersGate!
- A special IGN pet for your Minion"

By alonechief posted 24th Nov 2012

I would say the own the 15% owners a free game of their choice.

By moliva posted 24th Nov 2012 is showing page not found for me now. I think just deleted it.

By Gerle posted 24th Nov 2012

No, still there.

By Canuck posted 24th Nov 2012

Well I'm disappointed but not angry. I think we all know it was too good to last forever. On the other hand, if something isn't lifetime then don't call it lifetime. That discount was the only thing keeping me with Gamersgate over Steam. They'll get almost all of my business now.

By uqblf posted 24th Nov 2012

So after their sales got pretty disappointing recently anyways, now without that IGN discount I probably won't buy anything here for a while...

By Bryssa posted 24th Nov 2012

Like several others I didn't even get a notification that the "permanent" discount was expiring and it certainly didn't take 48 hours *to* expire, either. Talk about insult to injury.

The discount going away due to contract issues is one thing, the absolutely shoddy way GG has handled it is something else entirely. This is shockingly bad customer service and not at all what I normally associate with GamersGate. This kind of customer ire is the last thing GG needed during the start of the holiday sales.

Let's face it, even with the discount GamersGate simply hasn't been competitive lately when compared to GMG, Amazon, and even Gamefly (Spec Ops for $10 on GG, or $6 on GameFly right now? Hmm!). The blue coins don't make up the difference, especially since we can't use them unless they cover the cost of the game in full. Compare that to GMG or Amazon's credit systems.

It's too bad, I really liked GG despite how lackluster they've been during most of this year and always compared prices here before (usually) buying elsewhere. Now I'm just not going to bother checking at all.

By Stoibs posted 24th Nov 2012

Whelp, I guess I can take Gamersgate off my bookmarks of digital retailers.
Enjoy your reduced business as we all just stroll over to (the cheaper) GreenManGaming/Getgamesgo/Amazon Digital etc. stores.

Probably shouldn't use the word permanent if you aren't going to maintain integrity and keep your word...Jesus Christ...
Way to shoot yourselves in the foot since you already can't compete with the above mentioned stores - let alone now.

By Vgame posted 24th Nov 2012

I agree with you Stoibs I'm not going to be using GG as a digital game distributor anymore with their false permanent discount.

By tangoak posted 24th Nov 2012

I'm also moving away from Gamersgate. Too bad we don't get discount anymore. :(

By alonechief posted 24th Nov 2012

I would like to see a worker from GG writing something here, they can't just say: We can't do anything about it.

By ceildric posted 24th Nov 2012

alonechief, somehow I doubt that happening as the kind of people that would try to sneak this kind of change into effect and play it off as something that we should have always known was coming are not the type of people that are going to feel inclined to come out in the light of day.

That said, I have been fortunate enough to get two responses that were at least in part personal, while mostly just repeating the party line, verbatim. I appreciate the efforts on both those individuals' parts (Gustov the PR guy that sent the initial email to me and possibly everyone else saying the discount is being canceled, and Psyringe who responded to my support ticket) to go a bit beyond replying with a form letter, and to (at least according to their statements) do something on their end to let others in the company know my position.

Nonetheless, this story (and I am becoming increasingly convinced its just a story) that "permanent" should have always meant "you enter the code only once" is ludicrous. Anyone that buys that as an excuse is a fool, and I am honestly sick of hearing it. It is clearly what all employees have been told to relate to customers, but it insults my intelligence to be expected to buy it. There is also a complete avoidance of other issues pertinent to the situation such as the fact that regardless of what you thought you were saying by using the word "permanent" or "always" there is much less wiggle room with words like "forever" and "lifetime" which were also used.

It is NOT the customers that "misunderstood" the word "permanent". IF (and this is a huge if) the intention was in fact to convey that customers had to enter the code only once, and the wrong word was used by both IGN and Gamersgate, and no one caught it (that's a huge if you see?) then the error is still with IGN and Gamersgate. They screwed up, they need to take responsibility for it, and they need to make it right by honoring the discount codes that have already been handed out.

By byeriptor posted 24th Nov 2012

I'm going to download everything I bought on gamersgate in the next few days because I can't be sure if the games are "permanently" tied to my account or not, especially seeing that Gamersgate has its own meaning for the word "permanent".

By alonechief posted 24th Nov 2012

ceildric, Im with you to 100% with the statement we misunderstood "permanent". Like WTF, so should we question everytime we get something with the word permanent when it will be removed? I got "permanent" discount for hardware UNTIL im no longer a member, but here....
I also feel like im being treated like an idiot with: Didnt you know that permanent here doesnt actually mean permanent, you as a costumer misunderstood our line: - A permanent 15% discount on all purchases on GamersGate!.
I really enjoyed buying at GG because some games maybe arent as cheap on Steam or is even on Steam. Right now we need to wait for IGN to reply to the public and not on some forumpost in a random topic, like if they are the reason the offer ended they need to fix something. The cost for Prime included a discount so they better lower the cost fast or say byebye to people.
So shame on you GG and you can sure figure it out when you see the sales drop for some "unknown" reason..

By Sutrabla posted 24th Nov 2012

One think I just don't understand is why they didn't send a mail the discount promotion will be stopped on 1 January 2013, then make sure they updated all information on the matter so that the whole discount promotion would be phased out gracefully. I'm sure the small print says they could just end any service at any time, bla bla, but that they could shouldn't just mean they should.
Now it's like GamersGate and IGN just realized the promotion was over/would not be extended and first thing they did was disable the feature and send some people an email.
I still have gotten no email about the subject from either IGN or GamersGate.

All the marketing use of language like 'permanent' and 'lifetime' for example makes it worse, even if we all know nothing can last forever, but "Gives 15% discount on all purchases" would be as strong and less misleading.

By Kovaelin posted 24th Nov 2012

It might just be coincidence, but maybe they wanted to cut everyone off the discount before the new IndieFort bundles took off.

By alonechief posted 24th Nov 2012

IGN should be the ones that sends out a mail because they are the ones offering the deal. It states in their agreedment that they may change a promotion etc but I can't find it acceptable to just remove something that is said to be "permanent".

By mugwump posted 24th Nov 2012

The IGN Prime deal didn't cost me anything but a few minutes of my time when I signed up for it and I got 15% off all purchases for a year . I still get 5% back in blue coins so I'll stick with GG.

By alonechief posted 24th Nov 2012

Think one of the biggests reason the removed is is just because people could get a trial and get the discount, shame on IGN for that...

By BernardoOne posted 24th Nov 2012

Will never buy something from GG again.

By kornnugget posted 24th Nov 2012

I really think that IGN should have sent the e-mail and given people more than 48 hours notice. Not a good way for IGN to treat "Prime" members. Also GG should give some Blue Coins out to Prime members as a "sorry we messed up with the promotion of this deal, but we appreciate you as a loyal customer." If you treat your customers right people will stick with you even when you screw up, but when you throw policy, contracts or small print in their faces, customers walk. It doesn't really matter how much I saved with the discount over the last year, all I will remember from this fiasco is how I was treated like a number vs a loyal customer.

By chuckie001 posted 24th Nov 2012

I consider the reply about "poor choice of words" to be kind of insulting our intelligence and our grasp of the English language. Both "permanent" and "always" have extremely clear and unambiguous meaning.

By takeabathhippie posted 24th Nov 2012

I hate it when people get screwed over by companies that appear to be thinking they don't have to care what they said, promised or advertised earlier.
Wish you good luck in this matter!

By megaflux1 posted 24th Nov 2012

first and foremost- i will NOT become a social media whore JUST to get discount codes for ANY website!! EVER! to me it is no different than eating dick for cash, its THAT GAY!

next up 15% isnt SHIT! steam gets 30% of the retail price of the games they sell (not many people know this). this is why sometimes you can preorder games for so much less, because the actual price companies pay for them is so much lower than the price that they give consumers. so that just meant gamersgate was keeping 15% even after giving us 15% off (again this mostly applies to launch titles). rest assured with or without the 15% we NEVER get games at cost, i mean nobody would stay in business doing that.

onto... IGN... yea they included keys for betas i never wanted to play anyways and mostly trash indie games (not saying all indie games are trash mind you.. just most of the ones ign gave away) so the only REAL reason i had prime WAS the 15%. note- ign was behind direct2drive before gamefly bought them also, so this is the second time IGN is duking me in the ass (but i assure you it WILL be the last) so since i have to log into gamefly to get those games back they are dead to me (irony=i bought several replacement copies here).

gamersgate, well you just COMPLETELY shot yourselves in the foot! what worries me about this is that with the mass exodus that is happening right before your eyes, and it happening RIGHT as we go into the holiday shopping season (i cant be the only one that gives tons of digital gifts) will you be around come this time next year? keep in mind i WILL NOT use facebook or twitter, so any incentive you think you can offer through those outlets is wasted as far as im concerned. should i back up all my games and serials now? because if you wave the "we will be taking down the site in 48 hours" flag theres no way in hell i can download ALL THE GAMES I HAVE BOUGHT HERE in that time.

this IS fraud, it is a dagger in our backs, it is dirty pool, and it is all the other terrible things people are saying it is. they may as well be saying "we dont care what you think, we dont NEED YOU!"

i will NOT go to green man gaming, they suck. too many times where preorder keys dont show up until 3 days after the games come out, never mind what a complete piece of shit capsule is! but i dont really see me buying too much more here either, probably just the indie bundles... until they go out of business.

By Kleidophoros posted 24th Nov 2012

I am thinking you guys are barking at the wrong tree. IGN wanted more people to subscribe, they paid GG for 15% off for their subscribers. So far so good. Then IGN backed off and 15% off is gone. And now here you are talking about leaving GG. It's IGN you should be shouting at not GG.

By lFlapjackl posted 24th Nov 2012

We were given something by Gamersgate advertised as permanent, it never said IGN had to continue paying them or we lose the discount. It's the point that it was falsely advertised, Gamersgate should of just left the discount as it was. Gamersgate should honor the discount, whether or not IGN still holds the same.

By ceildric posted 25th Nov 2012

As people have posted in this thread, Gamersgate themselves used the word "permanent" to describe the discount. Also, as I pointed out in several of my messages, Gamersgate has a responsibility to know how their partners are handling joint promotions, and I tend to believe that Gamersgate DID know how IGN was marketing these keys. That makes Gamersgate liable for this outrage as well. Though I agree IGN deserves more blame than Gamersgate, there is FAR more than enough to go around.

By ceildric posted 25th Nov 2012

Also, it is Gamersgate that seems to be taking the lead in peddling this "you must have misunderstood" story to the users which is ridiculous. Their initial email alerting some (but not all) people to the fact that the discount was coming to an end was extremely blase. It did not acknowledge the expectation that they should have known most people would have had (that this was a life-time discount) nor did it sympathize with the users. Instead it played it off as if this was something that everyone should have known was coming, but don't worry, the IGN pet will be ok (rolling my eyes here).

By Stoibs posted 25th Nov 2012

Email? Wait some people actually got an email telling them that they were going to unethically go back on their word? Wow I didn't even get that courtesy.

What is this pet meant to do anyway? Supposedly it's meant to grant you discounts on it's chosen genre, I've yet to see anything of the sort when browsing and indeed reaching all the way to checkout of the appropriate genres: I guess this was a "permanent" feature.

By Kleidophoros posted 25th Nov 2012

"Gamersgate has a responsibility to know how their partners are handling joint promotions" Yeah, no.

Besides IGN user agreement which you all agreed to clearly says, as someone posted before me, "IGN reserves the right to change or to discontinue temporarily or permanently the Services at any time without notice. You agree that IGN will not be liable to you or any third party for any modification or discontinuance of the Services."

I do believe you guys have a false sense of entitlement here. You want your discount and you want it now and for ever and ever! Yeah well, it doesn't work that way. You just want to blame someone and that someone is GG because they dared send some emails and replied support questions. Take it to IGN, not GG.

By Kleidophoros posted 25th Nov 2012

"We were given something by Gamersgate advertised as permanent" No hun, you were given that by IGN and now he wants his candy back.

By lFlapjackl posted 25th Nov 2012

@Kleidophoros, Everyone here believes they were entitled a permanent discount, that Gamersgate removed. It's that simple, no need to shove Terms of use into anyone's face. At the end of they day we don't know what the contract stated. It could of stated that the code would only be valid as long as IGN paid them. But, they haven't stated this, nor did they state this on the Gamersgate page, it just says "Permanent" which is misleading, which is why the majority of us are disappointed. Is it wrong for a customer to want some answers for a misleading advertisement? To be honest, I wouldn't mind a simple apology with them stating they had to right to terminate the code if the contract became invalid.

By ceildric posted 25th Nov 2012

Kleidophoros, yes it is good business practice to be aware of how your partners are handling joint promotions. If they are doing something shady then it can reflect badly on you. If they are not doing what was agreed upon with your promotional materials, you may not be getting what you paid for or exchanged for in the deal. If they are associating your brand with negative images, concepts, ideas then that is a problem too. One does not want one's partner to defraud people... sell promos that were intended to go out for free... associate a family brand with adult content... or any number of other situations. A smart company will be aware of how their partners market and promote a joint promotion. Doing otherwise is irresponsible and incompetent.

As for the IGN user agreement, broad fine print statements like that cannot override the understanding of the basic premise of the deal being presented in the large print. There is legal precedent for interpreting this. Although fine print does have bearing, if the large print is strongly worded to the point of being misleading, then the fine print cannot supercede it.

In essence, IGN and Gamersgate said, "Get a permanent 15% discount" and in fine print said "discount may not be permanent". That is not a legally defensible contract position.

We only feel "entitled" to what we have been promised and what we have paid for. We were promised a permanent discount and we expect a permanent discount; no more, no less. It is that simple. We were told we could have something. We gave what was asked of us for that something in good faith, and now that something is being unjustly taken away.

Also, if you look above, you will see that Gamersgate used the word "permanent" on their site as well.

By megaflux1 posted 25th Nov 2012

really though the 15% off was an effective marketing tool, i was using gamersgate before i got ing prime, but i used it alot more after i got it (since it put their prices in a much more competitive range), i wonder how many people never used gamersgate until they saw the promo on IGN? im betting alot.

for the record the pet will most likely be the only thing people do get back once the dust settles. gamersgate was at one point considering getting rid if it (and the minion and the achievements) anyways, it really is the LAST reason i think anyone used (purposeful past tense) gamersgate.

i would even pay them 5$/mo to keep the discount as some sort of buyers club thing, but to just gank it like this... yea its grimy.

By Zomby2D posted 25th Nov 2012

Funny, but according to this page on Gamersgate, the discount was to be permanent.

This is how it actually lookead earlier today, before they changed the text to state that the promotion had come to an end.

Now, if they want to stop giving away rebates to new IGN members, I have no problem with that. However, once you give a PERMANENT discount to one of your customer, you are not allowed to take it away. Trying to give a different meaning to the word permanent doesn't change the fact that they're not following through on what was advertised.

By ceildric posted 25th Nov 2012

megaflux1, I agree. I had made one, maybe two, small purchases on Gamersgate before getting the IGN discount. In the three months since getting the discount I have spent in the neighborhood of 400-500 dollars here. If the discount gets revoked I probably will never shop here again. I do not think what they are doing is right, and it may not even be legal (especially on IGN's end of it).

I never heard about GG thinking about getting rid of the minion or the achievements (or presumably the leveling up features?). I thought those gave the site an interesting, endearing quality. It is part of why, even before the discount, I wanted to like Gamersgate. I like the idea of customer loyalty clubs, premium member points, etc. Being a gamer, I also like the leveling up aspect and achievement aspect, and the potential future reward for that. I hope that GG will further develop that part of the site, even if it proves to be just a small discount at Level 5 (like an additional 5% off or 5% extra back as blue coins on the minion categories).

Also, as far as paying for the discount, if that had been the deal from the start I would have gladly paid GG directly $30-40 per year for a limitless 15% off. That comes out to be around $3 per month. I think $5 might be a bit much, but I might even have considered that.

However, that was not the deal, and at this point, I feel deceived and insulted by both companies (IGN and GG) and I am not going to validate their behavior by giving them more money for something that I already paid for. I will not reward them for this, and I will not give them another chance to change the rules on me. Let's imagine I subscribe to a $5 per month discount club for 15%. Is it not plausible that 4 months into the contract they will decide to change the rules and drop the discount down to 10% or even 5%? It is no different from what these companies are doing already.

There is a term for this kind of behavior: bait and switch.

By ericeric654321 posted 25th Nov 2012

This thread is much to long to follow but it's safe to say once I spend whatever blue coins I have leftover from pre-ordering Assassins Creed 3 from here, I probably won't be making purchases here again... This whole fiasco just seems really shady.

By megaflux1 posted 25th Nov 2012

ceildric- THAT is a really good point, there would be nothing stopping them from regularly changing the rules (since they have proven that they have no problem doing so) so one month its 15% off upto 60$ and the next month it being 15% off when you spend over 100$. im starting to wonder if this is corporate suicide and they are just going to write the entire business off as a loss.

i dont really think ign was paying the 15% we were getting off the games either, the whole thing is just TOO mutually beneficial, gamersgate gets unlimited advertising on one of the worlds largest videogame sites (possibly THE largest) and ign gets free incentive for people to buy prime.

@eric- its a good read really, it shows how fast customers WILL turn on a disreputable business in this day and age, it ISNT like we have to drive another 30 miles to get to another supermarket if we dont use the closest one. and yea those AC3 coins MUST get used up.. hopefully they have something other than garbage on their sale today.

By tehdroid posted 25th Nov 2012

This is quite a shame, as the IGN Prime discount is what made me much more willing to skip some of the Steam sales and buy here, despite games not being Steamworks titles (which let's face it, unreasonable or not, most of us have felt the urge to just dump everything into Steam).

I'm going to buy Spec Ops only because I bought the Blue Coins before I realized the discount was gone, but that will be my last purchase here for a while. I did not even get an email informing me of this, or any sort of heads up.

There are a lot of things I like about GG, and I think they do many things right that Steam doesn't seem to be willing to do (game reviews, ratings, tutors, BC rewards and incentives for everything, etc), but the now-not-so-permenant discount was the main reason I bought over 75% of the games I own on this service.

I just don't see how this move is going to benefit GamersGate at all now. You've lost people's goodwill by using blatantly false advertising, and at the same time, lost the biggest incentive for us to choose this service over Steam or others.

By Khalan posted 25th Nov 2012

Was a great deal, but GG are now basically in breach of contract (that being "A permanent 15% discount on all purchases on GamersGate!") with their IGN Prime-registered customers. No reason to shop here anymore.

By ceildric posted 25th Nov 2012

If this is going to serve as the sole thread of discussion, it would be nice if it could be stickied and possibly have the title changed.

By City Builder posted 25th Nov 2012

Sadly this makes me have to wonder just how safe my purchases are with GG with regards to GG volatility in the digital market and whether I'll be seeing that I'm just "renting" my games from GG before I see that I'm just "renting" my games from Steam. Like others have said, GG is likely to lose a substantial amount of revenue from breaking this deal, maybe even enough to put them back in the hole financially.

I know that some would never dream that one day they may not be able to play the games that they've bought on their digital service but it does happen, case in point, Direct2Drive when it was bought out, or sold to the game fly company, and there are still to this day games that I bought on D2D that game fly do not offer me so I can't play them anymore.

Personally I think this situation stinks of class action lawsuit and I'm sure some will say theres no merit in a case such as that, however there have been many cases in the past that had less merit too that were either taken to mitigation or taken to court. I would just not be surprised if it happens is all that I'm saying, I'm not saying that I would be somebody that would instigate such a thing or even participate, just saying, would not be surprised if it were to happen over this as a breach of contract between GG/IGN and it's customers.

By Psyringe posted 25th Nov 2012

ceildric - there is no way to sticky a thread or change its title, sorry. We have actually suggested this functionality internally a while ago, but it just isn't there yet.

To the other participants of the discussion: I just want to let you know that I _am_ reading all your posts, and I am also taking notes that I'll send to the GamersGate personnel, so your complaints will be heard.

While I do understand the frustration, and the necessity to vent, I believe that suggestions for solutions might prove more fruitful in such a report than just the anger. For example, I have seen people (here and elsewhere) mentioning that the 15% discount made them buy games that they wouldn't have bought otherwise, and that they see a "buyer's club" system, or more discount options for frequent buyers, as a feature that would benefit both customers and GamersGate. If you have any ideas in this regard, please feel free to voice them.

By hmp22 posted 25th Nov 2012

Well, I'm never buying anything here again. Peace.

By Kryten posted 25th Nov 2012

Why should we be giving suggestions on what to do now?
Gamersgate got themselves into this mess and can get themselves out of it by honouring the original agreement.

A subscription based "buyers club" would solve nothing. Charge people for the thing you just stole off them hmmmm

By megaflux1 posted 25th Nov 2012

ktyten- seriously you were supposed to be paying for ign prime to get the 15% off anyways. the fact that they let THAT particularly gaping loophole exist for so long may very well be what instigated all this in the first place. i mean to "try" ign prime and get 15% off games here for life? even i think that is an exploit. and if we were already paying ign 7$/mo for the 15% off (again most of the games they gave away sucked and beta tests are just jobs you dont get paid for) why NOT pay GG 3-5$/mo (5 has been said to be too much among people i spoke to, they dont feel they buy enough games to justify keeping it active) for the discount. the other sporting move they could make is to give us all 15% back on all purchases in blue coins (as long as we had the ign pet) since again several people i spoke to felt like they would have to buy so many games that they could never really use the blue coins for anything but the occasional dlc.

im not entirely giving up on them yet, nothing happens on the weekends around here and we all know that. i am hoping they have an announcement monday about some new model (the longer they delay the more people will walk away).

shitting on people does NOT encourage them to spend money, i hope they fully comprehend this. not that it matters TOO much to me because well honestly.. i have about 500 games on steam and about 250 on gamersgate plus a couple hundred on desura (never mind origin, ubisuck, and other e-tailers that i really dont like) fact of the matter is there arent too many games left for me TO buy... unless i suddenly wake up gay tomorrow and decide i have to own every hidden object, sims, and puzzle game ever made.

By Psyringe posted 25th Nov 2012

Kryten - Well, your sentiment will of course be relayed as well.

You don't _need_ to think about alternatives if you don't want to. I'm just saying that doing so might prove more fruitful - which is just my personal observation, of course.

I understand that some people paid a third party 5$ per month just (or mostly) to get the GamersGate discount. If that is true, then it might be worthwhile to point out to the GG management that there is an opportunity there to make both customers and GG happy.

If you don't feel that this would be an option for you, that's okay. But I wonder - you are paying money to IGN (I suppose) to get the discount, so why would paying money to GG directly be a bad idea?

By megaflux1 posted 25th Nov 2012

once they commit to this action (which they almost already seem to have done) it is almost impossible to get those customers back. if people mention the site others WILL respond "F_CK GAMERSGATE!" because this isnt 1 or 2 gamers that are getting screwed its a pretty huge cross-section (which ironically they can thank IGN for). they dont gotta take my word for it though, they could ask funcom, SOE, or nc soft what happens when you screw over entire communities on the internet. theres a damn good reason SOE keeps the original EQ running, its because they are still hurting from what they did to SWG and cant afford to piss off the 1 loyal demographic they have.

really without the 15% they are going to lose probably 50% of their customers right off the bat (if not more), of those remaining they will lose 50% of impulse buys because a 5$ game with b/s DRM on it is really not that appealing because of the drm, the 15% off kind of made dealing with the b/s drm acceptable. furthermore their prices are going to be less competitive because the discount wont be applied so since people will be able to get the same games cheaper at GMG (or wherever really) they will lose all those potential sales. it really does look like corporate suicide.

but thats ok. theyll probably blame THIS on piracy too, like everyone else.

By Gormaz posted 25th Nov 2012

I am also very disappointed in this turn of even.

To be very honest GG's prices are usually not that competitive over other websites and while the width of the catalog is great I was using the 15% as a great incentive to buy from GG over other websites (Steam, GMG, GOG etc.)

As of now? I am sorry but with the bitter taste of this bait and switch (because that's how it is in my opinion) and back to "not so competitive" price, I do not really have a will to continue buying from GG.

And Psyringe, I understand what you are saying and respect you trying to bring up our voices to the management, but let's say we propose something like a "buyer's club" or whatever and it gets implemented by GG. How are we, now, supposed to know GG is not going to change again their minds after a while? You just removed a "permanent" discount, what is stopping GG to change the rules gain later on? This change hurts the trust with the website and for a digital seller I would say this is the most important thing. I cant go back to a store or something like in retail for an online website, I just have to suck up my loss if any.
I think I will just stick to other competitors who, so far, have not gone back so blatantly on their offers. It was advertised as permanent on IGN and on GG, everything else is PR talk.

By megaflux1 posted 25th Nov 2012

gormaz raises a point a friend of mine also brought up. since we KNOW they are willing to do the whole bait and switch thing and that they are going to carefully word any kind of agreement to protect themselves there would be nothing stopping them from taking said "buyers club" and changing the rules as they see fit. for x$/mo we could get 15% off.... under 30$. and the next week 15% off purchases over 150$ and then 15% off puzzle games. it sounds very unrealistic i know, but they have sadly destroyed their credibility to this degree (and in my opinion we should be treating EVERY business with this same mentality, the consumer is the least important entity on the planet and essentially has no rights) and i wouldnt blame people AT all for not trusting them.

i feel at this point they need to ATLEAST honor the 15% discount until the end of the year as an act of good faith. it would also give them time to come up with a proper strategy on how to keep customers AFTER the first of the year (if keeping customers is even a goal at this point...). the holiday shopping season is THE LAST time of year you want to piss off consumers! i mean this is idiotic to the point that it almost HAS to be intentional.

By tmwfte posted 25th Nov 2012

I'm a fairly regular, fairly frequent purchaser of games. With the 15% discount, GamersGate was often the first place I would look to see if something was available. I can understand a contract ending and with it a promotion ending as well, but the way it was sold and the way it was handled was with bad faith from GamersGate. The swiftness of the ending of the discount and the treatment of customers as idiots because they "misunderstood" and thought "permanent" meant "permanent" and "always meant always" is disgraceful.

This event has left a sour taste in my mouth. GamersGate has lost my trust and I don't think there's anything that they can do to regain it at this stage. As others have wondered, who's to say now I won't wake up tomorrow and find that all of my games need to be purchased again or no longer available for download because they decided to free up space on a server?

I can't say I'll never buy another game from GamersGate, but I can say that they won't be the first site I go to in order to see if something is available. They won't be the first site I check for sales.

By megaflux1 posted 25th Nov 2012

the response is fairly resounding psy. if they dont make this right i think we both know where they will be at this time next year.

and this isnt even considering whats going on on reddit and ign among other hubs. it IS suicide. i mean thats a whole lot o red level members (and several black) speaking out. it ISNT level 1 customers.

By RenderB posted 25th Nov 2012

For me Gormaz's point about trust also true. Without the discount GG just wont be the best deal. That isn't a huge problem.

How they went about this makes me wonder about gamersgate as a platform. Will they just drop blue coins overnight at some point as well? Or move their installer drm to a windows 8 shop format? Both of these are very unlikely, but a week ago I would have said the same about just cutting the discount without advanced warning/notice.

By megaflux1 posted 25th Nov 2012

[/sarc] chill out guys. its not their fault that we are ALL (mind you not just 1 or 2 people) too fucking stupid to comprehend what the word "permanent" means. they did their best to explain it, we are all just too dumb and should suffer for our immense ignorance.[/sarc off]

By Psyringe posted 25th Nov 2012

Gormaz - I can see where you're coming from. It's a question of trust, and I can relate to that, it's an important factor in my choice of shops too.

Personally, the expiration of the discount has not affected my trust in GG. I think there are three reasons for this:

1. I've had personal contact with some of the people at GG and I know that when they say "The discount was never meant to be life-long, and in fact we learned only recently that some people perceived it this way", that this is an honest statement.

2. I never really believed that the discount would be "life-long". In fact I was very surprised that it persisted after my IGN trial membership ended. Over the months, I kind of fooled myself into thinking that it _might_ go on forever, but another part of me was also very aware of the fact that it doesn't really make sense to be granted a substantial life-long discount as a reward for a free one-week trial at a third party service.

3. For me, the term "permanent" never implicated "life-long". I know that some of the people see this differently. I acknowledge that. And I don't we need to discuss this further, it has been mentioned several times in this thread. But I can honestly tell that this implication does not exist in my mind. I don't know if not being a native speaker might be a factor here; if I translate the term into my own language, I never arrive at something that could imply "life-long". Therefore, it is not at all difficult for me to believe that the implication didn't exist for the guys at GG either.

Now, these are my own, personal impressions. If I didn't know anybody at GG personally, thought that free life-long discounts made sense, and were convinced that "permanent" must necessarily imply "life-long", then my trust in GG would probably take at least a dent, and I would discard the explanations as "PR talk", as you did in your post.

But since I don't, my personal reaction to the loss of the discount was: "Ah well, sad to see it go, but I knew that getting such an awesome bonus for free was just too good to be true. It had to end sometime, and seeing that it saved me a lot of money during the time I had it, I'm more grateful that this cooperation between IGN and GG existed, than I'm disappointed that it has now ended."

I believe that I can see both sides of the coin, since I am both a customer (who enjoyed the IGN discount as well), and someone with a bit of insight into the inner workings of GamersGate (while still being independent; if I _did_ lose my trust in them I could just walk away and lose nothing, I have no obligations towards them).

I know that this will probably not change your mind, but perhaps take it as an account of a different perspective? :)

By Psyringe posted 25th Nov 2012

@tmwfte - I agree, by the way, that the notification about the ending of the contract could have been handled better. Getting an information that a great deal has unfortunately come to an end is one thing. Finding out that the discount suddenly doesn't exist any more, and having to ask about it, or go to other sites to get that information, is not cool.

I don't know why exactly the end came so quickly, and there may have been good reasons for that. But from the perspective of a customer, especially one that didn't receive the newsletter about this change, I would have wished for better communication as well in this regard.

By tmwfte posted 25th Nov 2012

Psyringe, from

per·ma·nent   [pur-muh-nuhnt]
1. existing perpetually; everlasting, especially without significant change.
2. intended to exist or function for a long, indefinite period without regard to unforeseeable conditions: a permanent employee; the permanent headquarters of the United Nations.
3. long-lasting or nonfading: permanent pleating; permanent ink.

Yes, I'm sure how you could possibly think it was a transitory, ephemeral discount based on the very definition of "permanent". Should I look up "always" too?

Your attempt to rationalise away what GamersGate has done in this situation by toeing the company line is only going to successfully anger people more.

By megaflux1 posted 25th Nov 2012

psy- if the word was "fucking" i could see where you are coming from, since fuck is KNOWN to have many different meanings and be able to used as many types of words. but the word "permanent" only really has 1 meaning, it is not open to interpretation. what are they going to try to break it down on a metaphysical level next? an object in motion will remain in motion permanently unless acted upon by another [legally binding] force? you can remove permanent marker by applying solvents so we should expect all things permanent to be removed at some point? as permanent a feature as the grand canyon is we could remove it by filling it in with sand or water or concrete.

no. those out side forces arent at play here, and even if they were they are outside forces. someone HAS to apply them, the marker does not erase itself. they (ign or gamersgate) ACTED upon this, it was not implied that it would ever end simply by the fact that the word permanent was infact used.

By megaflux1 posted 25th Nov 2012

@tmwfte- i didnt want to say it out loud but yea psy, acting as a mouthpiece at this point in time is REALLY not going to win you any support.

By Ladron3dfx posted 25th Nov 2012

You wish a permanent (forever, lifetime, until death) 15% discount on GamersGate for your false IGN Prime account created by a 7 day trial advertisement which was posted on every sales deal site that is known? So much so that IGN even closed the 7 day trial because of abuse.

I don't think so.

Valid IGN Prime members are a different story. They should vent on GamersGate and on IGN, I recognize their vent. A 48hr notice for the discount to end, that's quite a short notice. 15-30 days would have been perhaps preferable (I doubt that would've calmed the storm). To ease the withdrawals of the delicious, addictive, mesmerizing, candy coated, cake frosted, jelly bean decorated 15% discount. =)

By Gormaz posted 25th Nov 2012

Thanks for the response (and still for doing it in a very polite way).

But yar, you also have to take into account that you are inside the very very minority here since you know the people from GG personally, not saying at all that you are not being objective but you do have admit (and you already did) that this color your vision in a certain way towards GG.

From my side, I am sorry to say it, but in this competitive market that is online resellers I look at a few things and price is among the very first. As I said before GG's prices never were the most competitive ones (and that's without counting shaddy key reseller business), at least in my humble opinion and knowledge of digital sellers.
So the 15% off was a good way to make it worth checking GG, first point.

Second is the trust I have on a digital reseller, after all I provide personal (and in some case banking) details to them and I do so with trust. Here GG just put a big dent in this trust, second point

As for the "permanent" thing, I do admit it was almost "too nice to be true" but then that's not me who chose to advertise it as so, it was GG and IGN. If it was a "15% off for one year after subbing to IGN" kind of offer I would still have signed for IGN Prime without much thinking since I would still consider it a very good deal, but it was not so.

I still take any try at explaining how this "permanent thing was obviously not permanent" as pure PR talk (I am using "PR talk" to stay polite, other words relating to animals manure also come to my mind...)

It was maybe just handled very badly by GG and/or IGN but it does put a first time into GG going back to their agreement, that's my third (and final) point.

These three points are really going to make me reconsider the way I approach GG and their "competitiveness" against other resellers, to do so before the holiday season is also imo the worst kind of things to do...

As a note I am also not an English native speaker, but permanent has only one and single meaning in the English language, there is no cutting it, otherwise we go into the "car seller" kind of sales talk.

By megaflux1 posted 25th Nov 2012

im telling you guys this was a suicide. they did this on black fkn friday! it would be the equivalent of walmart only having 1 register open (on the same day) and the words "FUCK YOU!" in big black letters across the front of the store... and to leave them there until new years. they clearly dont WANT to be in the business of selling games.

By brightsim posted 25th Nov 2012

sorry, that's just ridiculous psyringe. i kind of agree with regards to ign trial memberships, but i, for myself, subscribed (i.e. paid) for it. i did not get anything out of it so far (mediocre indie-games, many keys just expired), except for the discount (which was the reason subscribing for ign after all).
"permanent" does not leave much room for interpretation - well, it maybe did for you because you got your "permanent" discount from a trial-abo. even then, i beg to differ: you DID understand the implication of the word permanent and thought that was to good to be true.
the guys at GG knew about the wording (considering the ign-subsite they hosted), they sent out a ridiculous e-mail about the discount expiring _AND_ (and this is important) did not even keep the discount active for the proclaimed 48 hours. Probably they just saw that the damage was done and did not want these "unthankful customers" to profit from the discount for a few more hours. The damage is done - I am still quite annoyed to have bought dishonored for a higher price here than at gamefly (did not know what was going on by that time).
GG is not going to see any more money from me, neither will IGN. while i already know some german communities who are quite upset, this is probably going to spread quickly - so yes, this might just turn out to be full-fledged PR-suicide. Sending out mails containing even more cute smileys won't help.

By Psyringe posted 25th Nov 2012

As I said above, I know that you think so. I just happen to be a person who never made this implication, and I tried to explain why.

As stated above, I can understand the anger, but I also understand how the thing looked for GG. I already said that I will relay your complaints to GamersGate, so that they understand what the people in this thread are thinking. I'm also trying to help people understand what GG may have been thinking.

And btw. I'm not acting as a "mouthpiece". ;) As said in this thread, and in this profile, my opinions are my own. And nobody at GG has ever asked me to not stand by them (which I appreciate).

By Kovaelin posted 25th Nov 2012

[QUOTE]For me, the term "permanent" never implicated "life-long".[/QUOTE]
See, that's where most people would see this as "too good to be true", because permanent would imply nothing short of forever. I myself have stayed suspicious of this, and am disappointed that I was correct in those suspicions. Unfortunately, a lot of other people here feel that they gave GamersGate/IGN (I don't care enough to see the difference - both of them advertised the thing) too much credit. If there was any fine print suggesting there was an expiry date or an alternative definition of "permanent", I must have missed it.

By megaflux1 posted 25th Nov 2012

psy- have you ever been compensated in any way for your role here (hell yea im talking about getting free blue coins)? i just pretty much put the gun to your head. you can lie and say you havent (which kind of says you are exactly like gamersgate/ign in this debacle.).. or you can admit that they essentially pay you to act as a moderator.

either way they got you, if you never interpreted "permanent" to mean forever then WHY on earth would you consider it TO be too good to be true? on the other hand for it to have sounded "too good to be true" there must have been something spectacular about it, like the definition OF the word "permanent".

By RenderB posted 25th Nov 2012

@megaflux1 I get your point, but it's best not to make this personal. I would hate to see these legit complaints get binned for some token reason.

By byeriptor posted 25th Nov 2012

@Psyringe: I also thought the "permanent" discount was too good to be true, and I always expected it to end someday. I have no problems with that.

However, the way this whole PR-fiasco was handled by both GamersGate and IGN is just extremely disrespectful to their customers:
1. Neither GG or IGN ever mentioned that this discount could/would expire, not when signing up for Prime nor when activating the discount code on GamersGate.
2. For a lot of customers the discount was all of the sudden gone, without warning or notice. And the wording in the email that was sent out to some customers just seems a bit too childish and doesn't explain anything other than that the discount would be gone. No reason given at all, just "it will be gone".
3. The 48 hour "grace period" was not respected for a lot of people. The explanation that only current Prime subscribers would get the 48 hour grace period is just ****, because the discount is already gone for a friend of mine who subscribed last week to Prime because I told him about the discount. (By the way, I would again like to thank both IGN and GamersGate for making me look like a complete dipshit to my friend)
4. Both GamersGate and IGN kept promoting the discount even after stating it would end on Monday. IGN still promotes it actively on the Prime landing page actually. And GamersGate only recently added the message that it would end, and this on a page customers only get to see when they want to enter the code for the discount.
5. The way we have been told by GamersGate PR that we must have "misunderstood" the meaning of the word "permanent" is a bridge to far in my honest opinion. I don't like it when someone tries to insult my intelligence, especially when that someone is a faceless corporation that seems to have no respect for its customers.

I had a couple of things on my wishlist here that I was planning on buying in the next couple of months, but due to this whole fiasco (that perhaps was indeed too good to be true) I am sure I will not buy those games here. GamersGate will have to seriously step up its game before I'll ever consider buying games here in future.

By megaflux1 posted 25th Nov 2012

just saying, i know i have been "compensated" for certain "feedback" (and i bet im not alone). i find it impossible to believe that psy hasnt.

if someone was to give me say free games for life as long as i played the faceless yes-man you betcha i would say "yes!", even if i was rolling my eyes and holding the middle finger up to the screen as i said it. ofcourse loyalty kind of wears off as we grow older, i remember when i was in love with bethesda... and then they started farming out content to obsidian and making crappy console games for pc. now i would rather not spend a dime on their filth.

By Psyringe posted 25th Nov 2012

Megaflux - there is a small compensation in form of blue coins, but it's more symbolic than anything. It's a fraction of the reward that users get for solving someone's problem in the tutor, and I think if I combined all of them I ever received, it still wouldn't net me a an AAA game on release day. If I were doing that for the "money", then I would rather mow my neighbor's lawn instead, it'd be more lucrative by several magnitudes.

But I don't think we need to discuss this. The thing is, I _am_ a moderator here. I'm sure that in some people's eyes, that makes me suspicious or even biased by default, "paid" or not. It kind of comes with the territory. If you want to mistrust my statements, you can do so, no matter what the answer to your question is.

On the other hand, you _could_ consider the possibility that I'm stating my honest opinion.

In any case, I don't think the discussion here is about me - I'll send you a PM with a bit more info though.

Regarding your second paragraph: I already considered a 15% discount for a one week free _trial_ membership a pretty good deal, considering the size of my wishlist and the fact that there was no limitation on the number of purchase that I could do in that week. When I found out that the discount continued even after the trial week, despite me never even having paid a single dollar to earn it, it definitely fell into the range of "too good to be true" for me. Understandable? :)

By moliva posted 25th Nov 2012

Psyringe I find your apologizing for Gamersgate to be almost offensive.

"1. I've had personal contact with some of the people at GG and I know that when they say "The discount was never meant to be life-long, and in fact we learned only recently that some people perceived it this way", that this is an honest statement."

I'm sorry but anyone who says they don't believe permanent to be equated with life long AND are shocked that other people might interpret it this way is either a liar or has such a different interpretation of the word permanent that I question whether we are even speaking the same language.

I don't believe their statement 'We never intended permanent to mean life long and were so surprised that people interpreted it that way!' is honest statement in the slightest.

The first rule of covering your ass is to never admit to anything because it can come back to bite you in the ass later in various ways (legally, disciplinary action from your superiors etc).

If they want to say that line to do some good old CYA then whatever but don't insult people's intelligence by saying it's an honest statement.

For the record, I don't think I am owed anything. Those who paid ahead for a year of Prime on the other hand I do think they should get something but in any case that is up to IGN to come up with some equivalent benefit at this point.

What I do think however is that Gamergate handled the situation very poorly, gave no advance notice, apparently were not even able to send an *after the fact* notice to everyone and then added insult to injury by statements like it was never meant to be permanent and when people pointed out the permanent statement on their own web site 'Oh well permanent doesn't mean life long, we're surprised people interpreted it that way'.


I feel at this point GG has lost trust and they've also lost a competitive edge at least among the value conscious crowd. In the internet age of rapid information I think consumers online are becoming more and more aware of value. I know from experience that a lot of deal oriented sites talked about Gamersgate after the IGN discount whereas prior there wasn't as much talk about them and I rarely saw their name mentioned.

Digital Gaming retailers that aren't as big as Steam or may not have the resources of say EA or Amazon really need an edge to stand out. Greenman Gaming has done well with their vouchers that stack with already discounted prices and the IGN discount was a pretty close equivalent to that.

Without it Gamersgate loses an edge with value conscious crowd and the way they have handled the situation has also left a bad taste in people's mouths.

Maybe it will all blow over, people will forget about it and they won't lose too much business, but maybe not. With so many other stores out there selling games if it were up to me I wouldn't want to take that chance.

By fs127 posted 25th Nov 2012

I haven't made the best use of this discount, but it was the reason I had kept the Prime subscription.
Both companies have been dishonest here. Both advertized the discount's permanence.
I stick more blame on IGN for not doing what it needed to do to keep the discount active with GG, but they are partners in this and GG is going to end up taking most of the flak from this debacle.

Incoming Conjecture:
IGN loses their Direct2Drive marketplace to Gamefly and goes looking for a replacement vendor as to not lose what Prime members it has.
GG makes a somewhat naive deal with IGN for a member discount and doesn't do enough to safeguard abuse.
IGN spams the hell out of their service and gives out the best part with trials runs.
GG seeing how much of a hit they're taking tries to get more from IGN or just cut and run from the poor deal it made.

It'll be interesting to see what these companies do to try and smooth this out, but I think I may be done with both.

By mabako posted 25th Nov 2012

If the discount was valid until the IGN subscription expired (or the renewal was due, noting how it has no discount anymore on GG), this would have been perfectly fine with me.

The way it is handled now isn't for obvious reasons - I'm simply not going to check here for any deals until there's really outstanding offers that others can't beat, but that is questionable. I doubt I be convinced to change my mind as it is; I'm surely not going to check facebook or twitter before I want to buy a game.

By megaflux1 posted 25th Nov 2012

yea ign IS the filthiest whore in gaming. i absolutely HATE them and always have (i hate strategy guides period) which made it feel pretty shitty to use their service just to get 15% off. but ign didnt "lose" d2d, they sold it. ign is part of ALOT of strange bullshit or has been over the years, i think at one point they were partnered with mens health magazine aswell. talk about strange bedfellows.

nobody is coming out of this smelling like roses. least of all the customers who are walking away from the affair covered in the shit post-fan. ign is already for sale so they dont care about rep (who the hell will buy them? some chineese company that just wants to advertise to idiots who use strategy guides and preview videos) and gamersgate.. if they can even crawl away from this they will be lucky.

By iofiel posted 25th Nov 2012

There's no sane understanding of "permanent discount" that doesn't include it being... well, permanent. That's like saying "Have a steak dinner for $45" and serving hamburgers with the explanation "Well, 'steak' really meant 'from a cow' and these hamburgers are from a cow so..."

If they screwed up the language then it's on them to make it right. Not to weasel out with a semantics argument that would be laughable (if not outright insulting) under any circumstance.

By ceildric posted 26th Nov 2012


As others here do, I find your attempts at sympathy rather empty and a bit condescending. It still smacks of this sense that there is room for interpretation on what "permanent" means, which there is not. Permanent has a very clear meaning to English speakers and to anyone that understands the English language. There is no wiggle room on that, and it is that which is relevant, not what non-English speakers may imagine the meaning is or was. Furthermore, this is not a matter of an unusual English idiom, it is simply what the word means in the most literal sense.

If I was to come to Sweden to do business, or if I did business on the internet with a Swedish language website, I would be responsible for either knowing the Swedish language competently or hiring those that do. If there is a misunderstanding because I have used the wrong word, I would first take full responsibility for that, most certainly not passing responsibility on to my Swedish clients. I would then be bound by honor and I expect by law to abide by the original terms of the contract, despite my failure to use the correct Swedish word.

As far as suggestions for moving forward, I have only two. First, Gamersgate honors the discounts already handed out. I expect a truly permanent 15% discount. Not only is it what the law in many areas requires, it is the honorable thing to do. Anything less and I at least will feel cheated. I most certainly will not buy into a "buyers' club" or any other similar deal at this point. As I noted originally either here or elsewhere, that is tantamount to paying for what I have already paid for. Whether Gamersgate is fraudulent or incompetent, I will not be rewarding them for either.

My second suggestion is that Gamergate hire me to handle writing and/or translating everything and anything in English. I am a native speaker of English, a college graduate, and I believe I have shown myself to be a more than competent writer. Furthermore, I have some competency in eight other languages. Obviously the current writers and translators on Gamersgates' staff are incompetent and should be fired for the costly error they have made. They have cost the company money and a great deal of public good will.

By weateallthepies posted 26th Nov 2012

Not sure I can add much that is constructive, apart from the obvious fact that the deals here need to be competitive to make me spend money.

I was happy to get the discount, I don't particularly like the way it has been dropped without any real notification, but it was good while it lasted. I'm not going to flounce out, or embark on some crusade against gamersgate or IGN, but the simple fact here is that most of the money I've spent in this current sale period has been elsewhere. This is for no other reason than without the discount, I've been able to save more money with competing services. I'll look for the best offer I can get, and for a while that was with gamersgate, at the moment it isn't.

By megaflux1 posted 26th Nov 2012

damn ceildric... you put that so eloquently i almost feel like a dick for rocking the potty mouth.. almost!

well said, truly well said.

By iofiel posted 26th Nov 2012

Well said, Ceildric. My wife is a professional translator/interpreter and she would never dream of falling back on an excuse like GamersGate has. Part of her job is to know exactly what she's saying in the final language; not to tell people that words don't really mean what they mean.

By Gaymera posted 26th Nov 2012

My options for reliable digital retailers are becoming quite limited. Steam has their shady ToS, Green Man Gaming can't can't keep their keys in stock for any reasonable amount of time, GameFly deletes games from my inventory, and now it looks like Gamers Gate has gone back on their word and are now trying to retroactively cover their asses.

Welcome to my ban list, Gamers Gate. It's up to you guys whether you're a permanent fixture there or just a temporary guest.

By megaflux1 posted 26th Nov 2012

yea gaymera, they make desura look like the champ honestly. that or buying directly from the developer/publisher because that way resellers dont get their grimy hands on any profits (not that this is always an option).

By Kryten posted 26th Nov 2012 DRM free and great customer service, unlike here! You can also win free games on the forums :)

By ZIGS posted 26th Nov 2012

There's only one word to describe this: fraud. I, for one, will never buy from GG again

By Alcifer posted 26th Nov 2012

It might just be that this is the GamersGate site but I'm quite surprised at how much of the venom is aimed at GamersGate rather than IGN.
If you had the discount then it was provided to you by IGN and it's their responsibility to make good on it or make amends, regardless of the reason for the deal ending (that's between GamersGate and IGN).

By Tzell posted 26th Nov 2012

I will try to keep it short, since the situation is quite simple:

1. GamersGate and/or IGN have made a mistake.
2. GamersGate and IGN should renew the 15% discount PERMANENTLY.
3. This little glitch will cost them both hundreds if not thousands of customers unless they fix it.

Regarding the wording. Since IGN is an English speaking business. They should've corrected the "mistake" in case GamersGate overlooked it.

Also this "lost in translation" excuse for a very clear word such as "permanent" is very weak and hard to buy.

By megaflux1 posted 26th Nov 2012 has mostly trash prices (sorry i dont see 5+$ for a 20 year game i have to run in dos box as any kind of "deal"), really limited selection, and rarely ever gets day 1 releases. may be ok for hard core retro collectors, but its absolute filth for hard core gamers. i mean 1/2 the games on GOG would be free on by now if didnt exist.

alcifer-nah, if you look around the animosity is pointed in general at gamersgate. it wasnt ign that sent some of us emails after all, and it wasnt ign that tried to play it off like we are idiots who just dont know what words in plain english mean. its also no big deal for ign to lose "customers" because:
1) they dont even have a real product!
and 2)they are for sale anyways.

i mean we would look kind of stupid directing it at ign, aside from the fact that they just dont care they probably arent really responsible for the discount. i cant fathom that ign would pay thousands of $ a month to gamersgate JUST to have them run what amounts to a small ad on their site. it was mutually beneficial for both parties but the responsibility to uphold the agreement falls on gamersgate because it was their wording (obviously or they wouldnt have tried to defend it by insinuating that we are all simpletons) that had the word "permanent".

By byeriptor posted 26th Nov 2012

@Alcifer: I think the reason GamersGate is receiving a lot of the venom here is largely because of the way they have handled this whole ordeal in the first place.

First silently removing the discount without prior notice (not to mention right before a huge sales weekend), then only giving a vague statement after the complaints started flowing, and insulting their customers by stating that we must have misunderstood what they meant with "permanent".

And yes, IGN did provide the discount, but saying it is solely their responsability to make good on it or make amends is just not true imho. IGN couldn't have proviced the deal without GamersGate's help/approval, and both companies should carry some responsability in handling the promotion of it. And it is here that things went wrong. The fact that neither company ever stated that this discount could be removed due to some contract ending plays a major part in why a lot of customers are annoyed and dissatisfied with the current state of affairs.

As I already mentioned a couple of times before, I myself wouldn't have felt betrayed if GamersGate and/or IGN had handled this fiasco a lot better than they did now. Good communication is important if you want to keep your customers happy, and no matter how you look at this PR-fiasco, we haven't seen much in ways of communication from either company.

I can't say that I will completely abandon GamersGate, but whenever I will think about buying something here I'm sure I will first look at other digital/retail stores first because of this whole fiasco, even if those stores can't provide a better price. If a company can't respect its customers and communicate openly with them, then I don't see why the customers should respect that company and buy their products.

By megaflux1 posted 26th Nov 2012

yea the whole lack of communication at this point makes them look like even bigger douche bags. they pretty much pantsed us and then called "BLACKOUT!" and went home for the weekend.. on black friday.

has anyone contacted ign? im not really sure ign was picking up the tab for the 15% off, i didnt read that anywhere infact. i mean we all know the ticket turn around time here is shit and i imagine their inbox is overflowing right about now, ign i have never bothered trying to deal with... i sort of expect a line of shit out of them anyways. they should have had some sort of response to all this hostility by now either way. what are they waiting until we fully boycott them?

By Alcifer posted 26th Nov 2012

I don't think anyone could claim that GamersGate have handled this well. A lack of transparency and any clear point of contact other than support has always been one of their problems and situations like this make it painfully obvious (I don't use Facebook/Twitter so I don't know if they use those as a means of communicating with their customers).

There's little point in speculating about the content of the deal between IGN and GamersGate. The discount was offered as part of the IGN prime deal for which IGN intended to take a subscription fee and required the user to sign up to their terms of service. They provided a code which could be input on a specific page of the GamersGate site to activate the discount (I don't remember anywhere else on the GG site mentioning the discount or linking to this page).

The only information GamersGate have given is that the contract enabling that discount has ended and as such they obviously don't intend to continue it. Clearly that is disappointing for everyone who had the discount and considerably more annoying for those who subscribed to IGN prime to get it. In the end it is the users who are paying IGN for something they no longer receive that are losing out but that seems to be more a problem with the Prime service being changed than a change to something GamersGate offered.

By charroch posted 26th Nov 2012

So long, GG - unless you have some stellar deals that blow away the competition, I am done here. Same goes for IGN - I signed up for a 2 year subs for them, as I felt it was a worthwhile investment, given the discount I'd receive...only to have it ripped out a year into the subscription. It's complete BS.

By ceildric posted 26th Nov 2012

To those that either question the amount of criticism of Gamersgate, or who wonder generally about who contacted IGN: I did.

I noted this above but I understand how it might be missed.

To break down my personal response to this so far:

I replied to the email by Gustav the PR guy. I submitted a support ticket to Gamersgate support, and I have replied at length in this thread a number of times.

I have posted a number of times on the IGN discussion board for Prime issues. In particular I am using this thread:

I also have sent a mail outlining the situation, complaints, and expected resolution to everyone with a contact on IGN's contact us page here:

By megaflux1 posted 26th Nov 2012

have they said anything on facebook or twitter? i mean surely someone would have posted here right? assuming anyone actually uses those things (surely theres 1 girl among us!). if they have posted something there but not here... wow that would pretty much be them saying "fuck your couch nugga!" and at that point i too am just plain done here.

By megaflux1 posted 26th Nov 2012

oh yea ceildric, i did read that you contacted them, but i mean nobody has heard anything back right?

if i thought a petition would do a bit of good i would suggest we all hit up, but i dont see it mattering if they wont even respond to us AT ALL.

By byeriptor posted 26th Nov 2012

As far as I know, this is all that has been posted on IGN Prime's facebook:

Quote from Amarisse Sullivan: "Yeah, that was something being discussed between my boss and the GamersGate team. I was told that there's a chance that it may return again, but I'm a bit out of the loop on this one. We are looking into a few other replacement bonuses, though!"

On the GamersGate twitter account there have been some posts too, but (again, as far as I know) nothing interesting, just the same stuff that has been discussed/posted in this thread (us misunderstanding "permanent", the discount ending today for current Prime subscribers, ...)

By kornnugget posted 26th Nov 2012

My IGN discount is now working with GG. Anyone else get their discount back?

By ceildric posted 27th Nov 2012

kornnugget, just to clarify, did you ever see yours go away? Also, are you a current subscriber or a former subscriber to IGN?

By ceildric posted 27th Nov 2012

As far as responses go, I have only gotten replies from Gustav the Gamersgate PR guy and from Psyringe (both in response to my support ticket, and on this thread here).

No responses from IGN other than the message on Facebook noted by byeriptor.

By LXMc posted 27th Nov 2012

Kornnugget: I just checked and I'm still missing the 15% discount (and I am still an active subscriber to IGN prime)

By Kovaelin posted 27th Nov 2012

I have the pet back available as my avatar picture option, but the discount is still missing.

By megaflux1 posted 27th Nov 2012

oh thank GAWD the pets are back. whew, because i was ready to act a fool over THAT scheit!

By kornnugget posted 27th Nov 2012

I am a current IGN Prime member. On Sunday the 25th my 15% discount was not working. It just started working again this Monday the 26th. I just tried it again and I get the "15% IGN discount" on anything I add to my cart. So I am not sure what the deal with the discount is. I was hoping they decided not to cancel it, but it sounds like this is just an anomaly for me.

By megaflux1 posted 27th Nov 2012

actually no theres several of us who have never lost it at all through all this (even though we got the email). subbed and not subbed for the record.

By Khalan posted 27th Nov 2012

It seems a bit all over the place - I lost the discount but not the pet, some lost the pet but not the discount, some lost both, some regained one or the other...

Seems a mess.

By megaflux1 posted 27th Nov 2012

trained professionals.. every 1 of them.

By GamersGate posted 27th Nov 2012

Hello guys,

Some clarification:
- The IGN discount is now over since the GamersGate-IGN contract has ended. The confusion that has arisen due to the very unwise use of the word "permanent" (although never "lifetime" or similar) is extremely unfortunate and we're are truly sorry about this. As you might be able to understand, it's the last thing we want to see happen.
- An unlimited "lifetime" discount was never intended or planned and it's not something we can realistically provide from a business/commercial sense, no matter how much we might want to.
- The differences in when the discount stops working is depending on the status of the IGN Prime subscription, but we've learned that there are some discrepancies and are currently investigating the issue. If you have any problems or questions about your IGN Prime membership, please contact them directly since the service is not connected to GamersGate.
-- To be a little more specific, those that had active subscriptions should have kept the discount up to and including monday (more than 48hrs) while those that had cancelled their subscriptions (this is what later turned out to be iffy) were removed immediately. Only active subscribers were ever meant to have access to the discount.
- Everyone who has had an IGN pet will get to keep their pet, if it disappeared then it should be back now.

Again, we're very sorry about the mess this has caused and we will be Much more careful in the future regarding both our and our partners promotions, and how they are described.

We hope that you can find it in yourselves to be patient and understanding with us, and that you will continue to enjoy the service we work hard to provide.

GG Team

By byeriptor posted 27th Nov 2012

My pet has not returned. Can't find an option anywhere to select it.

By Psyringe posted 27th Nov 2012

Mine neither. I suppose it may take until the next server update (which usually happens during the night).

By GamersGate posted 27th Nov 2012

byeriptor - fixed!
In the future ou should be able to find your Pet under the My Account - My Minion page.

Looks like there was an issue where people who hadn't previously selected the IGN Pet as their pet didn't regain access to it. We're working on fixing this properly now.

//GG Team

By GamersGate posted 27th Nov 2012

Ok, so Now everyone should have gotten access to their Pet again!

By megaflux1 posted 27th Nov 2012

oh thank god, cant live without an imaginary pet...

but onto more pressing matters.. you really have no intentions of compensating any of the hundreds of customers you just scammed? just "tee hee we goofed, sucks to be you illiterate morons"?

on a side note: steam kicks the crap out of all the other digital distribution platforms for a reason, it ISNT their platform, it definitely isnt their tos, or customer support and it ABSOLUTELY has NOTHING to do with facebook or twitter.

By iofiel posted 27th Nov 2012

>> The confusion that has arisen due to the very unwise use of the word "permanent" (although never "lifetime" or similar)

"Never lifetime or similar"? Permanent is VERY similar to "lifetime". In fact, permanent is MORE restrictive than "lifetime" since "lifetime" has an implicit ending whereas "permanent" is, well, PERMANENT.

Stop trying to push this off as a misunderstanding on our parts.

By souloflemon posted 27th Nov 2012

i kinda agree with this guy ^^

By RenderB posted 27th Nov 2012

That in no way or form actually answers the question why some like me did not get any kind of email/pm with some/any advanced notice.

By zoth-ommog posted 27th Nov 2012

@RenderVB, couldn't agree more. I didn't get any advance warning at all and just noticed the discount was no longer there when I tried to buy a game. I did get their newsletters, though, so they obviously know how to reach me in principle.

I can understand they can't/don't want to continue with the 15% discount any more, but the way they handled the matter is abysmal.

By iofiel posted 27th Nov 2012

It's very obvious what's going on here.

If GamersGate admitted that they were wrong, people would expect them to make good in some way. Maybe a permanent 15% discount isn't possible, but they should offer something (even a one-time thing) to try and make restitution.

Instead, GamersGate has NO intent of offering anything except "sucks to be you; learn English next time". So they'll keep trying to make it OUR fault so they don't have to. "What are you looking at us for? You're the idiot who thought 'permanent' was similar to 'lifetime'..."

Each time they trot out the "Well, we didn't mean permanent-permanent" line, they're effectively saying "I hope you don't think we're going to do anything to fix this because, as far as we're concerned, you can all slag off."

By Khalan posted 27th Nov 2012

Let's check some synonyms hey?
Everlasting, forever, set in stone, invariable...

As iofiel mentioned, that is longer than "lifetime".

I also had no warning, even though I receive email offers and newsletters from GG.

By ceildric posted 27th Nov 2012

iofiel, you are exactly correct. Many people are trained these days to never admit mistakes and to never take responsibility.

Language is what we craft our realities with and each person has a slight variant (or sometimes a great variant) of reality that they exist in. When they interact with others there is need of coming to some consensus about what reality is, and the means is language, particularly rhetoric.

Gamersgate's reality is highly untenable, and yet they maintain it with little or no discussion because they realize that even the slightest recognition of our pathos, ethos, or most importantly logos would put them into a position similar to a wrestling pin.

Honestly though, whether they realize it or not, they already are in such, and if they continue with this plan they should look forward to having negative reports about the mess splashed all across video game journalism sites (obviously not IGN's though). If possible they will also be reported to the BBB though I believe that primarily deals with US based companies (though IGN will most certainly be reported).

By kornnugget posted 27th Nov 2012

This whole thing is a screw up and is being handled very poorly by GG and IGN. It really make no sense why there wasn't more notice than 48 hours and why the only e-mail came from GG and not IGN especially since I pay for my membership to IGN. GG could have soften the blow with some blue coins, but instead it just offers lip service about the "confusion over permanent and talk to IGN." What a joke.

By snake4851 posted 27th Nov 2012

I got no email about this and just noticed today that my 15% discount was gone as well. It comes down to they out right lied about the promotion and unless they fix it and offer a mighty big apology I will no longer buy anything from this site again. When you say something is permanent it should be. Even if they did not intend permanent to mean forever... which why wouldnt they have? It still comes down to their mistake and they need to live with it and honor the deal they made.

By megaflux1 posted 27th Nov 2012

yea, several people are no longer going to buy games here (asin ever) and that number can only grow. a fair warning to everyone- download what you own now, this place more than likely isnt going to be here for long.

By iofiel posted 27th Nov 2012

I don't know if you have to go as deep as a definition of reality (interesting, though). In the simplest terms: Know that co-worker or relative or acquaintance who makes mistakes and then is more worried about blame shifting and covering his own butt than trying to act like a grown up and take responsibility? You know the contempt you feel for that guy?

That's GamersGate.

By Circlestrafe posted 27th Nov 2012

Not that gamersgate gives a damn, but pulling the permananent 15% discount just lost them another customer permanently. Since they don't know the definition of the word permanent they won't understand what just happened. Their loss, not mine.

By megaflux1 posted 27th Nov 2012

NICE one circlestrafe!

By snake4851 posted 27th Nov 2012

Also as a side note. If Green Man Gaming can almost always have a 20% off or 25% off promo code going im sure Gamersgate can honor their 15% off.

By Circlestrafe posted 27th Nov 2012

It also STILL states that one can redeem a PERMANENT 15% discount on my IGN prime page...what the hell is up with that? That is the link embeded on my prime page under the words:
15% off New PC Games!

Redeem Code for Permanent 15% discount!

By Woodster903 posted 27th Nov 2012

snake4851, I was wondering about exactly that myself. GG pulling their 15% discount while GMG are still aggressively pushing theirs even through a sale.

By kornnugget posted 27th Nov 2012

IGN is even worse than GG. They haven't even commutated with their "Prime" members and still have the 15% up on their website. It really is insane

By chuckie001 posted 27th Nov 2012

"[An unlimited "lifetime" discount is] not something we can realistically provide from a business/commercial sense, no matter how much we might want to"

Why, where's the problem? If you can't afford the discounted prices, then make the base price of everything correspondingly higher, return the IGN 15% discount to those who had it, and give a completely unrelated non-IGN 15% discount to all others, so that they don't complain. It's an idiotic solution, but at least an incontestable one. Granted, your bookkeeping will be a mess, and your front page will look much less appealing with the higher base prices, but that is not the customers' problem, is it?

Because so far, you still haven't showed a single reputable dictionary entry explaining that "permanent" could refer to anything that was "never intended" (your own words) to last without end.

By ceildric posted 27th Nov 2012

chuckie, no customer with half a brain will be satisfied with that kind of solution. It's just a backdoor way of taking the discount away, and yes it IS contestable.

By megaflux1 posted 27th Nov 2012

like i said before steam gets 30% off the top of all retail pricing, gmg offers NEARLY (note: not quite) that much off regularly, GG COULD easily keep the 15% Off.

now on another matter, while there is no question "permanent" means what it does but i note you are all ignoring ENTIRELY the fact that it says "NEW" games in that ad. just thought i would point that out.

also, to us it CERTAINLY looks like gamersgate FULLY decided on removing the 15% without IGN even knowing (and i HATE IGN). i mean who did the email come from? what site removed the discount? its almost asif IGN either is disputing the offer being pulled or hasnt had time to adjust to the fact that they yanked it (and again I HATE IGN).

By megaflux1 posted 27th Nov 2012

also: they do price matching, so they would have to remove that if they were going to try to raise prices (if a price is fixed for more than 5 days they match it).

also also: i dont know why people are trying to add me as a friend all the sudden, i hope it isnt just because im being a dick... even if it as, speaking as a dick i dont add people i i dont know to my buddy list so dont bother.

By megaflux1 posted 27th Nov 2012

ho ho ho

By ceildric posted 27th Nov 2012

megaflux1, good find.

Now that the deadline has passed and my discount has been officially been yanked (I was willing to wait until the holiday weekend ended to see how things played out) I will be writing an extensive write-up for a video game journalism site that I write for as well, besides also making sure it gets in front of writers and editors on other relevant sites.

By megaflux1 posted 28th Nov 2012

it was total retail suicide to do it on black friday... almost symbolic i think.

By Mikebloke posted 28th Nov 2012

I feel sorry for all the people who actually paid any money to IGN expecting this deal to continue forever.

It was too good to be true, but I did take advantage of it while I had it and so did a number of people I know. In the end of the day though, its going to leave a lot of people rotten. I'm not too bothered about it, but ultimately I spent more money on games when I had an extra 15% than I'm likely to now without it.

By Kryten posted 28th Nov 2012

ceildric. Please do post the links to these articles, if this thread hasn't been deleted by then.

By Kryten posted 28th Nov 2012

By punisox posted 28th Nov 2012

Seems like IGN has finally removed the promotion from their site.

By megaflux1 posted 28th Nov 2012

oh good, wouldnt want them to look like thy were out of the loop or anything...

By kornnugget posted 28th Nov 2012

IGN has time to wipe the 15% from their site but not even say a word to the "prime" members. At least GG is upfront about sticking it to you.

By megaflux1 posted 28th Nov 2012

kornnugget, have you considered that perhaps GG ganked the discount without even telling IGN? it WAS after all them who sent the ridiculous email, giving us only 48 hours but making sure to add in a juvenile attempt at comedy and smiley faces at the end of it. it would also explin WHY IGN was still advertising the 15% off as available on their site even after they yanked it... now i hate IGN as much as anyone (i see them as a chief reason videogaming just aint what it used to be) but when you look at it with the right kind of eyes, it almost looks like they thought they could talk GG into putting the discount BACK or something since they DIDNT remove the ad OR notify ANY of us. NOT 1 mind you.

By byeriptor posted 28th Nov 2012

I'm not trying to defend anyone here, but as long as we have no idea what the contract exactly entailed and why it ended, then there's no point in pointing fingers and blaming either IGN or GamersGate as the sole culprit for removing the discount. As it stands now, we have no idea who decided to end the contract and who decided to take the discount down. Until either company comes forward with a well-commented statement, all we can do is speculate about who's to blame.

What we do know however is that both GamersGate and IGN handled this whole fiasco in a very poorly manner, and the decision to take the discount down right before a holiday sale without warning was surely an extremely stupid move which doesn't sit well with a lot of customers here.

I myself have lost quite a bit of faith in GamersGate (and IGN too ofcourse) due to the poorly handling of this whole fiasco. I even passed up on a few very interesting discounts on GamersGate in the past few days simply bacause I didn't feel like I could trust a company that doesn't think communication is important to keep its customers happy.

By megaflux1 posted 28th Nov 2012

i was meaning to mention there are currently 8 games im NOT buying here TODAY and will just wait for a good price elsewhere. yesterday there were 6. i pretty much log in every day right after the daily changes to see what it is, i do the same with other sites too actually but THOSE sites i would actually buy from TODAY if i wanted the games.

without the extra 15% off the motivation to spend is GREATLY reduced.

also, while we shouldnt point fingers at either party, you have to give IGN the benefit of the doubt since they have said nothing (and again i cant stress enough how much i hate them); we KNOW gamersgate yanked the discount with a corny email. usually when someone is keeping quiet about something like this its because their lawyers have told them its the best course of action.

By megaflux1 posted 28th Nov 2012

not that it apparently would have mattered since at the moment paypal doesnt seem to want to be used for gamersgate purchases. (i dont really even want to speculate on this situation).

By wurenben posted 28th Nov 2012

Gamersgate removed my IGN prime discount without sending me an e-mail or pressing a statement. It's very rude and lame. I did 64 perchases and 214 games on Gamersgate before, now I'm quite upset! They better have a good reason about this

By GamersGate posted 28th Nov 2012

Hello guys,

I'll do my best to keep you updated and informed and answer questions/feedback I see pop up here:
- I'm not interested in playing a blame game and will not discuss details of our agreement with IGN, just the same as we do not discuss any of our agreements with any of our partners/publishers/developers/customers.
- In complete honesty: "permanent" was a poor choice of word and nothing more. It really was used to mean "you only need to enter it once, then it will stay with your account" I cannot stress enough that at the time that wording was used, no-one foresaw this kind of mess. There has never been any desire to deceive any of our customers.
- We will be Much more careful in the future to make sure nothing like this happens again.
- If you are concerned about your IGN Prime membership, please contact IGN support; there is nothing we can do about it. We will be happy to answer any support questions related to GamersGate products and services.
- Since the IGN discount is not in effect anymore we are now able to look at other promotions and discounts that were not possible before. I hope that you will be seeing some of these in the near future.


By GamersGate posted 28th Nov 2012

Some more clarification regarding the notification of the end of the discount:

- Those that were marked as "active subscribers" were sent an email notifying them of the end of the discount with approx 3 days notice including the weekend (mail sent on Friday, discount taken down on Tuesday morning GMT.
- Those marked as "no longer active subscriber" had the discount removed immediately (Friday) as non-Prime members should not have had access to it.
- We have been made aware that some people who were marked as no longer active subscribers still had valid subscriptions. We're looking into this issue now and agree that it is a problem.


By kornnugget posted 28th Nov 2012

Megaflux, let’s say IGN didn't find out that the discount was being pulled until last Thursday. It is now Wednesday and they haven't said a word about it. What they have done instead is pull all the 15% advertisements from their site. I am not defending GG one bit, but a least they let you know what they are doing.

By Khalan posted 28th Nov 2012

@GamersGate what you will probably be getting is zero percent from a whole lot of customers instead of 85% of the purchase prices if you'd kept/reinstated/extended the 15% discount. Why would we shop here instead of somewhere like Green Man Gaming, who regularly have 20-25% discount vouchers that can often be used multiple times? That 15% was the point of difference for many people to purchase from GG instead of directly from Steam etc.

It is not our fault the wording was wrong, that you didn't foresee any of this, that the discount wasn't applied correctly etc. It seems the only ones being punished for what happened are the customers. You (and/or IGN) created a deal with no stated expiry that included the words "permanent" and "always". It is incomprehensible to me as to how anyone from GG could *not* think that we'd take that to actually mean permanent and always.

- "Non-Prime members should not have had access" - why did it take 9 months to remove it?
- Why did active Prime members only receive 48 hours notice instead of 2 weeks or a month?
- And obviously you can't speak for IGN, but why was the GG discount still advertised even after it was cancelled?

It's a shame, this could have all been avoided with a simple "discount will expire after an indeterminate length of time" clause. Of course, maybe not so many people would have signed up for it then.

Having said all that, personally I thought having the 15% discount for 9 months was very generous and a great move, and I know from personal experience it steered more customers towards GG. But then that's not the issue, is it? The issue is the lack of warning (I don't consider 48 hours to be enough), the lack of any clear conditions for the deal, the unwillingness to honour the wording and commonly understood language of the deal, and the breach of trust you have created between yourselves and your customers as a result of all this. What else is going to happen as a result of "poor wording"? What other aspects of GG have we as customers "misunderstood"?

Apologies for the long post.

By Beyonder1610 posted 28th Nov 2012

I do not see why you should apologize for a very well thought out and written reply Khalan.
I agree with you 100%. The 15% discount meant that I bought more stuff at GG more often. I would even have called it a resemblance of loyalty.

I am a "level 5" customer. What does that give me? Nothing. What is the point? People who spend alot should get some sort of loyalty bonus (discount) tied to their account as an incentive to spend. Like Amazon does.

Seems like I will do my Christmas shopping @ Amazon this year unless GG shows some goodwill here.

By ceildric posted 28th Nov 2012

Speaking of Amazon, let's compare how they handled the last problem I had with them shall we?

A month or so ago one of their weekly game download deal bundles included Supreme Commander 2. A large number of people were mistakenly given Supreme Commander 1. Not only were we issued the correct game serial key to activate within about a day, but we also were allowed to keep the incorrectly issued game, AND at least some of us were given a $5 credit on Amazon for "the trouble".

I personally would have been satisfied just getting the game I had paid for. Instead Amazon went above and beyond what I (or any customer I suspect) expected or asked for because they, unlike Gamersgate, respect their customers and take responsibility for their mistakes.

Gamersgate has not even given us what we paid for in this current situation, a PERMANENT 15% discount.

The fact that no one in the company (most notably the translator(s) but surely there were meetings and management approval chains too) foresaw that "permanent" might actually mean "permanent" is a sign of remarkable incompetence. I have friends worldwide and all that I have spoken to readily know what "permanent" means in English. As I noted before, this is not a matter of an obscure definition or an idiomatic use of the word. It is simply the meaning you will find if you open up any dictionary.

Why should incompetence be rewarded with further purchases here? I like to support smart people with innovative, good ideas. I used to think that described Gamersgate but not anymore.

By kornnugget posted 28th Nov 2012

Khalan put into words exactly how I feel about this whole thing.

By megaflux1 posted 28th Nov 2012

"- I'm not interested in playing a blame game and will not discuss details of our agreement with IGN, just the same as we do not discuss any of our agreements with any of our partners/publishers/developers/customers."

you no longer have an agreement with IGN, all the blame for this is falling on YOU. i suggest you do some talking, because from we all sit this was YOUR fault NOT IGN's. IGN didnt make the ad or use the word "permanent" you did, nor did they abruptly end the discount or send out a 48 hour warning email (probably because it wasnt their call) YOU DID.

"- In complete honesty: "permanent" was a poor choice of word and nothing more."

oh it was a significant amount more.. it was a lie, it was bullshit, it was a sham, and it was false advertising. it was infact SO major of a fuck-up that it probably cost you the majority of your customers.

you dont take responsibility for your actions by denying that you have done anything wrong.

on another note: amazon is absolutely world class ass kissers when it comes to customer service.

By iofiel posted 28th Nov 2012

You know who never wants to "play the blame game"? The guy who knows he's wrong.

There's three parties involved here: GamersGate, IGN and the customers. Two of those parties said this was a permanent discount. Us customers weren't one of those parties. Not really hard to solve the riddle of where the blame falls. There, since you didn't want to "play the blame game", I played it for you and now you know. You and IGN are to blame 100% and it's up to you guys to make it right somehow rather than hiding behind pathetic excuses of "Who knew permanent meant permanent? That's silly talk!"

I believe this was probably a legitimate error. Not so much an error in wording ("What? Permanent means permanent? But it doesn't mean lifetime, right?") but an error in accounting in that the agreement wasn't as beneficial for you as you had hoped. I don't even necessarily blame you for wanting to back out of it. I absolutely blame you for these stupid excuses and refusal to take real responsibility and try to make this right.

And then you conclude with saying we'll be really excited about your sales. Laughable. Insult us with weak excuses, try to make it our fault for understanding English, backpedal from any responsibility and then try to sell us stuff.

By punisox posted 28th Nov 2012

My problem with the situation is not that you took the discount away. It is that when you are going to do such a major change, you owe it to your loyal customers to let them know about it well in advance. Insted what do you do? You yank it away pretty much without a warning. One message a month in advance would have been enough.

I used to like this place, buy my games mostly from here. Not anymore. It's up to you to convince me to come back.

By iofiel posted 28th Nov 2012

They not only yanked it away without warning, they yanked it away from active subscribers who were currently *paying money* for that benefit. My IGN subscription is still active (not for long, thankfully) and yet neither IGN nor GamersGate will honor the agreement they made with me. Oh, and I never did get a warning e-mail.

But, hey, it's my fault for not knowing "permanent" doesn't mean anything similar to "lifetime".

By RenderB posted 28th Nov 2012

So let me get this straight: I killed my sub after getting quite annoyed with being region locked from offers. Your logic is that it's fair game to just yank the discount without any notice? that's just bloody rude. You obviously went trough your user database, so sending a stock e-mail to all those users would have been a piece of cake.

For the record: It did not say anywhere it was time limited, linked to an active sub and so on.
Might I also point out that if you had really intended it as you say, it would have been far easier, and more practical, to send out 1 month active discount codes. Prime sends subs a VERY regular email update with new deals/codes. You already generate other promo codes anyway.

By megaflux1 posted 28th Nov 2012

"You know who never wants to "play the blame game"? The guy who knows he's wrong."


may as well have said "i dont want to point any fingers because i AM the guilty party".

By chuckie001 posted 28th Nov 2012

@GamersGate I still do not seem to grasp your reasoning. Please, explain to us very explicitly and in detail (so that there could be no further misunderstandings) how anyone who saw the words "permanent" and "always" on November 26 (screenshots available) was supposed to not feel cheated when they received no discount that they would be able to use not only "permanent"-ly and "always" (I believe this word to be even simpler than "permanent"), but actually at all. After explaining this, please extend the explanation so that it covers also earlier adopters.

By chuckie001 posted 28th Nov 2012

@GamersGate (continued) (You can for example describe a hypothetical scenario of a customer browsing through a particular dictionary, including his internal monologue, starting from "I saw an advertisment saying 'always save 15% on all PC and Mac games'", and ending with "I do not feel cheated".)

By megaflux1 posted 28th Nov 2012

well, just to put it in perspective. i will NOT be buying 4 copies of far cry 3 here today.

By wurenben posted 29th Nov 2012

What "blame war" ? I was asking why removing my IGN discount without sending an e-mail or showing a statement. I don't care the word "permanent" but you should inform us at east one week ago, and make a public statement and warning. I love Gamersgate before , it has nice reward system much better than other digital platform. Also I love to share good price to friends from Gamersgate before. Pity what it has done drove me out, see you guys.

By City Builder posted 29th Nov 2012

Latest from IGN:
"Dear IGN Prime members,

Several of you have expressed your dissatisfaction with the termination of our partnership with GamersGate and your concerns have been heard. We are always thankful for your feedback and are already hard at work finding a suitable way to compensate for this sudden retraction. We sincerely apologize for those who felt mislead by the wording surrounding the discount and would appreciate your patience as we find a way to make amends.

We urge you to participate in the ongoing discussion for our next plan of action on our Facebook group. We would love to hear your suggestions on what you’d like to see on Prime and to get to know our community better. Please join us here:

Make amends? How about honoring the original deal, a permanent 15% discount on Gamersgate?

By City Builder posted 29th Nov 2012

By GamersGate posted Yesterday
Hello guys,

I'll do my best to keep you updated and informed and answer questions/feedback I see pop up here:
- I'm not interested in playing a blame game and will not discuss details of our agreement with IGN, just the same as we do not discuss any of our agreements with any of our partners/publishers/developers/customers.
- In complete honesty: "permanent" was a poor choice of word and nothing more. It really was used to mean "you only need to enter it once, then it will stay with your account" I cannot stress enough that at the time that wording was used, no-one foresaw this kind of mess. There has never been any desire to deceive any of our customers.
- We will be Much more careful in the future to make sure nothing like this happens again.
- If you are concerned about your IGN Prime membership, please contact IGN support; there is nothing we can do about it. We will be happy to answer any support questions related to GamersGate products and services.
- Since the IGN discount is not in effect anymore we are now able to look at other promotions and discounts that were not possible before. I hope that you will be seeing some of these in the near future.


I'm sorry GG, but I won't be seeing any of these in the future as I refuse to give my money to companies that do not honor their obligations and can so easily dismiss these obligations as saying that it was a poor choice of words. I guarantee that if you entered into an agreement with another company on a permanent basis and decided to try to cancel the deal you'd have to go to court to do so, permanent and always are simple to understand, they mean exactly that... permanent(ly) and always. You're trying to squirm out of your obligations and that's just plain bad business.

You will most assuredly lose more money from this fiasco because you've decided to let your bean counters tell you how much your losing on every sale (15%) instead of realizing that you're actually making 85% on every sale. 0% of 85% is still 0% and that's what's going to happen with a good number of people that you've decided to take advantage of on this permanent / always deal.

By tmwfte posted 29th Nov 2012

From the IGN Prime facebook: "It was a pretty sudden withdrawal and we are already having our first meeting with a potential new (and quite exciting!) partner tomorrow. We definitely know that this totally sucks for a ton of you (and us too!), but I sincerely love our Prime community and am working to get things right. Thanks for the feedback."

Sounds to me like it was 100% GamersGate's decision.

By Thulfiqaar posted 29th Nov 2012

I'm sorry GG, but I won't be seeing any of these in the future as I refuse to give my money to companies that do not honor their obligations and can so easily dismiss these obligations as saying that it was a poor choice of words. I guarantee that if you entered into an agreement with another company on a permanent basis and decided to try to cancel the deal you'd have to go to court to do so, permanent and always are simple to understand, they mean exactly that... permanent(ly) and always. You're trying to squirm out of your obligations and that's just plain bad business.

You will most assuredly lose more money from this fiasco because you've decided to let your bean counters tell you how much your losing on every sale (15%) instead of realizing that you're actually making 85% on every sale. 0% of 85% is still 0% and that's what's going to happen with a good number of people that you've decided to take advantage of on this permanent / always deal.

^ This!

You won't be getting any penny out of me anymore.

By megaflux1 posted 29th Nov 2012

yea while it may "appear" like this thread is cooling off to them the fact is most people just arent coming to this site ever again. i did kind of allude to it being a gamersgate thing, but without being sure i didnt want to say for sure. NOW that ign has responded i think its 100% clear that this was gamersgates doing.

aah well 25% off at GMG, while i hate crapsule i hate liars even more.

By iofiel posted 29th Nov 2012

Agreed. Reading IGN's comments on it, it seems apparent that GamersGate pulled the plug on this one and scammed me out of a couple weeks of discounts with their "permanent didn't mean permanent" excuse. No wonder they don't want to "play the blame game".

By megaflux1 posted 29th Nov 2012

how many mouse wheels have died reaching the end of this thread?

nice layout losers! ::honks nuts ala "beetleguise"::

By lFlapjackl posted 29th Nov 2012

IGN just sent an apology letter through email about this issue.
Dear IGN Prime members,
Several of you have expressed your dissatisfaction with the termination of our partnership with GamersGate and your concerns have been heard. We are always thankful for your feedback and are already hard at work finding a suitable way to compensate for this sudden retraction. We sincerely apologize for those who felt mislead by the wording surrounding the discount and would appreciate your patience as we find a way to make amends.
We urge you to participate in the ongoing discussion for our next plan of action on our Facebook group. We would love to hear your suggestions on what you’d like to see on Prime and to get to know our community better. Please join us here:
-The IGN Prime Team

By megaflux1 posted 29th Nov 2012

"sudden retraction" "amends" "discussion"...

hey gamersgate, something you want to say before we all black you the fuck out?

By megaflux1 posted 29th Nov 2012

i dont even TRY to be a dick, some people are just good at certain things.

(where you at PSY!? i note you decided the time to bite the tongue was right)

By Psyringe posted 29th Nov 2012

I'm still here, reading. Don't worry. :)

By megaflux1 posted 29th Nov 2012

oh i knew you were, i just started feeling naked without your even keeled specter following me around.. the yin to my yang so to speak. but yea nobody wants to hear it (cant say i blame ya).

By megaflux1 posted 29th Nov 2012

i mean.. i knew when all was said and done the fingerprints would lead to GG. those of you who blamed ign should feel kind like a-holes (but i STILL HATE THEM). at this point gamersgate has 2 options...
1)rise up and give us all 20% until the first to make up for being greedy assholes.
or 2) watch the MAJORITY of your userbase slide away.

being as i may have mentioned of hebrew descent losing customers is unacceptable! you can fight for us, or you may as well shut down right now.

By megaflux1 posted 29th Nov 2012

you guys DO know that if IGN backs amazon you are F U C K E D right? if i could make the letters bigger i would... how fucking stupid do you have to be to think that pulling this bullshit on THE biggest retail weekend of the year would work to your benefit? are you guys smoking crack or some other shit that makes you believe the complete opposite of fucking reality? bath salts maybe? you idiots! and dont try to pretend ill care if you ban me, you already banned yourselves from selling games to price conscious customers!

By Alcifer posted 29th Nov 2012

Personally I don't care about this. I never payed IGN for the discount and I've spent very little money on GamersGate.

However, if I pay someone for a service I expect _them_ to take full responsibility for providing it and provide a refund if they fail to do so. Any agreement with a third party to fulfil that service is their problem, not mine, and I would expect them to put the proper contractual clauses in place to maintain that agreement for whatever time frame was specified or to seek legal recourse should it be breached.

Without speculating about who ended the agreement between the two companies and what it might have contained. IGN promised a service that was obviously unrealistic and which they could not compel GamersGate to honour. To suggest that they're going to come out of this smelling of roses is truly bizarre.

I'm not going to defend GamersGate over this, it's up to them how they run their business and after all, they entered into the agreement with IGN and will need to deal with the consequences. Overall they may have benefited from the extra visibility or they may lose out from the negative publicity. Regardless of their responsibilities they've obviously lost some customers over this.

By snake4851 posted 29th Nov 2012

From the email i got from IGN I see they are at least saying they will try to make it right with their customers. Which if they follow through pulls them out of the mud for me. At least they are trying somewhat even it is a little late. Gamers Gate's whole strategy has me confused. It feels like we are the adults trying to explain to a small child that they did something wrong and they can not wrap their mind around it and even worse their confusion is turning to a snobbish arrogance that will not be broken. You would think people running a business would understand how badly they are hurting themselves and either give back what they had promised, or at very least do what IGN seems to be trying to do and make some kind of bargain to keep people using their service, yet they act as if they lack the knowledge to put any of it together.

Bottom line is that it does not matter if it is arrogance, apathy, or stupidity they all add up to not being able to trust your money using their services, and why would you want to support a company like that?

By Alcifer posted 29th Nov 2012

It will be interesting to see if IGN give something extra to subscribers who have been specifically impacted by this. IGN have a subscription service to maintain so they're obviously going to need a new feature if they hope to keep people paying.

By byeriptor posted 29th Nov 2012

By City Builder posted 29th Nov 2012

This reminds me of the opposite of going into a retail store locally. I found a game on the shelf that was marked down to $9.99 from $59.99

The cashier called over the manager who went and pulled the tag to be sure that I wasn't lying and then approved my paying $9.99 for the game telling me that because they had made a mistake they had to honor it.

Unfortunately, GG doesn't feel like they have to honor anything. They'd rather lose the 85% than the 15% which just boggles the business mind.

By radic202 posted 29th Nov 2012

Well BeamDog got exclusive rights on Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition........that is where all my shopping will go from now on. Thanks GG, I was happy here at one time. Next time, think about the loyalty of your customers before the loyalty of your greedy shareholders/bankers as in the end, no costumers = no profit = no more investors = goodbye!

I end my time here this way:

Utterly disappointed that the money was more important than the loyalty I had in you.

By City Builder posted 29th Nov 2012

Oops, Hit send too quickly.

I really don't understand why it is that GG didn't just stop further discounts through the IGN promotion and leave in place those that had already gotten it. It would have made them come out like the good guys instead of coming out looking like a bunch of greedy bastards. They say they can't afford to continue the discount to which I say, BULL! If they can't afford to continue the discount for existing customers that have it, how will they afford it when the gamers don't buy anything from them at all?

This issue is quickly spreading around numerous popular places on the internet already, and unless GG acts and does something to appease people it's going to drag their business down. Of course we'll never know how much it will drag them down until they let out that last death gasp for air.

By TheGannet posted 30th Nov 2012

so gog decided they couldn't afford the discounts and stopped them without warning and you only found out why or what happened when you emailed support about it?

By TheGannet posted 30th Nov 2012

did they at least do it early enough to have time to cancel your ign pro for the coming month? You need to do it like 5 days before the next billing cycle right?

By TheGannet posted 30th Nov 2012

Then again wasn't there a fairly well known glitch where a ton of people who shouldn't have managed to get the discount pets for nothing by trying and canceling the ign pro demo?

so maybe they can just drop the discount from everybody who exploited and abused the glitch. send ign the list of people who had pets and have them pick out names of people who never actually paid for pro
I mean I'm sure at least a sizable number of people who had them got them that way considering the difference between who'll take something for free and who'll pay even $7 for it. That might relieve the pressure gg felt

By TheGannet posted 30th Nov 2012

Oh, nevermind. I missed it the first time I scrolled through, but gg said they gave a 3 business day notice. So it wasn't that you didn't know that it was gone until you asked why (it was that you either thought the loss was temporary or that you had stopped subscribing to pro or had been mismarked as such or some other reason that I didn't see skimming.) Hopefully that was enough time to cancel next month's billing.

weird that ign themselves didn't say anything and still don't on their pro page.

anyway I'm saying to ignore anything inaccurate i said in my above questions and will stop trying to follow a long thread without skimming after 2/3 or so. I'm sure if I reread everything I'll see my questions are already answered and even if not it doesn't affect me anyway so I don't need answers lol. Just noticed this isn't a forum its the help section so going now.

By snake4851 posted 30th Nov 2012

Has anyone actually heard anything new from support other than their inconsiderate copy paste reply?

By megaflux1 posted 30th Nov 2012

nope, but i did pick up 4 copies of far cry 3 deluxe@ 35$ each at

plus the new humble bundle rocks, as does

gamersgate though.. probably afraid of doing anything since the more they say the worse they look.

By GamersGate posted 30th Nov 2012

Hello guys,

Again I truly am sorry about what has happened. I can only hope that you don’t let this mistake completely steer your view of GamersGate or IGN as a whole.

If you have any questions regarding products or services purchased at IGN and their included features, please contact IGN support. From what I understand they recently sent out a message regarding this issue and are welcoming a discussion about how such a discount might be continued and the possibility of compensation via their Facebook group:


By Khalan posted 30th Nov 2012

"I can only hope that you don’t let this mistake completely steer your view of GamersGate or IGN as a whole."
If you've been reading this thread, you'll see that it already has for many of us here. Nothing has changed (nor does it look like it will anymore) to make us change our minds.

By megaflux1 posted 30th Nov 2012

haha, it does kind of look like gamersgate didnt read 90% of the posts in this thread.

By Typo posted 30th Nov 2012

I forgot to come by this post and say that since my discount did disappear, I will no longer be shopping here.

I have lost all respect for this company. If they can just blatantly remove a permanent discount from paying customers without a care, what will stop them from doing it again.

If the contract really had an end date, why was it NEVER posted?

The excuse of permanent being about entering the code one time is obviously a lame excuse, a complete and utter lie, and just a sad attempt at covering their behinds.

I used to check prices here first ever since I got my discount, now I will do everything to make sure this company receives no money from any gamer I know and especially not from me.

Simply put, I cannot and will not trust GamersGate ever again.

By snake4851 posted 30th Nov 2012

Gamers Gate your reply in this thread comes off as nothing more than a slap in the face to each and every person in here. It shows you have not read this thread or understand in the slightest bit what is happening to your customers and your company because of this.

By Kryten posted 30th Nov 2012

By tmwfte posted 30th Nov 2012

Did I read that right? GamersGate is now trying to deflect everything to IGN and again taking no personal responsibility?

By ceildric posted 30th Nov 2012

tmwfte, that is sure what it sounds like. It is especially laughable considering that the prevailing evidence now seems to suggest that this whole mess is primarily Gamersgate's fault. Gamersgate's move to revoke the discounts apparently surprised IGN as much as it surprised users. It sounds as if IGN may have been mislead by Gamersgate as much as the users were.

IGN has to take some responsibility regardless, but they seem to be doing so. They've apologized and they are working to replace the discount with a comparable one. If they can do this in a reasonable amount of time then I can forgive their part in this.

Gamersgate on the otherhand continues to refuse to take any responsibility or to provide any recompense for their incompetence (or outright fraud, depending on whether you believe their excuse).

I will be purchasing the remaining elements of the IndieFort bundle because it is for charity, and I have already bought the first piece. Never again will I shop here beyond that.

By tmwfte posted 30th Nov 2012

I wonder also if they don't realise that these holiday sales they keep harping on in responses in order to get people to buy things are in no way reparation for the damage that they've caused by abruptly removing the discount? Probably not.

IGN is at least trying to talk to customers and not treat them like idiots.

By megaflux1 posted 30th Nov 2012

speaking of the bundle...
maybe im just being a retarded english speaker AGAIN but are we not supposed to get 25% off this second one? because it isnt showing up for me. or was the 25% off supposed to mean 25% less games?

By TheGannet posted 30th Nov 2012

At least some of it has to be ign tho, they are the ones who took so long to fix the exploitable glitch in their trial version that you could get eternal discounts here for NOT buying ign pro for any length of that had a good number of people

By TheGannet posted 30th Nov 2012

still should have had alot more warning tho sounds like you got next to none

By megaflux1 posted 30th Nov 2012

i dont really see why people would be dead set on finding a way to blame IGN. if you went to walmart and bought a snow blower that came with a lifetime 15% discount on salt (example) and the snow blower was mispriced 75% off but they sold it to you anyways. would you be pissed at walmart for selling it to you or the manufacturer of the snow blower when the 15% got ganked a year later? or perhaps the manufacturer of the salt since they were the ones who terminated said discount.

should we also try to blame the publishers who agreed to sell their games on gamersgate?!

By TheGannet posted 30th Nov 2012

not 75% off. I'm not saying anything about the discount staying after paying for 1 month.

0% off. The ones who pretended to think about buying a snowblower(aka ign pro).
I'm talking about the ones who abused the trial to get a discount for nothing. In your analogy IGN(/wallmart/the store) accidentally dropped a stack of the proof of snowblower purchase forms that you had to fill out to get 15% off on salt(gamersgate) on the sidewalk outside and a bunch of random people ran up and stole them before anybody noticed and when it was noticed it took the stock boy a couple months to bother going out and bringing them in.

They(the people who took the discount for nothing) have to hold some of the blame for the inevitable removal of that discount. Even if the effect wasn't immediate they must have at least contributed to ruining it for everybody else. I'd have hoped it would have only affected them but guess this was easier to stop all together rather than figure out who actually paid for a snow blower(mismarked or not) vs who stole a rebate form.

By TheGannet posted 30th Nov 2012

Under those conditions its hardly surprising the salt sellers stopped honoring the forms.

What is surprising is they aren't going to let the store reissue a new non exploited cupon for the promised 15% off to everybody who did buy the snowblower so their honest customers don't get penalized for the abusers' actions and the store's mistake.

By TheGannet posted 30th Nov 2012

On the other hand if this is just the salt sellers signing a bad deal that they lost more $ on than expected and would have ducked out of regardless...

or if the store didn't exactly sign something for the lifetime bit of that advertisement to hold water then I'd expect whichever of them it turned out to be to do alot more or loose business/consequences somewhere.

Either way it seems to have been handled a bit poorly. They at least should have given more warning before taking anything away.

If anybody has a screenshot of the old webpage saying it was lifetime or permanent now'd be a good time to run off copies to both sides with a cc to yourself to document.
Pull up proof they advertised it as such if you are able and see what happens from there.

So I agree with you more than you think based on how you read my post, but I also don't have most of the facts so I'm gonna shut up now :)

By TheGannet posted 30th Nov 2012

Then again I also find it hard to believe that both sides managed to typo the bit where it said "permanent lifetime" and somehow both managed to leave out the bit where it could have said "discount as long as you maintain your subscription" Even if it were mislabled imo they should honor it like having the wrong sticker in a brick and mortar store. But it doesn't feel so much like a mistake so much as both sides wanting to retroactively edit the past by claiming it was a misunderstanding and trying to slip out of it and the rest of it providing the excuse. But again I don't know whats really going on so this time I really will shut up lol

By TheGannet posted 30th Nov 2012

Then again I also find it hard to believe that both sides managed to typo the bit where it said "permanent lifetime" and somehow both managed to leave out the bit where it could have said "discount as long as you maintain your subscription" Even if it were mislabled imo they should honor it like having the wrong sticker in a brick and mortar store. But it doesn't feel so much like a mistake so much as both sides wanting to retroactively edit the past by claiming it was a misunderstanding and trying to slip out of it and the rest of it providing the excuse. But again I don't know whats really going on so this time I really will shut up lol

So imo filter out the exploiters who never even got the 1 month and return it to the rest seems the best way. (i was actually going to buy ign pro starting the end of this month so glad I didn't get caught up in this. but still hope it gets returned even if it isn't available from this point on)

By megaflux1 posted 1st Dec 2012

"So mostly I blame the coupon thieves, then the snowblower store then the salt store. As far as the cause of the cancellation." you are completely ignoring the manufacturer of the snow blower who offered the promo in the first place. and the fact that the 75% of fthe snowblower was an error to begin with (like getting the 15% off gg purchases).

i and many others have screen shots of the ad, it was even put on a few news items related to this scandal (it is seeming pretty scandalous now). the FUNNY part? the fucking ad said "NEW GAMES" asin they could have removed it legitimately from all non new release games and there would have been NO FOUL! but that is the path not taken at this point.

By snake4851 posted 1st Dec 2012

The Focus should not be on IGN so much as on Gamers Gate. Gamers Gate are the ones who pulled the deal as well as refuse to take any kind of responsibility for their actions. IGN is at least trying to find a way to make it right with their customers. Also it should not matter if people signed up for the 15% discount and used a trial. The deal was made to bring them traffic and a larger customer base, which they got and now that they have it they are trying to back out. If they could not afford the 15% off in the first place they would not have made the deal, and even if they screwed up without realizing it and needed a way out, ignoring your customers and insulting them is no way of doing so.

By megaflux1 posted 1st Dec 2012

" The deal was made to bring them traffic and a larger customer base, which they got and now that they have it they are trying to back out."

^that right there is exactly it. not that its going to work because i know most people are done here, but you can really tell that they yanked it when their growth rate finally leveled off (or dropped from 12%/mo to 3%/mo).

fortunately on the internet we can afford to have ethics.

By Alcifer posted 1st Dec 2012

If you assume that the deal was simply to get more traffic to GamersGate's site you could also assume that GamersGate thought, as did most of the people here, that the discount would only be offered to people who actually subscribed to IGN Prime (a fraction of the number that actually got it thanks to IGN giving it away).
Having a user base where a large percentage are permanently paying 15% less than the rest on all purchases is a ridiculous way to run a business, you either set prices so low you're making a loss on those customers or so high you alienate the rest.

It's clear that they should have communicated their intent sooner and kept customers in the loop and should never have agreed to the wording of the promotion. For all we know they've been trying to resolve the issue with IGN and just didn't get anywhere, as you say IGN seem to be coming out of this pretty much unscathed so they had no reason to change the deal.

As with much of what's in this thread, this is all speculation and I doubt we'll ever know the truth. In the past GamersGate have been seemed pretty fair about most things, honouring sales where they've mispriced games and helping customers out when they've made mistakes. I'm quite willing to give them a little benefit of the doubt over this, although I understand it's a much bigger deal for others.

By megaflux1 posted 1st Dec 2012

um, im a member of several discount clubs (im kind of a sucker for them really) for example amazon prime and several local places that give 10% off for members (which generally just covers sales tax but STILL). its not unusual AT ALL! like i said before steam gets 30% of the price they charge, so what is the big deal with gamersgate offering 15%? you can REGULARLY get 25%+ at greenman.. its just how the digital distribution game is played. its NOT a big deal or strange at all (though i think we are all in agreement that the free trial bastards did/do not deserve the discount).

for those that dont know amazon prime is 80$/yr. and what it does is gives you a free upgrade to 2 day shipping and lets you stream thousands of tv and movies, if you dont want the 2 day sshipping because it doesnt matter they will give you a few $ of credit to use 5-7 day shipping that you can spend on music or videos. IF tomorrow amazon yanked the free shipping part of prime i would be EVERY bit as livid as i am with gamersgate, you know who i wouldnt be pissed at? UPS! just as ign "delivered" us the discount the deal was with gamersgate. if amazon yanked the shipping and refused to compensate me for it (much like gamersgate is doing) i would certainly never use them again (granted the prime paid itself off in the first month when i ordered like 10 pieces of furniture just to see if they would honor the agreement.. and they did). theres just too many other options out there for ANY online retailer to think that they can just shit on customers (despite steam getting away with it daily).

By Alcifer posted 1st Dec 2012

I think the point about loyalty programs which provide benefits in exchange for a subscription, like PS+ and Prime as you say, is that it provides guaranteed income as well as encouraging "loyalty" and thus increased spending. Companies can make a financial judgement and set the subscription and deals such that overall they will make more profits.

In this case the loyalty scheme belongs to IGN, they're the people collecting the fees and providing the incentives to keep paying. Presumably GamersGate don't receive any of the subscription fees paid to them. They certainly didn't receive anything for the people who took advantage of the trial.

GamersGate already have their own loyalty program with various incentives for buying games and levelling up (mostly blue coin cashback) and have started offering coupons more often (although only on crappy social media sites). Granted this isn't as good as the IGN deal but then they don't charge a subscription fee.

By megaflux1 posted 1st Dec 2012

i Joined 24th December 2011 and im level 5, i cant get any higher and i havent got any straight incentive from gamersgate. i got a crapload from ign, but it isnt like i have gotten MORE bluecoins for being high level (i even asked support about this). about all i can do is prey on my friends and do referrals.. im not a whore so i wont be doing that. i think level 5 in 1 year is pretty rapid advancement (considering how long most other level 5s have been members) but if i have to be gay and check social networking sites daily to get the same discounts i should be getting across the board im simply done. buying 4 copies of far cry 3 deluxe for $35 a pop was pretty much the gauntlet getting thrown down. that ABSOLUTELY would have been bought here since my friends are ALL on this site anyways (word of mouth works even when its a potty mouth) but gamersgate wants to keep shuckin' and jivin' like they are fucking politicians dancing around an issue rather than taking responsibility and dealing with it. its disgusting.

until they come to terms with their frailty and bare their tongue for all our "loyal" asses i am going to CONTINUE buying elsewhere.

1 year level 5. thats not just some impulse buyer, what i am is a full blown addict giving my $ to some other dealer.

By Khalan posted 1st Dec 2012

Beyonder1610 had a good idea I thought, that being a loyalty discount tied to level. It should be something like 3-4% discount per level starting from level 2, or 5% per level starting from level 3. Otherwise like you said there doesn't seem to be any real point to going up to level 5.

By bangkirai posted 1st Dec 2012

Well bad luck for you gamersgate, being an heavy buyer, without the 15 percent reduction, I spent this week for 60 euro on games at another digital reseller, instead of gamersgate.

I am pretty pissed off for not receiving any email from IGN OR GAMERSGATE, that this discount is suddenly gone, while I still have an ign subscription for 7 months.
And now your support dares to even write to some customers (see posts above) that they hope we stay with gamersgate?

Well bad luck, you already sold less this week and if you check my buy history, you know you will lose way more next year, if nothing changes.
I suggest you give heavy buyers a reduction fee, depending on how much they buy, then you MIGHT keep some customers.

By bangkirai posted 1st Dec 2012

PS: for the people with an IGN PRIME subscription, make sure you cancel it, because IGN put it on automatically renewal.

By Alcifer posted 1st Dec 2012

As Psyringe suggested earlier, if there is something you want to see from GamersGate as a loyalty program then it would be a lot more constructive to post that here than simply state that you'll not spend another penny here until the heat death of the universe.

I think the idea of the existing blue coin cashback scaling with a users level makes sense. The current 5% could increase by 1 with each level, giving level 5 users a 10% discount.

The fact that most people here who subscribed to IGN did so only get the GamersGate discount suggests that an additional paid loyalty service with the 15% discount or similar would work. It certainly makes more sense for people to be paying GamersGate for such a discount than paying IGN.

By tmwfte posted 1st Dec 2012

People have already been harmed by GamersGate, Alcifer. They aren't interested in brainstorming ideas for GG to make more money until reparation has taken place. Since GamersGate isn't even taking responsibility for their actions and calling their entire userbase "idiots" for misunderstanding the word permanent, we are at an impasse.

By Psyringe posted 1st Dec 2012

tmwfte, actuially this isn't true. People have mentioned several ideas to me, they just don't want to mention them here. I can't say I blame them ...

By tmwfte posted 1st Dec 2012

Psyringe, as evidenced by this thread and others like it, many people aren't. Stating that it isn't true, and again trying to deflect again from GamersGate taking any responsibility with a logical fallacy designed to change the argument, is exactly what I expect from a company yes man.

By DM36 posted 1st Dec 2012

I would like to show you guys something

Want a closer look?

Now that is just on Steam alone. And some of it was thanks to Gamersgate. Also own a bunch of games on Origin. A ton of games on A ton of games on desura. And a boatload of DRM free games from various places. What does this all mean?

I spend a ton of money on gaming. PC, console, whatever. Hell, I even splurge on games for my cell phone. I pick and choose my spots wisely for sales. Gamersgate was good for this with their "promise" of an additional 15% discount. I was going to continue to use them more. This holiday sale would have been perfect. It would have...

I received no e-mail. They stripped me of my IGN pet (despite me still being subscribed to IGN Prime). I had to hear about this from a friend. Well, no more. As others have stated, I'm done with Gamersgate. I'm also done with IGN for that matter.

By Psyringe posted 1st Dec 2012

tmwfte - See, that is the kind of attitude that might be making other people think twice of posting their opinion here.

I'm not debating that there are many people who share your opinion, they are vocal in this very thread. I'm merely pointing out that the people who don't, are unlikely to raise their voice here.

They guy who told me "I'm fine with it", won't go here to see himself ripped apart. The guy who told me "Okay, I think GG can make better offers in the future", won't go here either. The guy who told me "Sad to to see the discount go, but as the old proverb say, 'no banquet lasts forever'", won't go here.

You're of course free to discard these statements. If you want, you can claim that no single person ever said anything like this.

If this were a constructive discussion, then it would probably not be so difficult to acknowledge that there are _also_ many people to whom the loss of the discount is actually not that big of a deal, or who believe that having a discount for 9 months that they never were meant to keep after their subscription was not too bad. Alas, a constructive discussion this is not.

Please note that I'm not even saying that the very angry people aren't significant, or that their opinion shouldn't count. I'm merely pointing out that general encompassing statements like "People are ..." are tricky in a situation like this, and that it might make more sense to speak for oneself instead of trying to pass the opinions of one group of people off as everybody's.

By megaflux1 posted 1st Dec 2012

@DM36- if you are going to whip it out do it properly:

By megaflux1 posted 1st Dec 2012

@psy- apathy is NOT "constructive". you also cant use the word "many" and expect to be taken seriously.. 4 people="many"? try this: "the majority" of people are pissed off and most likely never doing business here again if shit doesnt change REAL quick.

By megaflux1 posted 1st Dec 2012

how many of these alleged "many" are level 5 users? not "many" i would bet since we are the ones who lost the most.

By tmwfte posted 1st Dec 2012

Are you missing the "Many"s, Psyringe? Maybe you're the sort of person who doesn't understand the word "permanent" that GG was describing? You've also now turned this into a personal attack, which, again, is a tactic of using a logical fallacy to deflect from the true argument.

The true argument is that GamersGate has taken an action that has harmed its userbase. It has done so in a way that they've called their users idiots and have taken no steps to make reparation to a not-inconsiderable amount of people. This needs to be addressed before many (<-- look Psyringe, does "many" mean "all"?) people will enter into any sort of discourse. People are allowed to have differing opinions, it's not the all or nothing proposition that you put forward, to continue to argue otherwise continues to perpetuate the logical fallacy instead of dealing with the true problem. Continuing down this road just shows that you, and, by their deafening silence, GamersGate are unwilling to even talk about.

By Psyringe posted 1st Dec 2012

megaflux - First of all, thanks for accepting the possibility that the people I talked about do actually exist. As an answer to your question: The three people who I quoted are all at level 4. I agree with your assessment that the people who planned to make the most purchases seem to be the ones that are the most angry. These are also the people who I can understand the most. As I said several times (although these statements of mine never seem to eleicit a reply, it's the other ones that do): If I were a paying IGN subscriber, and had the discount taken away from me with little warning and no immediate replacement, I'd probably be angry too.

Regarding "majority" - I don't know. The majority of the people who had the discount haven't said anything. They might be angry and simply have left without writing a post. Or they might not care much about the whole thing. Or something in between. I really can't tell, and I don't think anybody can.

By Psyringe posted 1st Dec 2012

tmwfte - thanks for acknowledging that people _are_ having different opinions. That, actually, was all I tried to point out when I replied to your post.

By tmwfte posted 1st Dec 2012

"First of all, thanks for accepting the possibility that the people I talked about do actually exist."

Thanks for the dig, Psy. Real classy. No one other than you has even posited that they don't.

Also, IGN is at least talking to its users to come up with a solution. GamersGate on the other hand is telling us that we're idiots and basically "shut up and take it". Why do you think the ire is coming down on GG?

By Alcifer posted 1st Dec 2012

tmwfte, IGN are talking about a replacement deal on Facebook, not reparation, and considering they're taking a subscription fee from their users I'd certainly expect them to provide something for that.

Believe it or not the communication in this thread is about the sum total of all the direct communication I've ever seen from GamersGate. As I said earlier, they're really bad at it, hopefully they'll learn something from the experience.

By megaflux1 posted 1st Dec 2012

learning isnt in the cards for them, only death by their own hand.

By megaflux1 posted 1st Dec 2012

psy- dare i point out that the "couple" people who arent pissed about this will not make up for the lost income of the VAST MAJORITY who are.

By tmwfte posted 1st Dec 2012

From IGN's message to Prime subscribers: "We are always thankful for your feedback and are already hard at work finding a suitable way to compensate for this sudden retraction. We sincerely apologize for those who felt mislead by the wording surrounding the discount and would appreciate your patience as we find a way to make amends."

No, of course, no attempt at reparation at all. Silly me.

In most of their communication directly to individuals, if they even got an e-mail, they didn't even apologize. Instead it was "Sorry for your misunderstanding", putting the onus on the users. GG has taken ZERO accountability for what they've done.

By megaflux1 posted 1st Dec 2012

and i already stated my ideas.. we have heard FUCK ALL back about said "ideas" so in my eyes that just means they were trying to derail the thread. they havent so much as said they are working on it!

By Ladron3dfx posted 1st Dec 2012

"Today 17:53
By Alcife"
"I think the idea of the existing blue coin cashback scaling with a users level makes sense. The current 5% could increase by 1 with each level, giving level 5 users a 10% discount."

This is a great suggestion. I approve/co-sign. =)

By megaflux1 posted 1st Dec 2012

um i got 15% for doing fuck all at level 1, how is 10% off for being level 5 anything but a slap in the face?

i want the full 15% @ 5. and lets not forget that 15% off is NOT the same as 15% back in blue coins.

By Psyringe posted 1st Dec 2012

tmwfte - GamersGate has, as far as I can see, apologized in almost all official statements that followed the first newsletter. This includes official statements (as made in this thread) as well as answers directly to individuals.

Somehow, however, the statement "We apologize for the very poor choice of words" gets perceived as "GamersGate is telling us we're idiots".

It's possible that the first newsletter made a portion of its recipients so angry that they discarded the following apologies. I can understand that. Like Alcifer said further above, I don't think anybody (the guys at GG included) thinks that the communication was handled well. There probably isn't a "good" may to tell people that they are going to lose a discount, but I do believe that there would have been better ways. (However, I also don't know the details, and can't tell whether those better ways that I think of may have been prevented by details I don't know about.)

By megaflux1 posted 1st Dec 2012

they apologized for their poor comprehension of the english language, NOT for boning us.

By tmwfte posted 1st Dec 2012

Another salient point that has not been raised is that GG also blindsided IGN with this. They made the "announcement" and pulled the discount during an American holiday when IGN had no awareness or capability to respond. That's how they treated their business partner. That's bad business.

By tmwfte posted 1st Dec 2012

"I apologize for the poor wording" does not equal "I apologize for removing the discount", verstehe?

By ceildric posted 1st Dec 2012

The difference between IGN and Gamersgate in this situation:

IGN says they know they did something wrong and they are doing all they can to provide something of equal or greater value to their customers.

Gamersgate avoids saying they're wrong, often acknowleding that there was a "poor choice of words used" or they "understand how there could be confusion" or "they were made aware that" some situation exists. This is all from the most recent message from Gamersgate on this thread. They have not properly apologized for screwing up the emails (which were not sent to even all active IGN subscribers) or for yanking the discount on a holiday weekend without IGN's knowledge, let alone for totally failing to comprehend the meaning of a simple word like "permanent".

Everyone that I have talked to around the world agrees that "permanent" is a very basic word with a straight-forward definition. I have friends in Sweden, Norway, and Finland among other places and they all knew exactly what it meant.

Getting back to my comparison, Gamersgate, unlike IGN, is doing nothing to make this right with customers. Gamersgate has an obligation to provide what was promised (because it was promised by Gamersgate as much as it was promised by IGN).

By iofiel posted 2nd Dec 2012

@Psyringe "Somehow, however, the statement "We apologize for the very poor choice of words" gets perceived as "GamersGate is telling us we're idiots"."
No, "But we never meant for it to be permanent and never said anything similar to 'lifetime'" is Gamersgate calling us idiots. As though there was a magic word that they could just avoid to make permanent not mean permanent and always not mean always.

The difference between IGN and Gamersgate on this has been leagues apart (although IGN started rocky as well). Which is kind of funny since IGN gets, at most, $7 a month from a subscription (less from annual or quarterly subs) and Gamersgate could have made so much more from its unhappy customers, especially in this winter sale season.

By megaflux1 posted 2nd Dec 2012

i gotta say i think IGN is almost a victim in this (and again I HATE IGN). 7/mo. barely covers the cost of the indie game a month never mind whatever deals it makes to get all those piles of beta keys, i would think if anything IGN got some kind of referral thing considering when i joined they also had a promo with some hardware maker (headsets and the like.. i dont recall who) and currently they have 200$ off pc's.. do you REALLY think 7$/mo covers that? i would be very interested to know exactly where the 7$ gets split up to considering they wouldnt be doing it if they werent making SOME kind of profit. i DONT see 7$/mo coming close to covering all those things if the promos from GG and the others were in any way paid for aside from the referral fee. again atleast IGN is trying to find SOMETHING to give its pri-mates <clever i know), whereas all gamersgate seems to be willing to offer is lip-service, excuses, an explanation that we are all idiots who dont understand our own language, and a COMPLETE lack of action.

they fired off that email and yanked our discount quick enough, but they cant come up with an amiable form of compensation over a week later? BULL SHIT!

By snake4851 posted 2nd Dec 2012

Psyringe The problem with a simple we are sorry is that words do not begin to replace the 15% discount and the betrayal of having their permanent discount removed right at the time of a big sale. Maybe they did not mean permanent as permanent for whatever reason, but bottom line they went back on what they and IGN printed. There are plenty of screen shots of the wording on both sites showing this. For an act so egregious there really must be some show of good faith so people know they can trust the company that lied to them, even if as stated they did not know they were lying.

By megaflux1 posted 2nd Dec 2012

keep in mind that PSY only ever got the trial... so he doesnt get that some of us had been paying for months or even paid for months in advance. to him it was easy come easy go.

By brightsim posted 2nd Dec 2012

"If I were a paying IGN subscriber, and had the discount taken away from me with little warning and no immediate replacement, I'd probably be angry too." - why are you coming up with this (sorry, to be that blunt in this case) stupid posts then? Trying to play the whole thing down the way you are doing is even worse than the way gamersgate is managing the situation. I am PAYING for a service I am not GETTING anymore and you tell me that there are people out there who do not speak out load in this thread but however are totally fine with being stripped off their discount? Well, I am not.
I could not care less for people who had never payed anything for the discount (i.e. people like you).

By Alcifer posted 2nd Dec 2012

In previous posts people have talked about the "majority" of users who had the discount. I would have thought the majority would have been those who took the free trial to take advantage of the discount while it lasted. That wasn't some sort of illicit hack or exploit, it was simply IGN's policy to give away the best part of the deal for free in order to get loads of people to look at it. If you carried on subscribing then that was your choice.

It's a little hypocritical to complain about the wording of the discount as "permanent" and at the same time that it applied equally to those who took the trial and those who paid for a subscription. There was no subscript stating that it would at some point end but equally there was nothing about it only applying to active subscribers. Until they pulled it the discount worked exactly as described.

In the end the whole deal was pretty broken. GamersGate/IGN offered a permanent 15% discount on all purchases from GamersGate with no explicit limitations other than those printed in their terms of service. Then IGN gave it away for free to anyone who signed up for a trial. I can't imagine any other retailer offering such a discount without leaving themselves a means of limiting the uptake or the duration.

By megaflux1 posted 2nd Dec 2012

yea, i dont think it was ever intended to be given freely without ANY amount of commitment to ign. granted the devil is in the details but as someone who doesnt particularly like the thought of getting fucked over i figured i would do the right thing and NOT fuck IGN over (even though i hate them karma is a bastard!) despite knowing about the trial exploit. yea i guess THAT was my downfall, not being a greedy self serving asshole (like gamersgate?) who lives to cash in on every weakness they can exploit. i honestly dont think the people who never paid for even a month of ign shoudl get the discount or have gotten it, it would be like buying a 54 inch plasma tv to get the free ps3 and then bringing the tv back a week later, that would NOT WORK. so i can see them ending the free ride FOR THOSE PEOPLE, they never paid so once their trial month was up so was the trial of 15% off that would have existed "permanent"ly IF they subbed. i can see it honestly. but to bend EVERYONE over for their own indiscretion? THAT is where this turns into bullshit!

By Alcifer posted 2nd Dec 2012

Depending on how the deal worked, whether IGN paid GamersGate for each of the discount codes of simply got an unlimited supply and how much that 15% cut into GamersGate's revenue, it may well have been GamersGate who came out worst.

In the end the way they set it up with a single redeemable code may have been totally unworkable. As shown by the email debacle, GamersGate do not have access to accurate data on people's IGN prime status so they probably couldn't revoke the discount when the subscription lapsed. Granted they could have issued codes that lasted for a limited time and kept reissuing codes but for whatever reason they didn't.

As I said the terms of the deal were far too simple and open to what many people see as exploitation, but if they'd tightened up the wording we wouldn't be discussing this because they'd have left themselves a perfectly transparent means to end it.

By megaflux1 posted 2nd Dec 2012

while i do get what you are saying about the codes it STILL boils down to THEIR lack of foresight. we the customers did nothing wrong, so we shouldnt be punished for it.

By Alcifer posted 2nd Dec 2012

I totally agree that it's a problem with the deal, not the customers who took it up, no one is saying you don't have the right to be angry. The terms were poorly worded from the start and both parties took actions that didn't seem to be in one another's interest or that of the customers, suggesting that the real issue is the relationship between IGN and GamersGate.

At the same time I don't think it's realistic to expect them to continue honouring a discount that is fundamentally broken and should never have been offered. As you've pointed out, many people who had the discount have spend and thus saved quite a lot of money over the last few months (it was a good deal while it lasted).

The people I feel most sorry for are those who subscribed to IGN just before the discount was removed and thus never benefited from it. Hopefully IGN will be able to provide them with a new deal that they will feel is good enough to be worth the fees.

By megaflux1 posted 2nd Dec 2012

ign has it kind of easy really, i mean people only pay 7$/mo anyways. they dont really have to even replace it with another discount they could replace it with software or books or just about anything that has a dollar value (porn). gamersgate on the other hand.. alot of my friends dont even want to hear the word anymore. they are already on to greener pastures, though honestly as someone who just buys whatever games they want i personally see nothing on ANY coming soon list that is going to make me spend $, so itll be atleast 6 months of hardware upgrades (kind of shit to upgrade 2 gtx 580's right now so ill focus on peripherals till the 700's hit. already got a hydra coming in the mail and cant wait for my oculus to get here) but yea, seems nobody was really planning on running out to buy bioshock or tomb raider or anything anyways.

personally i find the lack of action on gamersgate most irksome, like they havent even TRIED to say "were working on it".

By TheGannet posted 2nd Dec 2012

By megaflux1 posted Today

yea, i dont think it was ever intended to be given freely without ANY amount of commitment to ign. granted the where this turns into bullshit!
(too long to quote the whole thing, but agree with all of it not just the random bit i copied)
yeah, I agree

By Alcifer posted 2nd Dec 2012

IGN included the discount in the free trial, either whoever created the trial made a mistake or they simply didn't think the discount was all that important being just one part of the prime package. Regardless of the reason, I don't think you can blame people for signing up to a free trial and then deciding they don't want the full thing, that's what the trial was there for in the first place.

As has already been said most people who took advantage of it expected the discount would disappear at the end of the trial, even if they'd wanted to there was no way to remove it from their account. Considering the rest of the prime content was stopped I'm not sure IGN were really all the bothered that people continued to receive a discount from GamersGate.

By chuckie001 posted 3rd Dec 2012

(Thank you, GamersGate, for tweeting about the current RACE07/Simbin Studios promo, at least I know what I'm not buying today. By the way, I know it says "Platform: PC", but a Mac is also a kind of "personal computer", so this might have just been a poor choice of words. And since my 10-days-old ticket in which I'm asking you to list all of the poor choices of words hidden on this site remains unanswered, I'll just have to do without this game anyway.)

By megaflux1 posted 3rd Dec 2012

@chuckie- while i wont refer to it as the same thing gin rummy on the boondocks does, apple hardware falls under the gay flair category not the pc category. shit you can blame that distinction ON APPLE! it was THEM who didnt want to be considered a normal pc like the "suits" at ibm used.

i also found it funny that you use twitter and they apparently ARE running promos through it. i guess they are determined to keep the straight man down.. but thats ok. the internet is brimming with possibilities around the holidays anyways.

By Elder posted 3rd Dec 2012

Want a suggestion for keep loyalty and increase sales per user?: 3% off per level.

I had ideas to improve the site (that would help increasing sales) and I can translate the site to my language (Spanish) a really big market. But when I tried to contact Daniel got no answer.
Anyway I feel outraged and don't feel as wanting to help the site.

By Elder posted 3rd Dec 2012

BTW I've read all, on my opinion GG fails on the defence.

I have seen all the promotions since Black Friday (23N) when my 15% disappeared, and the only good offer has been Max Payne 10€ but I was so disappointed I passed. The rest have been worst than competition, even the games that I have here were cheaper when I bought them (without the 15%). So not great deals at all!

By megaflux1 posted 3rd Dec 2012

really though even if they gave us 15% BACK in blue coins @ level 5 (as opposed to giving 15% OFF) i would be pleased with it. but no, apparently marketing ONLY to social media wankers is all they are willing to offer.

By Elder posted 3rd Dec 2012

twitter sucks so much...
It's that last a gamer want and will check.

By ceildric posted 3rd Dec 2012

Out of curiosity I have been checking the Twitter feed to see what kind of discounts they would post now that they are "free" to do all kinds of cool promotions supposedly. So far I have seen ZERO Twitter only discount codes or sales links. All of the games with sales links on there can be found from the main site and for the most part do not represent especially good deals.

Ironically, the only time I DID see Twitter exclusive discount codes was a month or two ago while the IGN discount was still active.

By iofiel posted 3rd Dec 2012

15% back in blue coins for a level 5 might sound great if you're a level 5. There's no way I'm slogging through a couple "levels" of mediocre sales and discounts to spend enough money and reach that point anyway. It's like the old game defense "Oh, well it's actually starts being fun once you put ten hours into it and level up..."

Too many other games that are fun right off the bat and too many other vendors who have good deals today.

By ceildric posted 3rd Dec 2012

It's kind of cold comfort isn't it iofiel?

I would guess I've spent somewhere around $500 here in the past three months, plus I have all of the achievements except the Christmas achievements completed. Still I am only at about 43,000 XP and you need 100,000 XP for Level 5. So, for me it would mean spending another $600 or so to get to the discount that I was promised as permanent to begin with. And imagine how much worse it must look to someone that is only Level 2 or 3. They would be staring down $1000 worth of purchases roughly.

By zoth-ommog posted 3rd Dec 2012

@megaflux1: Could you keep the homophobia out of this, please ? Stuff like "gay flair category" and "determined to keep the straight man down" doesn't really have anything at all to do with the matter at hand...

By megaflux1 posted 3rd Dec 2012

its not really homophobia, its more a disdain for the general sissification of society. cant hit kids for acting like morons so we have generations of morons who think acting like assholes is acceptable, we have countless games a year that offer no challenge at all to any but the most braindead of inbreds (looking at you hidden object gamers), and we have businesses that think its of to screw over customers because they are now too stupid to know what words like "permanent" mean. but i cant really blame then with how we have continually lowered the bar on education over the years.

im tired of it, and if everyone else wants to drown in it thats their choice, i for one cant just sit here and watch the world turn into an agreeable mass of twats that lack the spine to state the obvious for fear of hurting someones feelings. the choice is lie about it by NOT saying anything , or be honest and call it what it is even if it is unpleasant for someone.

By tmwfte posted 4th Dec 2012

"we have countless games a year that offer no challenge at all to any but the most braindead of inbreds (looking at you hidden object gamers)"

Hidden object games, much like word searches and other puzzles, actually stimulate brain activity and encourage development of a healthy mind. Just because you don't enjoy a particular type of game does not mean that this genre is only for, in your mind, a lesser individual.

Many hidden object games are aimed at younger audiences and are certainly appropriate for their intellectual growth.

Also, equating "gay" and "sissification" is homophobia. People don't like being called on their bigotry, but that is indeed the behaviour that you're displaying here.

By Stoibs posted 4th Dec 2012

Thank you Zoth-Ommog, that person is really coming across as some immature 12 year old with gems like: "You like adventure games = your gay" or "you use social media = your gay"

Theres a difference between expressing dissatisfaction about this whole ordeal in a mature fashion like the rest of us here - as opposed to acting like a child, swearing with every second word and calling people Homosexual, thinking that it's somehow 'clever' or 'edgy'.

By Bryssa posted 4th Dec 2012

Yeah, megaflux's vulgarity and sheer hostility has not been particularly helpful to things. You can be angry with GamersGate and how they've handled things (I certainly am) without coming off as the stereotypical 12 year old dudebro gamer normally found on Xbox Live.

Honestly, it's a bit rich that you bemoan "generations of morons who think acting like assholes is acceptable" when that's exactly what you yourself are doing.

By Bryssa posted 4th Dec 2012

Anyway, the response from GamersGate so far has been really disappointing. When I originally posted in this thread during the initial aftermath of this debacle, I had assumed that they'd come up with a better response to soothe people over a bit. I'm kind of stunned that they seem determined to actively make it worse.

I wasn't a current subscriber to IGN Prime but I did subscribe for 3 months when the promotion started before deciding to cancel it. The free indie games started out great with the likes of Rochard but had a serious drop off in quality as the sub went on. That was the main reason I canceled.

I had actually forgotten that I'd be keeping the "permanent" GG discount at the time of cancellation due to the drop in quality GG's sales have experienced over the year as well. I had moved most of my purchases over to GMG and Amazon despite the discount, though I always did price comparisons to make sure, and had become increasingly annoyed with the delays on pre-loads for pre-orders. GG has consistently been dead last in handing out keys and generally more expensive even including blue coins this year, it's little wonder my purchases dropped off a cliff despite being here since early 2011.

Hours before the discount was pulled I had grabbed Dishonored during that sale and was hopeful that the holiday season would keep that kind of quality. The 15% off kept it competitive with GMG's price and the blue coins put it over the top. I had planned to gift a couple copies when I woke up the next morning, but when I went to do so the discount was gone.

As I said waaaaay up in this thread, I never received an e-mail explaining what happened and still haven't despite continuing to get GG's newsletter. It was only by going to their twitter account and seeing their responses to complaints that I found out what happened and their sad excuses of a poorly worded promotion. I immediately bought my gift copies elsewhere (one via GMG, who sadly doesn't allow outright gifting, and I grabbed a physical copy during Amazon's black friday sale), so that's two purchases GMG would have otherwise had while trying to save a couple dollars off each order.

I don't blame IGN for what happened outside of the original loophole, especially after what their reps are communicating via Facebook (which I dislike, but is useful for this kind of thing). It's a seriously scummy move to drop a promotion you have with a US company during Thanksgiving with zero warning beforehand.

After all the poor communication and general scumminess GG has done, I have no interest in supplying suggestions as to how they could replace the 15% off. Why bother? Chances are that months down the line they'll silently kill the new thing and chalk it up to a misunderstanding on the customer's parts. The trust has been broken and it's up to GG to fix it, not me.

By megaflux1 posted 4th Dec 2012

"You like adventure games = your gay" or "you use social media = your gay" <not only are you completely missing the point of what quotation marks are for but you are misquoting me on top of it! never mind that i would never be stupid enough to say "your" when the word is "youre", so who sounds immature?

boo hoo the homosexuals are offended, when ARENT they? seriously someone cuts them off in traffic and they throw a hissy fit about how their rights are being violated. i have seen it happen.

i wouldnt really know what its like on xbox because i am a pc gamer.. obviously you guys know because... you are right there with them?

i have lived in NY most of my life, i use profanity like most of you (hidden object game playing no reflex having) losers use spices, i sprinkle some into everything. if you cant deal with free speech maybe you shouldnt be doing the whole internet thing, go cower in your basements and pray to your alleged creators that the mean people dont come a knockin'.

and for the record i have bought several preorders from GMG (they have those legendary discounts so who hasnt?) and i have NEVER ONCE got the keys on time! while they may have deleted them their forums used to be chock full of people complaining about not getting keys pretty much every time a new game came out. its the primary reason i stopped using them (crapsule being the other 45%).

still, it doesnt make what gamersgate has done or what it continues to do (nothing) any less of an insult.

By tmwfte posted 4th Dec 2012

"if you cant deal with free speech maybe you shouldnt be doing the whole internet thing,"

I was unaware that GamersGate were the American Government. Perhaps you should look up what Freedom of Speech is and then get back to us as to which contingent of game players and perceived sexuality is "lesser"?

Please, leave your blatant homophobia OUT of the discourse regarding GamersGate's actions.

By Stoibs posted 4th Dec 2012

"so who sounds immature?"
You really asking that publicly here?... why, you do ofcourse :)
You claim I'm misquoting you, it's called paraphrasing, look it up, not exactly a hard concept...
Also your condescending 'spelling lesson' was quite amusing in that your correction was missing punctuation - did you mean "You're" Perchance? I mean really if one must go to such pedantic lengths as to call out one's spelling you should probably make sure you know what you're talking about. Never understood the internet Grammar Nazi attitude personally.

The fact is, you're using the word "gay" as a derogative and negative term, of course you look homophobic and immature, it's what school children call each other. I guess you hate Blacks and Jews aswell for being Black and Jewish. Take your redneck Bigotry elsewhere please.

Seriously don't understand where this ridiculously aggressive attitude is coming from. Why are people losers for enjoying a particular genre of game?
You're certainly an odd individual I'll give you that.

By megaflux1 posted 4th Dec 2012

aww int' that cute hes changed to personal attacks, and broke out the big kids dictionary to boot!

look cupcake, gay is not a race. maybe you should break out an encyclopedia next time. now granted i have seen plenty of black, jews AND gays in NY (never mind my sister the gay jew) i have never once seen a redneck there, perhaps you need an atlas too? we already know you suck at paraphrasing, is there anything you dont suck at? i mean you clearly lack dexterity both physically and mentally or you COULDNT play hidden object games (for the record most are NOT aimed at kids, they are aimed at the dimwitted variety of adult that also plays dine-n-dash games or facebook games).

but i digress once again, if any of you ladies want to try to chat me up do what PSY did and contact me through the message system as not to derail the thread with idiocy that has FUCK ALL to do with the topic at hand.

By zoth-ommog posted 4th Dec 2012

"as not to derail the thread with idiocy that has FUCK ALL to do with the topic at hand."
And here was me thinking _you_ were the one who started throwing 'gay' and 'straight' around.

"the most braindead of inbreds (looking at you hidden object gamers)"
"i mean you clearly lack dexterity both physically and mentally or you COULDNT play hidden object games"
I know a couple of Mensa members who'll laugh their asses off when I tell them the games they enjoy playing are a sure sign they're braindead.
On a side note, this lacking-physical-and-mental-capacities-nonsense is exactly the same kind of crap that was thrown at _all_ gamers in the 80s and early 90s.

By Stoibs posted 4th Dec 2012

I don't recall saying "gay" is a race, it's as if you're making up phantom conversations to argue with yourself about. Indeed a lot of what you're saying isn't even making comprehensible sense.
"big kids dictionary"? What? I don't even have the vaguest idea as to what you could be referring to with that.
"already know I suck at paraphrasing"? Huh? When did we sit down and establish that? Is there a conversation I'm missing here? I merely pointed out that that's what I was doing since you obviously missed it.

And again with the unwarranted aggression. It's clear your just one of 'those' people who are angry with the world for whatever reason and feel like you need to lash out at anyone for no discernible reason, no doubt you will reply to this with more offensive language, call my dexterity or perception or other some such nonsense attribute into question backed up by no clear evidence, perhaps refer to me as another pastry dish despite my name being clearly visible. It's somewhat humorous and predictable now.

By megaflux1 posted 4th Dec 2012

@zoth-mensa is a joke, real brilliance doesnt require a "pack" to function. even then i HIGHLY doubt any members of mensa sit around pretending hidden object games are making them smarter, they more than likely do this crazy "reading" thing. and for the record im NOT the one who brought up apple OR facebook.

@stobis-by comparing gays to blacks and jews you did. apple orange 9mm. a kids dictionary is the one with pictures "a is for apple" for example. but i guess i cant expect much in the way of comprehension from you since "your" so clever that you dont even know how to paraphrase properly. the only thing "mere" here is your wit.

yea you are not only a precog you are a twat, grats on that.

By megaflux1 posted 4th Dec 2012

this is exactly the end of this thread by the way.

By rcantora posted 4th Dec 2012

Could you please use private messages for this kind of exchanges? Thank you.

By Bryssa posted 4th Dec 2012

Seriously, mega, you're acting like an overly defensive child.

The one thing I'll give you in all of the gibberish you've been posting (First Amendment waving on the website of a private company based in Sweden? You're giving your age away there.) is that GMG's capsule client is terrible. I generally buy games that register their keys elsewhere for that reason, while Amazon picks up the slack for what would otherwise be capsule games. It's worked really well so far for me. Of the 10 pre-orders I've purchased through GMG, not one has ever been too late for a pre-load. They may not have been the first, that's almost always Steam, but it'd usually be within 48 hours of the pre-load starting. I can't say the same for GG.

I'm sure they have had key problems before and I'm not downplaying that, just that in my personal experience they've been far more reliable (and cheaper!) than GG has. This whole debacle has just been the final straw.

By chuckie001 posted 4th Dec 2012

So, GamersGate, any news regarding other occurencies of "poor choice of words" throughout this site? Any news about the "permanent" 15% discount that allows one to "always" save when buying here?

By snake4851 posted 5th Dec 2012

Well i guess it is safe to say by now that gamers gate will not be taking any responsibility for their actions. I guess I will be using Green Man Gaming from now on. With their recent promotion of 30% off of almost everything even pre-orders it leaves gamers gate in the dust anyway.

By ARustyFirePlace posted 5th Dec 2012

Yeah I'm done with Gamersgate

moving to GMG

By kruell posted 5th Dec 2012

What the hell? How can a "permanent" discount expire? Don't give promises you can't hold, that is really important for a company/service if you want any customers... I feel cheated. Now I will just buy less games from here and go to other services.

By megaflux1 posted 6th Dec 2012

..its over people, they would have done something by now if they gave a fuck but clearly they dont. the lack of response out of them pretty much says it all, your only recourse is to exploit the fuck out of the current buy 3 get 1 free promotion (crysis 3 has some nice bonuses if you can find 4 suckers that want it).

OVER <dont be gamersgate, it means what it says.

By snake4851 posted 6th Dec 2012

Good deal or not it is not worth giving them any more money.

By megaflux1 posted 6th Dec 2012

"Good deal or not it is not worth giving them any more money"

^should be their new motto!

By snake4851 posted 10th Dec 2012

I guess everyone left for greener pastures.

By mindmurderer posted 10th Dec 2012

@snake GMG has been running 25%-30% coupons that are multi use for their games, and if you take a survey you get 35% off code and if you pre purchased a game you get a 35% off code... way beats the PERMANENT/ALWAYS 15% code here

By megaflux1 posted 10th Dec 2012

the 35% codes you speak of are 1 time use, the others CANT be used on EVERY game (mostly just old ones). infact you cant even use the 35% ones on bioshock infinite for example.

never mind that most of the games gmg has its sales on are for crapsule. no discount on this planet makes installing crapsule on your machine worth it. the 15% was a BONUS by the way, asin if the game was already 50% off we got 15% off the price after the 50%.

im sure a few people did goto GMG, but the smart ones are probably going to or or other grey market sites for their preorders now.

By Stoibs posted 10th Dec 2012

Yeah GmG is where it's at right now, picked up several Pre-orders for cheaper then those "grey" key sites even have them at.
Like all my purchases with them, they're steamworks anyway, no need to use yet another client program is always a good thing :)

By tmwfte posted 10th Dec 2012

Also, with GMG you don't have to worry about your game potentially being yanked from your account.

By snake4851 posted 11th Dec 2012

Bioshock infinite is one of the only games that you can not use a promotional code on because it gives you a cash back promotion. any game that already has a cash back promotion on it cant be combined with a % discount. But pretty much every other game on the site can be including most every pre-order. I have not seen any sites that can beat the price GMG can usually offer.

By megaflux1 posted 11th Dec 2012

"Also, with GMG you don't have to worry about your game potentially being yanked from your account."- really? why dont you show me how you install a game from their site without using the internet at all? because if their site goes down there go all your games (if they use crapsule).

also lets not overlook the fact that those promo codes for 35% EXPIRE around the first of the year (21 days for the preorder one and the 1st of the year for the questionnaire one). so since you have to buy a game to begin with to get them it isnt like you can use them on that game (i honestly have no interest in any preorders they or anyone else currently offer), and even then the fun REALLY begins with the roll of the dice on if you will get your keys in time for launch or not, because they are pretty well known for giving out their keys a day or 2 AFTER the games actually come out on steam.

By tmwfte posted 11th Dec 2012

People ocmplain about the grey market key site games being pulled from their accounts on Steam regularly. That's what I'm talking about, not something that uses Capsule.

However, if you're arguing about sites going down and being unable to access any games whatsoever, you shouldn't be buying anything from any digital download site.

By megaflux1 posted 11th Dec 2012

why? i can download a game on gamersgate and run the installer if im not connected to the internet. cant do that with crapsule or steam.

you have to go to reputable grey market sites like the ones i listed, not just use google shopping and pick the cheapest price. due diligence and all, if the site has only existed for 1 month, you are probably going to get screwed. if the site has existed for say 5 years and paypal still does business with them you can be fairly sure you are in the clear.

while sometimes even those sites cant get a good price on the games the price you pay closer to launch or right at launch generally kills any legit etailers. examples? i got borderlands2 WITH season pass for 25$ 2 days before launch (i think they goofed personally) and far cry 3 for 35$ (and i got it 5 days early) it isnt like i didnt look at other sites, they just DID infact have it far cheaper than ANYONE else.

By chuckie001 posted 11th Dec 2012

Today is a good day to not buy Torchlight II. Also, I have noticed that GamersGate has deleted my support ticket without even letting me know about it. That is an... interesting way to treat a customer.

By xyzaz posted 11th Dec 2012

Oh no! My lifetime discount has came to the end. Does it mean I am dead? O_o

By Hardtarget posted 11th Dec 2012

y'know it's a shame how this is happening, if we had gotten any kind of advance noticed I guess I'd be ok with it but instead it was just pulled all of a sudden

I've bought quite a few things over the last year from gamersgate so it's really a shame I'll no longer be able to buy things from them due to their horrible customer service and policies in this matter.

By Sivy posted 13th Dec 2012

I haven't had any issues with gamers gate prices, I bought ACIII for $65 ALOT cheaper then a lot of other places for ACIII deluxe, Buy when there are sales, I always put on, Alert me when price is dropped, I always get high discounts 25%-75% off. If you aren't patient to wait for sales you will always lose. I have no issues with GG

By chuckie001 posted 13th Dec 2012

I think this isn't (only) about prices -- this is about a company that dares to go back on their word. What guarantee is there that something similar is not going to happen in the future? What guarantee is there that they will not remove all blue coins, or the unused activation codes? How can one interact with a company that does not keep its promises?

By City Builder posted 15th Dec 2012

That's exactly what this is about, it's not just the 15% that they've decided was okay to remove even after giving it permanently, it's about a company that feels it can go back on it's word when ever it doesn't agree with them.

We have no guarantee that anything that we've bought on the GG website will be there tomorrow, they could very well just remove all games in our library tomorrow and claim that permanent never really meant that we'd have permanent access to our games library.

It's a load of crap and I sincerely hope that Gamersgate burns for it through their consumers drying up and shopping elsewhere. They stink and they should know it.

By megaflux1 posted 15th Dec 2012

guys, take the needle off the record. the same points have been repeated here ad nauseam, its already history (much like gamersgate to ALOT of people). if they were going to do something they would have done it by now, clearly they dont WANT to keep customers around.

By snake4851 posted 16th Dec 2012

I think everyone that has not voiced their anger at GG's lies should keep adding to this thread if for nothing else just to show them how much business they have lost.

By megaflux1 posted 16th Dec 2012

@snake, well then we should just start a new thread of "games i DIDNT buy at gamersgate".
trust me they know how much they fucked up, they simply dont care, and whats more alot of people who arent buying games here just plain dont come to the site anymore period.

By snake4851 posted 17th Dec 2012

Still worth keeping the log open.

By megaflux1 posted 17th Dec 2012

why? i mean you DO get that the people who matter most are the ones who will never visit the site again right? like those people arent even giving them a CHANCE of selling them a game. the only people who will still post are people who are still shopping the site (which gamersgate doesnt give a fuck about because clearly they can shit all over us).

By City Builder posted 17th Dec 2012

The price for Victoria 2: A House Divided Expansion was just reduced on GamersGate!

Sorry GG, I just don't care anymore. You may well have put this on sale but I won't shop with you anymore. When I had a discount I wouldn't even have thought twice about it, I would have just bought this from you, but now I can't trust you anymore.

By snake4851 posted 18th Dec 2012

Thats the spirit. Let them know the money they have lost out on.

By Frost3000 posted 18th Dec 2012

Thanks IGN, im in the same mood like most of the people now.
IGN stop spam my email folder!
Sorry Gamersgate but without the discount, your prices are like everybody elses...except your great discountsales like now with rage.

By megaflux1 posted 18th Dec 2012

the prices are really sort of the same except you can exploit the crap out of the 4 for 3 deal (which is 25% off if you work it right). im just saying, they swapped one sort of discount out for a different kind of discount (that is a fuck-ton less convenient). just buy 4 games that are 5$ for 15$ like rage and possibly a couple new dlc's and you see the savings.

By snake4851 posted 19th Dec 2012

Very true Frost3000. Green Man Gaming is the best prices i have found.

By megaflux1 posted 19th Dec 2012

greenman sucks without their codes too (which there are none of at the moment by the way). never mind crapsule being THE biggest piece of shit delivery system ever, they have added their own layer of drm by using it! GMG also eats a fat one as far as getting people thier coder on time for preorders and has frequently run out of codes for games that arent even in preorder status (recent example would be guild wars). they also have gaping holes in their catalog, which befuddles me since they sell alot of steam codes but NOT games like terraria or rocksmith.

over all the best prices come from buying games in bundles which are easy enough to track by simply checking every day.

By megaflux1 posted 19th Dec 2012

in particular look at:

compare prices on gmg... go on.

By Stoibs posted 19th Dec 2012

Not sure what Comparing an indie bundle to the prices of these games individually on a digital service proves.
Indie Bundles are always ridiculously good value for money.

GmG certainly is one of the cheapest for pre-order Steamworks titles I've found.
Can't complain at 1/3 to 1/2 of steam's prices, I've yet to have an issue with my keys either.

By megaflux1 posted 19th Dec 2012

because comparing prices is comparing prices. if you can compare gmg's SALE prices to steams normal prices you can compare gmg's prices to indie bundle prices.

GMG also has different offers for NA and EU alot of the time (i bought TSW last week for 5$ there but it wasnt even possible for my friend in denmark). another example is you are comparing a game like majestic 12 (today 75% off) on gmg vs steam normal price, except majestic 12 on GMG ISNT A STEAM GAME! it "requires crapsule" to play.

for preorder/new releases as i have mentioned before grey market all day. their little 7$ back on a 60$ game scheme is also REALLY not too impressive considering that isnt even 15%, and to keep it in the form of GMG credit for 15$ while appearing to be a 25% discount REALLY isnt since it limits you to GMG versions of games which again are NOT always steam games nor are they really drm free.

By megaflux1 posted 19th Dec 2012

for all you gmg fanbois this should be a fun read:

there are no saints on this planet. they AGGRESSIVELY prune their forums too so when you search "preorder key" you get like 3 hits when you should get several hundred if not thousand.

By Stoibs posted 19th Dec 2012

I'm not comparing GmG's sale prices to Steam's normal prices though, I'm talking about Pre-orders. I typically pick up my pre-purchases for $29-$36 at GmG, to Steam's regional $60-$90 cop out. Indeed a bit of a slap in the face they changed the expiration on that 35% voucher though ;(, I suppose unlike Gamersgate they at the very least made the announcement it was going to expire about a week beforehand, and fortunately I was able to use it to get a $29.50 Tomb Raider, compared to Steam's $63. :D

But yeah would never buy a non-steamworks title from them, got enough 3rd party client programs jammed down my throat to ever be interested in Capsule.

By chuckie001 posted 20th Dec 2012

No Fallout 3 GOTY for me today.

By snake4851 posted 20th Dec 2012

i am with ya stoibs. I only ever order games with steamworks. Once in a while a DRM free game.

By megaflux1 posted 21st Dec 2012

"I'm not comparing GmG's sale prices to Steam's normal prices though, I'm talking about Pre-orders." - um that IS comparing a sale price to a normal price though. i mean not to even nit pick, that is exactly what it comes down to. steam gets 30% of all their retail prices, GMG and some other sites sacrifice that 30% profit to pass the discount on to their customers. steam is just greedy whores. how they occasionally go below 30% is kind of beyond me but i suspect it is either a region thing or they are really taking a loss. i kind of admire them if they ARE taking a loss JUST to screw steam. it almost brings it back full circle to Gamersgate offering 15% off (since that is only 1/2 of the 30%), there was really no reason to yank it except the number of people that obtained the discount without subscribing to prime.

By Alcifer posted 21st Dec 2012

I'm not sure if it worked this way, but if the discount applied to purcahses of blue coins then it could technically have been used twice for each purchase. Once for the coins and once when spending them, along with the 5% cashback on both purchases.

By megaflux1 posted 21st Dec 2012

yea you got "-15% IGN discount" on all purchases. it was taken off BEFORE the blue coins were calculated thought.

By snake4851 posted 21st Dec 2012

ironic that they are missing out on so much money over the holidays because of their greed.

By megaflux1 posted 21st Dec 2012

not really, aside from my suicide theory (which is the only logical reason they would pull some bullshit like this) they really wouldnt have made that much. people know about the steam sale and have probably been more or less saving up for IT rather than buying the mostly third string games gamersgate has been having on sale (wtf is with victoria? it seems that game is on sale constantly). i know i personally havent seen much of anything on this site worth buying since their sale started.

By megaflux1 posted 21st Dec 2012

they are now 2 hours late changing over the sale items and they were supposed to start an even bigger holiday push today (2 hours ago). im telling you guys they dont WANT your $. they want the business to fail so they can write it off.

By Alcifer posted 21st Dec 2012

If you mean the daily deals, those have been updated with the exception of Fallout 3 GOTY, although the 4th deal was visible earlier as Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition (

The dealy might be because there was a user asking about the German version of Fallout 3, or it might just be an oversight.

By megaflux1 posted 21st Dec 2012

those are the same ones i had yesterday... and they were supposed to be doing 8 today instead of 4... AND the new indie fort was supposed to be out today.

By megaflux1 posted 21st Dec 2012

if you doubt me you can check their facebook page and explain why they were posting about todays deals over 15 hours ago.

By megaflux1 posted 21st Dec 2012

now it is showing 4 MP3 dlcs including season pass, some of which dont even have the discount anymore... and still no indie bundle. its almost asif they were banking on the world ending, OR they seriously just cant be bothered to even do a 1/2 assed job anymore.

By mindmurderer posted 28th Dec 2012

and they just shot themselves in the foot again.......

By Typo posted 28th Dec 2012

I couldnt agree more, only this one deserves a lawsuit. They are going (once again) against their own words where they told us we could ask for a refund or wait till mid jan to get keys AND they are going against their own TOS which states "GamersGate reserves the right to change the price and availability of any products at any time without notice; provided, however, such price change will not affect your purchase price for orders that GamersGate has already received from you and processed." and on top of that, in more than one country, they are breaking the law. This company does not deserve anyones money ever again, the only thing they deserve is a lawsuit and I pray one starts and I can be involved. This isn't right!

By megaflux1 posted 28th Dec 2012

im thinking by mid april this site will be gone.

By rcantora posted 28th Dec 2012

Yeah, that's exactly what I read in the grounds of my morning coffee.

By page305 posted 28th Dec 2012

This needed a bump considering all that's going one!


By ceildric posted 28th Dec 2012

Unfortunately that's not how Gamersgate's Tutor works. You can't bump anything. All you accomplished was flagging this for the people who have already posted in the thread as having a new message.

Many of them probably do not even come around here (or not that often) anymore, given how they were screwed over. I only come by lately to see how the latest mess pans out.

By mindmurderer posted 28th Dec 2012 They admitted a mistake here and are willing to work and fufill some orders. why wont they do the same to the IGN/GamersGate code. i would have bought some things from them this holiday but with Amazons awesome sales they just cant beat it, but if they still owned up and had the 15% then it would have made a difference.

By Bryssa posted 28th Dec 2012

Mindmurderer, it's very unlikely that they're working to fulfill some orders.

I received a full refund despite redeeming some games from the Beth pack, as have many others. What they most likely mean in regards to "working with publishers in respect to partially filled orders" is begging Bethesda/2K to revoke already used keys from Steam.

They're being just as shady here as they were with the IGN code, so don't worry. Everybody's going to remain equally screwed over. :)

By lFlapjackl posted 28th Dec 2012

You don't know what they are doing so please don't try. Maybe if you were a bit more hopeful, you wouldn't talk about stuff you know nothing about. Rumors are just that, you don't know if they are revoking games. But if they are, please tell us with proof. Because that's a lot more than just your word.

By Bryssa posted 28th Dec 2012

Come on now.

If they were going to fulfill partial orders why would they cancel the order, refund people and remove the games from their library, including the already redeemed ones?

That makes no sense whatsoever. So either they're compounding the problem by screwing up the cancellation/refund process or they're going to revoke keys.

Unless you actually think that after all of this they're going to just let people keep their now free games?

By megaflux1 posted 29th Dec 2012

yea im with bry, you dont trust someone to NOT fuck you up the ass after they already raped you once. they more than likely ARE trying to get the keys revoked (which honestly if they issued a refund it is kind of their right to).

this is like 3 MAJOR debacles in 2 months, you just dont put faith in companies that regularly screw their customers. that would be insanity.

By ceildric posted 29th Dec 2012

Well, if the publishers and Steam aids Gamersgate in any way by revoking keys, I will never buy anything from them again. I will play my extensive backlog, and I will get new indie games on Desura (a platform I am growing more and more interested in in the last month or so).

There is no way that GG's price screw-up harms anyone but themselves, unless GG is failing to pay the publishers. If that is the case it is on them to figure out a way to do so that does not involve illegal forced refunds and key revocations.

By megaflux1 posted 29th Dec 2012

desura DOES rock, infact personally i wish EA/ubi/squarenix/thq etc would open their own service JUST to cock steam in the ass. the fact that steam has taken to selling garbage software and horning in on the indie game market just makes me hate them ALOT more. steam is the WORST thing to ever happen to pc gaming.

speaking of indie i have been playing this realm explorer game that looks like itll go places.

By mindmurderer posted 30th Dec 2012

actually what this place has done is the worst thing to happen. EA has Origin ubi has UPlay and THQ/Square use Steamworks for the most part. but yeah steam trying to budge in on Desuras market is crap. i love desuras massive MOD community.something steam is lacking horribly

By megaflux1 posted 30th Dec 2012

maybe i said it wrong, i meant for all the big publishers to join forces to make 1 service for all their games and NOT give steam access to them (i do realize some have individually done it though). steam can keep bethesda though... they are setting themselves up to be another bioware anyways (farming games out to obsidian, making them increasingly idiot friendly, pretending plot is more important than gameplay). steams mod community to me is sadly more about cheating than anything else.

By Bryssa posted 30th Dec 2012

At least we can all agree that Desura is pretty awesome.

I've been pretty happy with Amazon as well, though their library sorting leaves quite a bit to be desired.

By mindmurderer posted 30th Dec 2012

but some just cant beat Amazons sales for the most part,i have issues with GMG, me being in US i cant buy any Ubisoft games from GMG (they had a 1 day sale on farcry 3 last week). and i agree with the steam mods being more about cheating. and now that i understand about the 1 service, you know they will just become as greedy as steam is. since like GOG steam is a developers selling site, unlike here or Amazon and countless others.

By megaflux1 posted 30th Dec 2012

the difference would be that the 30% would be gone if we were getting the games from the developers themselves. steams only product is something other companies create. they get 30% of the sale on items they had nothing at all to do with the creation of, remove that 30% and the publishers getting the $ directly would lead to a much fairer and honest platform.

by the way you can pick up king arthurs gold for 10$ during their holiday special@

By mindmurderer posted 31st Dec 2012

the 1 flaw in your statement is VALVe. which is the development company that owns steam. so their "only product" part is wrong. unlike this site and amazon and GMG and Getgamesgo which solely sell games not create games

By megaflux1 posted 31st Dec 2012

valve and steam are completely different entities. valve is a developer, steam is a distribution platform.

By Alcifer posted 31st Dec 2012

Valve developed and owns the Steam platform, initially so that they could publish and distribute their own games. It was only later that Vavle began publishing and distributing games for other developers.

By megaflux1 posted 31st Dec 2012

duh, but they are COMPLETELY separate entities. dont believe me? call the valve support number and start telling them about an issue with your steam account. they will tell you they have "nothing" to do with steam and you have to contact them directly.

also you say "later" like it was much later, it wasnt though. either way steam develops NOTHING, just like dell develops nothing. they just resell other peoples products at a huge markup.

By Alcifer posted 31st Dec 2012

Of course Steam develops nothing, it's a service/product not a development studio. Steam is owned and run by Valve corporation, just because one department don't deal with customer support for another doesn't make them separate companies.

Saying that Steam doesn't make games is like saying that Windows doesn't develop software. It's true but it's also missing the point completely.

By megaflux1 posted 31st Dec 2012

how is it missing the point? i mean aside from you incorrectly pretending the name of the company is "windows" and not "microsoft" its REALLY pretty much the same... i mean microsoft game studios obviously does make games, they are a subsidiary though.

look at it realistically: what made more money in the past 12 months? every single game valve ever developed, or the games they have sold through steam?

steam really has become FAR more than valve ever will be (and i LOVE half life) it IS a completely separate entity though. when i call microsoft i gan get support for software, hardware (360, keyboards, etc), and even some middleware. you DONT get that from valve. just like contacting support for zenimax will do NOTHING to solve problems with bethesda games.

valve produces a product (that they very very slowly produce) steam doesnt, they just make fuckloads of $ RENTING other peoples products.

By Alcifer posted 31st Dec 2012

The distinction I was trying to make is that Steam is to Valve what Windows is to Microsoft, one is a product and the other is the company that created it.

In your words, "steam is a distribution platform". It is not a company, when you buy from Steam the company you are dealing with is Valve. When you contact someone on Steam support they are employed by Valve.

By mindmurderer posted 31st Dec 2012

"Valve® Corporation and Valve S.A.R.L (collectively, “Valve”) respect the privacy of its online visitors and users of its products and services. Valve recognizes the importance of protecting information collected from users and has adopted this privacy policy to inform users about how Valve gathers, stores, and uses information derived from their use of Valve products, services and online sites. " straight from STEAM Privacy policy. saying that their customer service is different is true because they are different departments try contacting att their customer service is completly different numbers from phone/tv/internet/mobile. one cant help in another.

By brightsim posted 7th Jan 2013

20% off for one year for all people who did not get the borderlands 4-pack - are you serious? :D

By Hardtarget posted 25th Feb 2013

wait, what?

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