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By Valdus70 posted 12th Nov 2012

i just got cortex command and it works fine but every time i try to go to fullscreen its says resolution not supported how do i get better resolution?


By Idk303 posted 12th Nov 2012

Have you tried setting a launch option? If not, go to your library, right click on the game, and click properties. Then select set launch option. From there type -w YOUR MONITOR'S WIDTH HERE -h YOUR MONITOR'S height here. For example, my resolution is 1366x768 so I would do -w 1366 -h 768. Hope this helped.

By rcantora posted 12th Nov 2012

I have read that modifying the settings.ini file does the trick. Make a backup of "Cortex Command\Base.rte\settings.ini" file, then open the original file and set your full screen resolution there. Save it and launch the game. Hope it helps.

By Valdus70 posted 12th Nov 2012

thanks all

By gamersgate posted 12th Nov 2012

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 13th Nov 2012

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