Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition

Game does not install with Windows 8

By Gerhard Schmid posted 11th Nov 2012

The installer says the system is not compatible with GTA IV.

There is info on the web that this game worked with the developer preview of win 8.

Is there a way to install it with the current version?


By schmuttah posted 11th Nov 2012

Maybe you can install it and try to play it in compability mode. Otherwise I would recommend having two partitions on your system. One with an old Windows version and one with 8. That way you can play all the old games.

By lFlapjackl posted 11th Nov 2012

It may be possible to run the installer in compatibility mode, that should solve the problem if possible.

By goranmax posted 11th Nov 2012

Did you had problems with download stream? Did you had to unpause downloads if they have stopped?

By demondean posted 11th Nov 2012

only compatible mode should be used with this game as only xp and vista is supported

By cyclon2010 posted 11th Nov 2012

I had the same problem with windows 8 and gta IV
I Try compatibility mode but doesn't work
any solution

By theonekai posted 11th Nov 2012

Downgrade to windows 7. MAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH Seriously, Windows 8 isnt't really worth a crap right now for gamers

By demondean posted 11th Nov 2012

it is extremely unlikely that there will ever be any support,update or patch to run on 8,please keep this in mind when playing older games.

By Ingootje posted 11th Nov 2012

Downgrade it further because in the systemrequirements it says
OS: Windows Vista - Service Pack 1 / Windows XP - Service Pack 3

By cyclon2010 posted 11th Nov 2012

I get cracked ver. from this game, and I Install in windows 8 without any problems and use my key it's worked also without any problems, without using compatibility mode

By goranmax posted 11th Nov 2012

Try do delete Games for Windows client that came with the game and install this one:
For some people supposedly worked.

By cyclon2010 posted 12th Nov 2012

try to use setup file could work without autorun

By megaflux1 posted 12th Nov 2012

yea try using a "game" installer or maybe a setup.exe instead of the msi.

on a side note MS really needs to knock this stuff off.

By qiaoyech posted 13th Nov 2012

It works for me in win8 without using any compatibility mode (I have both retail version and steam version). Are you sure you applied all the update, including the one that got rid of their stupid DRM (ehm... social club).

You might need to install Game for Windows Live for windows 8, as well as directx 9.0c, and visual c++ distributable.
Note you need to pick the correct architecture to download.
Alternatively, download an xliveless.dll hack (go to any mod site) to get rid of Game for Windows Live. But doing this disassociates your local account from your online account. xliveless is usually necessary if you install any game mod (like having realistic damage, purchase businesses, first person driving, gas limits, play as a cop, etc. etc.)

By cyclon2010 posted 13th Nov 2012

the problem is with installer that you download it from gamersgate site, because I try another version using my key that I get it from this site in windows 8 , I am playing the game now with any problems in windows 8

By cloud998 posted 17th Nov 2012

I had this problem too. i managed to get it to work by running the installer in windows XP SP3 compatibility to get it through the installation then i applied a patch to make it work without running in compatibility or XP sandbox mode


By megaflux1 posted 17th Nov 2012

for the downloader to work properly MAKE SURE you add an exception to your antivirus (for every single game you download from gamersgate since they are all separate downloaders)for download grand theft auto 4.exe (or whatever its called).

By fritzkrautenberger posted 21st Nov 2012

It seems to be the downloader is not the issue. I had the same issue. I ran the game installer in Windows Vista SP2 compatibility mode. Windows XP SP3 did not work for me. I had the updated Games for Windows live already installed. You might want to install that first at

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