Farming Simulator 2013

source file corrupted

By timxxx posted 4th Nov 2012



By Psyringe posted 4th Nov 2012

When do you get this message? If you get it during installation, then:

- uninstall the game (if it did install)
- delete all downloaded files
- temporarily disable antivirus software
- download the game again
- install it
- re-enable antivirus after installation was successful

By timxxx posted 4th Nov 2012

on install

By timxxx posted 4th Nov 2012

tryed all that

By denizsi posted 4th Nov 2012

Have you also tried disabling your Firewall or adding the game downloader to Firewall exceptions?

By timxxx posted 5th Nov 2012

yeah still nothing ???

By nicowolter2004 posted 5th Nov 2012

Is the Windows you try to install a version 7 the problem may be solved by user rights it may be that the installation file is write protected by windows because it menas its a system file and you are not allowed to change something on it.

By Rommel459 posted 6th Nov 2012

It might be that the file that Gamersgate has on their servers became corrupted at some point, that would tell as being the most likely case if you get this error message at the end of the download but before beginning the installation... i say this because that was the case when i was getting the exact error you're describing... the only way to solve it in that case is to contact gamersgate support directly and get them to fix the download file on their servers... but again if you get this error during the actual installation and not during the download, then that won't be the issue.

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