Hearts of Iron 3 Their Finest Hour

Will not run

By nelly_P posted 20th Oct 2012

many problems some sorted. I have loaded on clean install with all packs and it runs ok up to FTM
lua51.dll and tb.dll i had to add manually despite anti virus and firewall off.
The US sprite problem fixed.
Still cannot run TFH I now get run time error about ready to give up totaly so any help appreciated.


By Alcifer posted 20th Oct 2012

Have you got the latest version of the visual c++ redistributable installed? It might be worth installing that: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5555

By Link Strife posted 20th Oct 2012

Make sure you have at least version 3.05 for FtM before installing tFH.

By nelly_P posted 20th Oct 2012

Thanks Alcifer, downloaded and added c++ redistributable unfortunatly this did not cure the problem

By nelly_P posted 20th Oct 2012

I Have FTM at 3.05 and UBYY checksum

By pedromadruga14 posted 21st Oct 2012

Maybe you should send an e-mail to paradox explaining your problem, but maybe you must wait for a patch to TFH

By Leslac posted 21st Oct 2012

Could you be more specific about your problem?

There was apparently a problem with the Gamersgate installer for HOI3, it was fixed by the 30 september 2012, so if you downloaded your installer before that date, I'd redownload everything...

Read more here:

Also, if it's a crash related issue, there's a long checklist of items to go through here:

Finally if you haven't done so already, I'd register your games on the Paradox website and get access to the latest beta, which might just fix a lot of your problems...

By lollibast posted 16th Jun 2013

I can't get tfh to work. First it would not start due to some .dll's missing, although they were in the hoi3 directory. I copied them to the windows folder but when i try to start tfh it just gives me an error message hoi3_tfh.ese doesn't work...

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