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By orblor posted 30th Sep 2012

I have purchased, installed and downloaded Sims 3 for Mac, but it requires me to provide a verification code. I would have no problem if this was purchased as a disc, but I have downloaded from GG. Due to this, I have had some difficulty locating the aforementioned verification code. I would greatly appreciate it if someone would inform me on where to locate this code. Thank you and happy gaming.


By demondean posted 30th Sep 2012

if you mean serial key then that will right next to the download tab,just select reveal.

By orblor posted 30th Sep 2012

I do not think I meant serial key, and if that it is what it meant, I do not see any buttons next to my download tab that say, 'reveal.' I believe what has happened is that I had received the conformation email a long time ago (I am re-downloading the Sims due to some problems), when I had first made the purchase. I will check to see if I have kept the email or deleted it. If it is the latter, how can I recover this 'serial key' or 'verification code?'

By Psyringe posted 30th Sep 2012

I don't see what else you could have meant beside a serial key. You're looking for a key that you need to enter in order to play the game, right? That's a serial key. If you mean something else, please explain as exactly as possible when and where you need to enter it.

GamersGate never sends serial keys by email, so looking for one in old mails will be a waste of effort.

Click on "My Library -> My Shelf -> All Games..." to see your list of games. Click on Sims 3 in the list. Look at the right-hand pane. There, below the game's cover art and download button, you should see either your key, or a button to reveal your key. Press it.

If you don't see such a button, then something went wrong, and you need to write to support. A link to support is at the bottom of the page.

By orblor posted 30th Sep 2012

I located it on my own, but thank you both for your help.

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