UFO: Aftershock

Is this already patched to version 1.2.1?

By s3rialthrill3r posted 7th Sep 2012

I'd like to know this before I install the unofficial patch (1.3). Thanks in advance.


By Rotty posted 7th Sep 2012


Usually the patches are listed under the game in your Game shelf here at Gamers Gate (on the right). If patch 1.2.1 is listed I guess it is not installed. You can try and install 1.2.1 and see if it prompts that it is already installed, just to make sure.

good luck !

/ Rotty

By schmuttah posted 7th Sep 2012

U can usually see what patch the game runs, in the start menu, in one of the corners, upper right or left or lower right or left.

By s3rialthrill3r posted 8th Sep 2012

Yeah, I started it up and it said "1.2". Thing is, the 1.2.1 patch supposedly makes the game compatible with Windows 7 ( which I am using). So, I am confused. Could it be that it does have 1.2.1 installed already, but it says "1.2" anyway?

By schmuttah posted 8th Sep 2012

If you can play it on Windows 7 and if the patch 1.2.1 was the one making it compatible with win 7 then you have it :)

By s3rialthrill3r posted 10th Sep 2012

Yeah, perhaps you're right. Case solved I gues

By gamersgate posted 10th Sep 2012

Marked as solved!

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