Arsenal of Democracy: A Hearts of Iron Game

aod 1.07

By Steve Davis posted 27th Aug 2012

my game keeps creaching or freezing when I operate at above normal speed?


By Licurg posted 27th Aug 2012

Apparently, the game is faulty and can't run faster than normal speed. It is even mentioned in a few reviews for the game.

By onewayshot posted 27th Aug 2012

steam has an update for your problem

or try the latest patches

By kunadam2 posted 28th Aug 2012

You should go AoD's forum part at Paradox Interactive.

Once you have registered your game (with the code you received here), you can post in the technical support part.

There they can answer your question.
I had no problem with AoD slowing down or having problems at higher speeds. So it is not a general problem with the game, it is most probably related to some driver issue.

By Notski posted 2nd Sep 2012

Reinstall and patch the game to 1.08 which you'll find in the Paradox Interactive forums.

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