Invalid Product Key

By Braden1996 posted 19th Aug 2012

I bought this game today, and when I tried to activate the seriel - TRP4-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX - It said it was an 'Invalid Product Code'. I also had this very same issue with Settlers 7. One of the reasons I bought those two was to increase my Steam games list XD


By demondean posted 19th Aug 2012

that's because it is not a steam version so can't be activated on steam,hence why you have an invalid response

By Braden1996 posted 20th Aug 2012

How can I tell if it's a Steam version, or not?

By demondean posted 20th Aug 2012

it will tell you on the game page for any game that you wish to purchase here if steam is required,please view the requirements before purchasing.

By Twigleaf posted 20th Aug 2012

I have not seen mention that this game or Settlers 7 are ones that can be activated on STEAM. Usually they will put Steam, as a 3rd party software requirement, on the sys reqs when they sell games that are exclusive to Steam DRM. However, I am not so certain, that Tropico 4/Settlers relies " solely " on STEAM. I was curious also if the authorization keys were steam compatible, simply because STEAM is great for patching and updates. But unless it actually says it needs STEAM, I would not put too much thought into making it work on Steam. It's probably just a standard Gamersgate download. You are still getting a good game/s at a great price. I too would have thought this would have been Steam Compatible, but there are apparently not liscensed down to just the one distributor I guess.

By demondean posted 20th Aug 2012

Any steam version of a game sold here will say the following:

DRM:Steamworks (Requires a third-party download and account)
Activation:Can be activated on Steam

By Anubisath posted 20th Aug 2012

Go to the following site, it has the list of all the games that can be activated on Steam with retail/digital keys which were bought elsewhere than Steam:

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