Dawn of Discovery Gold Edition

Is there a tutorial for this game?

By Soogie posted 21st Jul 2012

I'm looking for a tutlrial or manual for this game. Is there one?


By AtheistDane posted 21st Jul 2012

You can also download it here it seems: http://replacementdocs.com/download.php?view.8371

By AtheistDane posted 21st Jul 2012

If you don't wanna download anything try to look here:

C:\.....\dawn of discovery\support\addon\manual.pdf

By Link Strife posted 21st Jul 2012

I did a quick search for you on Google ("Dawn of Discovery tutorial"). There are several videos available on YouTube. I did not check them out individually but knock yourself out and have fun!
Here is the link to a result page listing a few of them (try it without copy/paste!):


edit: It did not show very well, did it?. It look fine when I typed it. Anyway, it might be easier just doing the google search.

By FallingStar0280 posted 23rd Jul 2012

Additionally, the tutorial is basically playing the campaign. It starts pretty simply and holds you by the hand, slowly introducing new concepts. You might have already figured that out by now, but hope you enjoy the game.

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