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Rulers of Nations 3??

By ApacheCelt97 posted 15th Jul 2012

Hi does anybody have any info on a new Geo political sim coming out? i have been told it was supposed to be coming out around this time now but im guessing that since our actual global politics right now is so intense it could be delayed because of that since i was told it was to be coming out. any info any1? :)


By Alcifer posted 15th Jul 2012

There doesn't appear to be any mention of it on the developers site:

By ApacheCelt97 posted 15th Jul 2012

I know ya i see that thanks, thats why i was thinking it was strange since i emailed them a good few months ago when i 1st got the game and the person said it was due to come out around mid year or just after, so im just guessing maybe now there wont be. RON- geo pol sim 2 was a good game but was so head wrecking if u had a ountry with big debt like my own (ireland) and the real life changes that shud be made i believe were impossible to do in the game. very interested in getting fate of the world tipping point, seems very interesting, if u like RON u shud chek it out , im getting it next wk so haven played it yet but id say it be good enough. and thanks for the link

By Dr.Shrapn3l posted 16th Jul 2012

By gamersgate posted 18th Jul 2012

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