Rollercoaster Tycoon 2: Triple Thrill Pack

Game won't load up

By Willd0689 posted 12th Jul 2012

I've tried so many different methods to get this game working, scouring this site and others for ages but i still get the error message "RCT2.EXE has stopped working" apon startup. I've tried running it in different combatibility modes, installing it somewhere else, patching it but nothing works, please help!
Im running Windows vista home premium service pack 2, intelcore 2duo CPU E4500 @2.20Ghz and 2GB of RAM


By demondean posted 12th Jul 2012

do make sure that your direct x 9 is upto date even though you have vista direct x 9 is still required to run this game.

By voken posted 12th Jul 2012

Try this:

What you need to do is find the game exe and open properties and go to the compatibility tab. On this set the operating system to Windows 95 or Windows 98, check Disable Visual Themes, Disable desktop composition and check Run as this program as Administrator and click ok.

By voken posted 12th Jul 2012

If the advise above doesn't work:

Have you tried installing a patch for the game?

By pattelito posted 17th Jul 2012

I have the same problem. And I can't get it to work!

By DoctorCheese posted 17th Jul 2012

I had the same problem and I found that this solved my issues:

It is completely safe, I assure you. With this patch, which may or may not work (as I was told from the original poster on a different site, so back up your original exe), you want to extract the RCT2.exe to your RCT2 installation path, where the original exe is located.

By pattelito posted 17th Jul 2012

Thank you, did worked very well indeed :)

By phlum posted 18th Jul 2012

I used the patch DoctorCheese posted and the game runs, but doesn't load Time Twister for whatever reason.

By DoctorCheese posted 18th Jul 2012

Yes, that is one downside I have found with that patch. I've been looking for one that loads up everything, but so far I have had no luck. :(

By phlum posted 19th Jul 2012

Well, it'll have to do for now. At least it's running ;)
I've contacted GG support, hopefully they can get this thing sorted out. Seems like a few people are having this issue.

By FuzzieBoy posted 19th Jul 2012

I would like to add that I am also having this issue, and have done everything that people have suggested (except DoctorCheese's patch). I download and install the game fine, add it to DEP (as that's normally what stops older games working for me), run it, and I get a process called RCT2.EXE using 00 CPU and about 28,000 kb ram, which then just stops working, I don't even get an error message unless I use virtual XP mode, which gives me the basic "*Program name* has stopped working" with the "send" and "don't send" options.

By Grombart posted 22nd Jul 2012

I have the exact same problem. rct2.exe crashes instantly on startup... BUT: My old CD version works just fine so i highly suppose there's something wrong with the installer files maybe? I wanted to buy it again so i no longer have to insert a disc for playing.

Any more ideas?

By Forrl001 posted 22nd Jul 2012

the 2 only solutions from what i can see is to download the fixed exe that i posted earlier or gamersgate supply the game with an official modified exe

By Grombart posted 22nd Jul 2012

Yes, it seems that the version GG provides isn't as DRM free as it should be. ;) I wrote a ticket to support, let's see if they do something.

By pattelito posted 22nd Jul 2012

Yeah it looks like that.

By demondean posted 22nd Jul 2012

it appears to be the original version here and not the latest updated version so not gamersgate fault but still good for them to know of the current issue so they can obtain the latest build.

By Grombart posted 29th Jul 2012

Anyone has news from GG on this issue yet?

By pattelito posted 29th Jul 2012

GG should take the game of from the library until they find a viable fix.

By Grombart posted 29th Jul 2012

I haven't got a reply yet. :( How long did it take for you until GG gave you the refund and did you contact them over the supportcenter or per email? And btw is it somehow possible to login to the supportcenter to see the status of your query?

By 616 posted 29th Jul 2012

Iv'e also had this problem. The game is securom protected, installs securom, and refuses to start. I've uninstalled it and removed securom with Sony securom-remover. I got tired of waiting for support responses and downloaded the game from instead. DRM-free, and working.

The support wanted a screenshot of error message, but I had already uninstalled the game (and did not have the temporary files left), and I'm on mobile Internet connection now, so I didn't want to go through the trouble of downloading, installing again, and then remove everything. I have not seen any blue coins dropping in yet...

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