Alice: Madness Returns (UK)

obsolete release date check blocks activation

By melliecarma posted 8th Jul 2012

hi fellow gamers,

i downloaded + installed alice: madness returns (uk). when i want to play it there's a popup window mentioning a software called "release control" by sony dadc austria ag. afaik all it is intended to do is checking that you don't play the game before the release date which was somewhere back in july 2010. the certificate shown is also outdated. yet it keeps me from playing the game - i paid + downloaded a mere 7gb for nothing! while looking on the web i found a recommendation to try it with proxy enabled via start menu. i tried this. the only difference is that it actually performs the release date check now and tells me that it failed. it refers to ea website but the game isn't listed there so i guess they don't support it any more.

to make it clear i don't even get a chance to type in the activation code. download + installation seem to be okay (win 7/x64, opera 12.0, asus k53s notebook, core i5, nvidia gt 540m 1gb, 6gb ram)

i really wanted to play this game for a long time. is there any legal way to bypass this now obsolete release date check or does a patch exist? or should i just delete some drm files or replace them with working ones? i don't really want to download the whole monster again...



By demondean posted 8th Jul 2012

you only usually have a date check if you have pre ordered or have had a pre load for the game and just checks the region you are in to see it it has been released and then will aloow the game to unlock,so if you purchased here on gamersgate then you certainly need to inform them and they will check if something is wrong with the download for your region or indeed the server

By Alcifer posted 8th Jul 2012

You could try activating the game on origin. It might require you to download the game again though, sometimes it's possible to copy the install files to the origin directory and have it use those.

By melliecarma posted 8th Jul 2012


i just installed the origin client + registered the game with origin which worked, it shows up in my (origin) library now. obviously games from 2009 or later are supported and alice 02 is explicitly listed there. it states "game ready" alas when i wanna play guess what? that same nasty popup from sony austria - release date check which consequently fails... and fails...and fails again. i could type in the activation code this time though and it is valid but i still can't play.

i'll probably contact gamersgate/ea support about this bug. thanks for your suggestions so far. if you have any new ideas, however, keep them coming...!

@demondean: no, it's no preorder/preload version. i guess it's an uk version but i don't suspect that it would effect anything else than game language, voiceovers or the like.

By Alcifer posted 8th Jul 2012

If you are trying to run it in a region other than the UK it might be complaining about that, effectively checking to see if that version of the game is available in your region and finding that it "has yet to be released".
You did say that you tried running it while connected to a proxy though and I assume that would trick into thinking you were in the UK, so it may not be that.

By demondean posted 8th Jul 2012

yes i am guessing that it isnt available for your region and as it will be the uk edition you have does the check so says it's not available,either contact ea and ask if there is a released version for your region which there should be or ask the same to gamersgate and i'm sure they will supply you with the game for your region,uk editions are usually region locked which you have found out.

By melliecarma posted 9th Jul 2012

i think you guys are right + this is a region code issue. the game is available for my region (germany) but only at a much higher price. so i took advantage of this promo where i could get it for less than 10 euros. i don't mind the uk version as my english is good enough to comprehend what's going on but didn't expect such a hassle with regional code issues. there was no mentioning of it beforehand and my payment went through smoothly. often paying with paypal i don't really care about the currency or region - if i can order/download/install it and get charged for it i expect it to run. otherwise there should be a reference to the german version or an information like "this (uk) version isn't available in your region. please choose the german version."

@alcifer: i guess it could be looking for the isp which is definetely german. even using a proxy apparently doesn't help. maybe if i'd use a british one... but... it should be possible to activate a game legally purchased in a legal way, don't you think? and if i get this problem practically anyone can experience it, too. so let's see how they prioritize this issue...

anyway, i submitted a support ticket to gamersgate now + will await their comment. hopefully they will come up with a solution.

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