ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead

game won't work

By 15stephen posted 4th Jul 2012

I bought the game downloaded it and now how do I play it?


By Alcifer posted 4th Jul 2012

You'll need to provide more information about the problem.

Is the game installed? It should have started installing automatically after the download completed but sometimes it can be blocked by Anti-virus software.

By 15stephen posted 4th Jul 2012

look it took about 4 hours for this game to download and now nothing no icon on the desktop to click on or anything what do I do?

By 15stephen posted 4th Jul 2012

I have downloaded it!!! 4 hours I have waited for what my mom made me do lots of chores so I could get this and now I want to play and I can't so you tell me what I should do or I want my money back;;;

By 15stephen posted 4th Jul 2012

they gave me a serial key but it never asked me to put it anywhere!!! there isn't a button that says click to play or anything WHATS UP WITH THIS!!!!!!!!!!

By 15stephen posted 4th Jul 2012

This is ridiculous I am a new memeber today and this is how I am treated... I usually order from amazon because they are credible and now I now why...... You need to give me my game before I report this to Paypal and get my money back............... Are you people even listening???????? ANSWERING a customer would be nice.

By Alcifer posted 4th Jul 2012

The gametutor is answered by other customers, not GamersGate staff. To contact GamersGate support you would need to raise a ticket (, it can take a few working days for them to get back to you. GamersGate is a much smaller business than Amazon so it can't employ so many people.

When the download completed it should have opened up the install wizard, did this happen? If not you should disabled you anti-virus software and run the "download <GAME>.exe" file again, if you still have the temporary files it will not download them again it will just start the installer (though you will need to be online for it to verify your account).

By Alcifer posted 4th Jul 2012

If the installer did run it could be that the shortcut wasn't created on your desktop, have a look for "C:\Program Files (x86)\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\arma2oa.exe". If it exists you can create a shortcut by right-clicking on the file, go down to "send to" and choose desktop.

By demondean posted 4th Jul 2012

does sound like you have a corrupted download and if it doesnt ask for the securom activation then something has gone wrong,do disable your anti virus and download and install again,do remember to delete your old download as well or it will not work.

By vakarr posted 5th Jul 2012

When you downloaded the file, did you tell it to save or run the file? If you told it to save the file (usually a safer thing to do with a big download), then it has downloaded the .exe file to your downloads folder and that is all, the game is not installed. You probably need to turn off UAC, find the .exe file, , right click on it, and tell it to "run as administrator". You probably also need to turn off your anti-virus software.

By 15stephen posted 6th Jul 2012

why would you turn off your anti virus software? wouldn't that lead to getting a virus? I mean really what kinda crap is that? Amazon doesnt' make you go through anything to get a game and they at least have a phone number to call if you have any problems this is complete BS

By 15stephen posted 6th Jul 2012

I still dont have my game and i want my money back this sucks........................

By demondean posted 6th Jul 2012

you disable your anti virus while downloading to prevent a corrupted download,it does sound like your this happened to your download.

By demondean posted 6th Jul 2012

keep your firewall active so you are quite safe.

By oldcrawler posted 7th Jul 2012

Hey Stephen.
1.Calm Down.
2. Man up.
3.You are asking for help but yelling at the same people you want help from.
4.Nobody on here gives a damn about what your mom made you do for chores. It does not make your issue anymore urgent to any of us,seeing as how we are customers just like you.
5.You will most likely have to turn of your AV software and RE-DOWNLOAD the game. Make sure to turn AV back on once the install is complete.

By klentix posted 8th Jul 2012

Did it actually start the installation after it downloaded? check the gamersgate temporary files in your downloads folder (your computer may or may not have it listed as a library folder, but it would be under c:\users\yourusername\downloads\gamersgate temporary files) to see if you have the file so you can start the installation yourself. It is possible that with unique settings desktop shortcuts and start menu shortcuts may not have been made for a game, but I'd imagine it just didn't install after it downloaded.

By 15stephen posted 8th Jul 2012

actually its my mom typing this stuff.. i appreciate the help but think its crazy that gamersgate users its customers to take care of their problems.... Thanks for the help i still want my money back

By demondean posted 8th Jul 2012

it's no different to a community forum and just here trying to help out fellow gamers where we can,if you have displayed your serial on your account then you won't be entitled to a refund but do contact support with a ticket,they will be able to tell you if there is any issue with the download

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