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Crusader Kings 2 -- installing Expansions and DLC

By Eberict posted 27th Jun 2012

Hi! I installed CK2 a while ago, then I got the Ruler Creator and Sword of Islam expansions, but I don't know how to install them. The Ruler Creator won't even show in my library, and the Sword of Islam keeps asking if I want to gift it, but no download button. Do I have to download and install CK2 again from GG to install my purchased expansions?

Thanks in advance to whoever helps. I'm really uncertain about what to do next.


By Alcifer posted 27th Jun 2012

You need to download it through the in-game store, log in using your GamersGate account and it should allow you to install the DLC.

From the DLC system requirements.
"NOTICE: You can only access the DLC within Crusader Kings II through the in-game store.
Only work with GamersGate version of Crusader Kings II"

By Eberict posted 27th Jun 2012

Oh! I entered the game and looked inside--sure enough, everything was there! Thanks!

By gamersgate posted 27th Jun 2012

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 27th Jun 2012

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