Empire Earth III

Game Will Not Load

By bonham21 posted 22nd Jun 2012

the program can't start because PHysxLoader.dll is missing from your computer.
Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

I reinstalled 2 times already and I get the same error. What is wrong



By Alcifer posted 22nd Jun 2012

You could try installing the latest physx drivers:

By bonham21 posted 22nd Jun 2012

Do you know of a good place to get it where I am not going to download malware etc

By Alcifer posted 22nd Jun 2012

The link I provided should be ok as it's the developers site. You should also make sure you restart your computer after installing as it may be needed to ensure the dll is loaded.

By bonham21 posted 22nd Jun 2012

I downloaded it and went to install and it game me this error.

error 1327. Invalid Drive M:\

By demondean posted 22nd Jun 2012

you need to install to default drive as it is part of the nvidia graphics driver,so do make sure you have an upto date graphics driver.

By Alcifer posted 22nd Jun 2012

Apparently this can happen if there are references to a non-existent drive in your registry. There are a few ways to fix this, you can either go into the registry and fix the entries as described here:

or as a temporary solution you can create a drive by plugging in a portable HDD and then reassigning it the drive letter M: as described here:

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