Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent Steam activation?

By DH125 posted 21st Jun 2012

So, I'm new here, and I just bought Super Meat Boy and Amnesia because of the huge offer this website is giving! So I just went ahead and activated Super Meat Boy on steam and everything worked, but when I tried to activate Amnesia it said it was invalid, and I looked up on the serial the site gave me and it looked incomplete, I went ahead and download it from the website anyway but is there any way of activating it on steam so it would be easier?


By demondean posted 21st Jun 2012

no sorry you can't activate it on steam

By Zoppy posted 21st Jun 2012

nope, it will not work, check steams website to find out what games you can activate, but you can always create a shortcut through steam.

By DH125 posted 21st Jun 2012

Thanks for the fast replies! It's a shame I can't get it on steam but yeah like Zoppy said I can always create a shortcut, thanks again for the attention. Cheers

By DH125 posted 21st Jun 2012

And thanks for the link Zoppy!

By jellofund posted 21st Jun 2012

You can also check if a game can be activated on Steam by looking at the product page on Gamersgate. Beside DRM it'll show if it's Steamworks or not.

By MrRakky posted 21st Jun 2012

Yeah, sadly you can't. Perhaps in the future who knows.

By demondean posted 21st Jun 2012

you can install in the normal way then add it to your steam library as a non steam game if you require.

By DH125 posted 21st Jun 2012

Yeah it's a shame, but thank you guys for the help. I doubt they do it in the future but well the important thing is to get the game, it's just a bonus let's call it that.

By zoth-ommog posted 21st Jun 2012

@Zoppy: That article ( is hopelessly outdated and incomplete. Just an example - the last Humble Bundle listed there is #3...

By Awesom3Pand4 posted 23rd Jun 2012

Nope sorry.

By Adyman777 posted 23rd Jun 2012

well at least on steam Amnesia don't have any special features like achievements, so just enjoy the game u won't lose anything special on steam :D

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