Ship Simulator Extremes

QuestViewer not loading or working

By doc redwater posted 11th Jun 2012

Cannot get SHIP SIMULATOR Extremes to load after repeated download (hoping that would fix the problem). The problem is the QuestViewer will not work. Found it in the game list and tried to start...still no luck...this game worked before on my computer (Windows 7)without a hitch...what do I do?


By Alcifer posted 11th Jun 2012

There are a few threads on the Steam forums that suggest you need to reinstall the redistributables for direct X, visual C++ and PhysX:

By icebox posted 12th Jun 2012

Solution 1:
For non-STEAM versions, make sure you download the v1.1 patch here:

Solution 2:
Run the file "unregister.exe" from your installation root folder.

For STEAM versions that is default: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\ship simulator extremes\unregister.exe
For non-STEAM versions that is default: C:\Program Files\Vstep\ShipSimExtremes\unregister.exe

That should do the trick. Please take note that this deletes your profile and license key info, so you will have to enter that again when you startup the game.

Solution 3:

Uninstall STEAM (don't forget to backup your STEAM games first) and try to reinstall it in another directory than the default one. The default directory is now C:\Program Files\Steam

- uninstall STEAM (maybe first backup your STEAM games in the C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps folder)
- reboot your system
- reinstall STEAM ( but not to the default directory C:\Program Files\Steam but to another directory e.g. C:\Program Files\Steamdir2 or any other name
- reinstall Ship Simulator Extremes (by redownloading or by copying your backup file back)

These fixes seem to do the trick for most people.
Good luck!

By tavo.2360 posted 12th Jun 2012

i had the same problem but i would give it some time and it would open that is after applying all patcbes they can be found at after applying the patch execute this program C:\Program Files\Vstep\ShipSimExtremes\unregister.exe
Good Luck i had the same problem and fixed this way

By Ladron3dfx posted 12th Jun 2012

The post by Alcifer is the best advice. Every post after should be ignored.

By tavo.2360 posted 12th Jun 2012

ladron do you own this game? because the least usefull thing to do is rerun the vcredist physx etc the game has a registry problem on windows7 so the best way of making it work is with unregister.exe opening the game and giving it time to load.

By Alcifer posted 12th Jun 2012

@tavo.2360 I think you're probably right.

While both links suggest reinstalling the redistributables, one involves running unregister.exe and in the other a user reported that deleting the game's folder in 'my documents' was also needed to fix the problem. That suggests it might be a corruption of the game's profile data that's causing the problem, this data seems to be deleted when running unregister or just overwritten when the game is activated again.

By tavo.2360 posted 12th Jun 2012

exactly the only thing you need to do is wait a while for it to load and then you will be asked for the serial key hope it works

By Ladron3dfx posted 13th Jun 2012

It is not advisable to apply patches other than what is offered from GamersGate. This can potentially break the game and if the user has not saved the installation files of the original game then it must be downloaded all over again and certain games are truly humongous downloads in several gigabytes. The 1.5 patch offered on only deals with minor graphical improvements and mainly deals with multiplayer issues, nothing is stated that the patch will work across various digital services. It is not worth the risk and also IMO bad advice.

By goran.marinovic posted 15th Jun 2012

+1 for running the installation of redistributables again.

I had exactly the same issue.. did 4-5 downloads, patches from different places applied in different orders, disabling UAC, anti-virus etc...

After I manually installed the redistributables it worked like a charm (without running unregister)

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