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side by side configuration?

By snuff28 posted 5th Jun 2012

game failed to load because side by side configuration is incorrect i have looked online some people have saide you need this VCR x86 x64 13.10.2011 but i cannot find a copy to download without registering with something anyone help?


By Alcifer posted 5th Jun 2012

I assume that is the visual C++ redistributable, you can get the latest version of the x86 download here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=5555

service pack 1 is here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8328

By snuff28 posted 5th Jun 2012

no thanks for the try im all up to date with that i suppose i will just have to wait till gamersgate replies :(

By Sysgen posted 5th Jun 2012

See "http://8help.osu.edu/4303.html" "This error can occur when a DLL file has been corrupted or deleted, or if it simply does not yet exist on the machine (in the case of upgrade installs of Windows). This may be a symptom of a virus trying to access DLLs and subsequently corrupting them, an imminent HD failure, bad update, or any number of other causes." The page refers to another page to" Resolving Side-by-Side Configuration errors" using the System File Checker Tool (SFC). If you choose that route use this link for SFC "http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929833" otherwise 1st try and install all of the MS Visual C++ runtimes (in order) on that page. A third option is to try a system restore back to a recent system restore point "http://pcsupport.about.com/od/fixtheproblem/ht/system-restore-windows-7.htm".

By snuff28 posted 6th Jun 2012

i have tried all of that i did the scan it didnt find anything and did system restore to earliest time then updated with windows re downloaded game and still saying the application failed because its side by side configuration is incorrect.

By snuff28 posted 6th Jun 2012

it says use sxstrace.exe tool i have done that and i got this Trace -logfile:FileName [-nostop]
Enabling tracing for sxs.
Tracing log is saved to FileName.
If -nostop is specified, will not prompt to stop tracing.
Parse -logfile:FileName -outfile:ParsedFile [-filter:AppName]
Translate the raw trace file into a human readable format and save the re
sult to ParsedFile.
Use -filter option to filter the output.
Stop the trace if it is not stopped before.
Example: SxsTrace Trace -logfile:SxsTrace.etl
SxsTrace Parse -logfile:SxsTrace.etl -outfile:SxsTrace.txt

By Sysgen posted 6th Jun 2012

If I was in your position: 1) If this is the only application where this is happening then I would just forget about the application. If you bought it here, write a nice email to gamersgate support and perhaps you can get a credit. 2) If this is a systemic issue with your system, I would save my data and rebuild my system after formatting my system drive.

By snuff28 posted 6th Jun 2012

as far as im aware there is nothing wrong with my system i have checked everything that people have suggested on here and net this is the only game that doent work so i will have to wait for them to get back to me

By Psyringe posted 6th Jun 2012

This seems to be a common problem with this game. There is a solution (with links to official Microsoft downloads of system files; don't download system files from elsewhere) here: http://support.tml-studios.com/index.php?pid=knowledgebase&cmd=viewentclient&id=269 . The page is in German though. I can translate the relevant parts if you tell me which operation system you have (Windows version, and 32 or 64 bit).

By Psyringe posted 6th Jun 2012

Addendum: I found an English page as well: http://support.tml-studios.com/index.php?pid=knowledgebase&cmd=viewentclient&id=272 .

Both pages I linked are from the game's publisher, so the info should be fairly reliable.

By Psyringe posted 6th Jun 2012

Addendum 2: And I just noticed that the game's official English support page actually links specifically to German Microsoft pages. Wow. ;) The files themselves aren't location specific AFAIK, but if the German pages are giving you trouble, I'm referring to my offer from above: Tell me your operating system, and I'm telling you the links you need. Note that you apparently need 7 downloads: The Visual C++ 2005 runtime for your operating system, its service pack, its security update, the Visual C++ 2008 runtime for your operating system, the service pack and security update for that one, and of course DirectX 9.

By snuff28 posted 6th Jun 2012

im running windows7 64bit i have direct x 11 i think i have most of those runtime updates i am completly up to date with windows update

By Psyringe posted 6th Jun 2012

You won't get those files through Windows update. Also, DIrectX11 does not include DirectX 9 (and you also won't get DirectX 9 through Windows Update). I'll post the links you need in a couple of minutes.

By Psyringe posted 6th Jun 2012

Okay, here we go. Note: The German support page actually mentions that people with 64-bit systems should install both the 32-bit and the 64-bit runtimes. That's a lot of downloads for something that should have been included in the game's installer in the first place, but here we go. Note: Many files depend on each other. So download the first file, then install it, then download the second file, then install that one, etc, going down the list in order. Do not download them all in one go - you won't be able to sort them out afterwards, and to make the confusion complete, some of the fles have the same name (although the content is different). That's one of the reasons why these things should really be handled by the game installers, and not left in the users' hands.

Windows Visual C++ 2005 runtimes, 32 bit:

Windows Visual C++ 2008 runtimes, 32 bit:

Windows Visual C++ 2005 runtimes, 64 bit:

Windows Visual C++ 2008 runtimes, 64 bit:

DirectX 9.0c:

I'm sorry for the mess, but that's the actual recommended solution from the developer's site.

By Psyringe posted 6th Jun 2012

(Yes, they are actually asking you to download and install 13 different components. In case you're wondering.)

Also, the recommend to re-install the game afterwards.

By snuff28 posted 6th Jun 2012

thanks very much i got those from english page and got direct x 9 redistrabution june 2010 and is working didnt need to re install game

By gamersgate posted 6th Jun 2012

Marked as solved!

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