Mount & Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars

serial number

By MrBloodyapple posted 26th Apr 2012

I have a problem. I purchased the game and I tried to put the activation code, but it says "Activation denied".


By demondean posted 26th Apr 2012

could just be your firewall blocking the activation process or server

By MrBloodyapple posted 26th Apr 2012

I just turned off my firewall and I tried to input my activation code again. I am using a Mac and I was following instructions from

By yalovacenter posted 26th Apr 2012

Check the internet connection.

By Munkee79 posted 1st May 2012

It *could* be an issue related to the thing's launch -- they ran out of keys for it on Steam in a matter of hours after it showed up on the store. It's possible you got a defective one, or one already used by someone else somehow. If it's still not working I'd message support about it.

By Xeonelite posted 2nd May 2012

You should message Paradox Interactive support about your problem, they should resolve it quickly

By kim2600 posted 7th Jun 2013

Same problem as me.. i was play NW in 4 months now.. after i turn my computer on.. its says i need to put my serial key in ..and i did it.. and its says "Activation denied". i cant join any servers.. its always says "Unable to connect to server"

By kim2600 posted 7th Jun 2013

by the way i'm playing on mac aswell

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