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HOMM VI Internet

By 9zanite posted 20th Apr 2012

Does the GG download of Heroes VI require a persistent internet connection? I know I'll need internet to activate it, but I'm concerned about having to be constantly connected to play. I'm often in places where I don't have internet access and don't want to pay for a game I can only play at limited times. Thanks!


By Kingepyon posted 20th Apr 2012

There is an offline mode that you can play the game in, but you lose access to some features. It shouldn't effect your single player game, though.

By Fred_DM posted 20th Apr 2012

just out of curiosity, what features are missing while playing offline?

By TylerM posted 20th Apr 2012

^ Multiplayer? :P

By Fred_DM posted 20th Apr 2012

thanks, Captain Obvious. ;) but even singleplayer UbiSoft games have online functionality, so i figured maybe HOMM6 had some too.

By Kingepyon posted 23rd Apr 2012

You lose My dynasty (you can create a character and get stuff), hall of destiny, achievements. Nothing that will hurt your single player campaign, just the extra stuff.

By Fred_DM posted 23rd Apr 2012

thanks for the reply. :)

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