Volvo The Game

Is it supported by Windows 7?

By i_tison posted 19th Apr 2012

is it supported by windows7 ?


By demondean posted 19th Apr 2012

is supported upto Vista so there is a chance it will work under 7 but do use compatabilty modes

By i_tison posted 19th Apr 2012

not a big fan of compatibility mode but i guess i'll try it. thx.

By EWayneD66 posted 19th Apr 2012

I have Windows 7 Pro on this computer and have had no difficulties running Volvo. I have not had to run it in compatibility mode. So, based on my experience, I would say the game should run fine for you.

By PyromaniacB posted 20th Apr 2012

Volvo The Game is fully working in Windows 7 as are all the other titles based on Race 07, for example GTR Evolution and STCC The Game. No need for a compatibility mode.

By ze21038 posted 21st Apr 2012

Volvo the game, got 100% compatibility for windows 7 at least for me, without any compatibility mode, but if doesnt work, try to go to proprieties in the game icon and put "run as administrator" and put the compatibility to windows vista,

thanks i hope i helped

have a good day

By gamersgate posted 24th Apr 2012

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By gamersgate posted 24th Apr 2012

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