Grand Theft Auto IV

CRC Error??

By CarminaBurana posted 8th Apr 2012

After i downloaded GTA IV for the first time from this site and installed it i got a CRC error on some of the files, and then i tried 3 times more but i still got a CRC error just on different files. What should i do?


By Alcifer posted 8th Apr 2012

Have you tried deleting the files and downloading + installing again with your anti-virus software turned off, it could be corrupting the files.

By CarminaBurana posted 8th Apr 2012

Thanks for your quick answer. I will now try downloading it with my anti-virus down.

By demondean posted 8th Apr 2012

yes you have some corrupted files and as stated your anti virus is the cause of this,i can confirm that the download here works 100% correctly as i own the game and downloads without any problems.

By CarminaBurana posted 8th Apr 2012

i tried your suggestion but I still got a CRC error. i closed every anti virus program i had running.

By demondean posted 8th Apr 2012

ok if you are running it on anything later than xp try downloading as administrator and compatability mode as well,something on your system is causing this or try downloading to a different location such as the desktop or different folder

By azraeil posted 9th Apr 2012

It may be from your computer in case it doesn't work on other drivers. Try to install it on another computer and see if it has the same problem. In case is from your computer run a error scan to fix it

By Alcifer posted 9th Apr 2012

Are you running low on space on your C:\ drive? It could be having difficulty finding space in the windows temp folder, although I'm not sure that would cause a CRC error.

You could try this solution, it's not very elegant:

By talgaby posted 9th Apr 2012

In these cases, I found that the best course of action was simply waiting. CRC checksum errors usually happen to me when something is wrong in the internet connection, but after a day or so it usually goes away.
Or... you can check you hard drive. If you say it is always another file, then it would seem that your HDD is accessed regularly and constantly during download/install, and that can lead to badly written sectors. (The solution in this case is either to use a not frequently accessed, different hard disk, or to make sure nothing else is using the drive other than the downloader and the OS. Defragmenting may also improve chances.)

By CarminaBurana posted 10th Apr 2012

thanks for you help guys, it worked.

By gamersgate posted 10th Apr 2012

Marked as solved!

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