Grand Theft Auto IV

Rockstar Games Social Club error

By zombiecidal posted 29th Mar 2012

I've installed GTA IV that I bought off of this site, launched the game and this is what I got "RGSC.exe cannot start! RGSC (Rockstar Games Social Club) must be present and running for game to run." I have Social Club account, however, I've digged around in the RGSC located in Program Files and cannot find RGSC.exe. I think this may be related to an earlier problem I had not being abple to play LA Noire. So, if someone pretty please tell me what I need to do to get RGSC to run.


By Tzenchor posted 29th Mar 2012

Reinstall RGSC, it should be available through rockstar and maybe within gta install files.

I played both of them without problems long ago so i'm sure they work

By demondean posted 29th Mar 2012

this gets resolved by logging into your gfwl service which then installs a patch to correct the social club

By zombiecidal posted 29th Mar 2012

I've installed the patch and the game works. Thanks dudes.

By gamersgate posted 29th Mar 2012

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 29th Mar 2012

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