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By ronaldennson posted 9th Feb 2012

Has anyone managed to get CK II registration key yet. As i understand, if not registered soon - special icon will be lost at forum. There are plenty of people with special icons AND avatars already. My CK II shows that i have unused registration key but when i click it, it only shows me the demo download. Anyone else has the same problem ?


By kjx posted 9th Feb 2012

Release: 14th Feb. Wait!

By demondean posted 9th Feb 2012

yes you only have the demo download because it is still in pre order state and gets released on february 14th,it will then unlock and you will have your key then and not before

By ronaldennson posted 9th Feb 2012

I understand the release date - for download. But if i can't register the key before 14 feb i will lose the special forum icon for preorder ? Won't i ?

By kjx posted 9th Feb 2012

I have no idea what you're talking about. What forum? Waht icon?

By ronaldennson posted 9th Feb 2012

I'm talking about the Paradox Interactive forums - the developer of the game. You get special icon and avatars for preordering the game but i can't get the registration key from GamersGate. I don't need to download it, just the key.

By demondean posted 9th Feb 2012

you won't receive your key until the release

By GAZ082 posted 10th Feb 2012

You have a Crusader Kings II option to register the game in Paradox. There is not "special preorder icon" to register. Where did you get the rumor from?

By ronaldennson posted 10th Feb 2012

Ok, just saw that i have time until 17'th to register to get the extras. Thanks guys.

By gamersgate posted 10th Feb 2012

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 11th Feb 2012

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