Amnesia: The Dark Descent Mac

Black screen.

By Serious Seal posted 6th Jan 2012

So, I got Amnesia working.. But.. At the title screen, it's black. There's supposed to be a doorway in the background. And when I click play, it starts, I hear everything, but the screen stays black. I see the dot in the middle of the screen, and the tips pop up says to check stuff, but, i do not see anything. Just... Black. I've messed with the gamma and other visual stuff, but nothing fixes it.
When you first play, and it tells you to play with the gamma some, at the time, it looks like you're looking down a well. I saw that perfectly fine. Anything after, isn't there.


By rcantora posted 6th Jan 2012

What is your graphic card? Are its drivers updated?

By Sysgen posted 6th Jan 2012

You need to set your graphics control panel to use application defaults. Also ensure you are using the game's default settings. Amnesia uses SSAO and if you set that too high and on some cards even if it's on it can cause problems.

By dlg79 posted 6th Jan 2012

Also happened to me after some days of playing. I had to switch to windowed mode to fix it.

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