The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut

What's The Difference?

By fmonster posted 4th Jan 2012

What is the difference between this "new" director's cut version as opposed to the "old" director's cut version? Anyone know?


By demondean posted 4th Jan 2012

lots of added content mainly

By fmonster posted 4th Jan 2012

Is it worth a whole new 11 Gig download? And will it wipe out my saved game?

By demondean posted 4th Jan 2012

i would say it is well worth it,over 5 hours of added gameplay and technical improvements have been added as well,i would keep a copy of your saved game just in case

By Psyringe posted 4th Jan 2012

If you already have the "Enhanced Edition" version, then the download probably isn't worth it. The d"Director's Cut" only removes some censoring that was applied to the US version of the game. If you don't have the Enhanced Edition, then the download is definitely worth it, as the Enhanced Edition adds a ton of new stuff. Demondean seems to talk about the difference between enhanced and normal version (if I understood correctly), and he's correct about those, but if your question was about the differences between (old) Enhanced Edition and (new) Director's Cut, then the situation is different.

By fmonster posted 4th Jan 2012

Ok, let me clarify a little bit here. I currently own the Enhanced Edition Director's Cut that I bought from Gamersgate. I now have 2 versions of this software. The first one that I have had for a little while now is now listed as "Enhanced Edition Director's Cut (old)" while a newer version showed up recently in my collection and it shows as "Enhanced Edition Director's Cut". There seems to be no difference in file size between the two, just that now I have 2 versions.

I guess I just want to make sure that I am not missing out on any gaming goodness! ;^)

By Psyringe posted 5th Jan 2012

Since you already own the Enhanced Edition, any new version can't add much to the game - no official content has been added after the Enhanced Edition. That said, I don't know exactly why there _is_ a new version of the game. I see three possibilities:

a) your old version is the censored North American version, and the new version is the uncensored one. Doesn't warrant a new download unless you really yearn for nude girls on playing cards.

b) It's the other way round.

c) The new version has been repackaged with bonus material (e.g. the "making of" video)

There also is a very small possibility that a recent legal struggle between CD Prokekt RED and Namco Bandai is responsible for the change; however, this struggle was about The Witcher 2 and shouldn't affect The Witcher 1 as far as I know.

In any case, the chance that you're missing out on any additional gameplay is practically zero. But you could of course still ask support about the actual differences of the versions (or wait for someone who has downloaded both).

By DarthnomadKiller posted 5th Jan 2012

The only difference seems to be that on the "old" version, the publisher is Atari and on the "new" version it's CD Projekt RED. There isn't any difference in content, so there's no need to download it again.

By fmonster posted 5th Jan 2012

Thanks all for your replies!

By gamersgate posted 5th Jan 2012

Marked as solved!

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