Afterfall: InSanity

Installation successful, but the game crashes instantly

By PaveMentman posted 15th Dec 2011

As soon as the splash-screen and the game tries to turn into "fullscreen"-mode (like almost everygame by default), the game crashes. I get no error message nor anything similiar.

Has this anything to do with the option Direct X installation or is this game just not running in Windows 7 (Ultimate) as promised?


By rcantora posted 15th Dec 2011

You can try zuruzuru's trick: Go to "Program files\Nicolas Games\Afterfall Insanity\RascalGame\Config" and select defaultengine.ini find the line "bForceNoMovies=FALSE" and change to "TRUE". Well, it depends on where you installed the game, but the logic is this.

By rcantora posted 15th Dec 2011

This is the original thread:

By PaveMentman posted 15th Dec 2011

Okay, that did the trick, even though it was a bit odd workaround.

I tried to look for the solution before; strangely enough I got no results while looking for Afterfall...

Thank you again. Time to play!

By gamersgate posted 15th Dec 2011

Marked as solved!

By gamersgate posted 16th Dec 2011

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