Batman Arkham City

install problem

By mav613003 posted 25th Nov 2011

I installed the game went to start it the first time and this message came up "Failed to find default engine .ini file retreive My Documents subdirectory to use, Force quitting" annoying specially after such a long download reinstalled it but no go...any suggestions would be appreciated :)


By SonicFever posted 25th Nov 2011

Do you have plenty of extra hard drive space after installation?

By liquidsnake12 posted 26th Nov 2011

try running the game by right clicking the executable and clicking run as administrator.

By SonicFever posted 26th Nov 2011

Many people are having this problem, I've seen a few solve the problem by installing it on another drive. if liquidsnake's idea doesn't work I would make sure windows is fully up to date, restart and reinstall. If all else fails you may need to redownload.

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