King of the Road

game don't work

By zombiecidal posted 24th Nov 2011

I've purchased King of the Road. The game menu looks like gamma rays. When I click on New Game the game crashes, no error codes, it just puts me to the desktop. I've tried to run the game in different compatability modes (Win 98, 2000, XP, Vista, and 7) but nothing seems to work. Earlier, when I tried to run the game I received an error message saying that my pc doesn't have a craphics accelerator.

I'm running
Windows 7
Nvidia 9500GS
6 Gig RAM
500 Gig hard drive

Please help


By Grapp posted 24th Nov 2011

Check for new graphic card drivers from or I like better Update your graphic drivers and check if things went any better or not.

By demondean posted 24th Nov 2011

it is NOT compatible with 7 at all

By zombiecidal posted 24th Nov 2011

I have the latest and greatest GeForce 285.79 driver. So, what you're telling me is that this game is not comaptible with win 7 at all, that I've spent 5 bucks for nothing? But worst of all I can't play the game that I used to love playing as a kid? And I have to go trhough this mysery called reality? Yeah yeah of course I'm joking. Guess I'll have to figure this out on my own, thanks for advise dudes and or dudettes.

By demondean posted 24th Nov 2011

you should always check the sytem requirements before purchasing especially if it is an older title.

By zombiecidal posted 24th Nov 2011

Agreed, however someone always finds a way around system requirements. I was able to run older games by installing a patch for a game, but this time I can't seem to find anything. The system req for this game says Vista/7, so in theory it should work... thanks for advise though

By demondean posted 24th Nov 2011

you misread the requirements,it says NOT VISTA or 7

By demondean posted 24th Nov 2011

there are some games that will never work under vista or 7,the requirements are there to help users

By gamersgate posted 25th Nov 2011

Marked as solved!

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