Hearts of Iron 3: Semper Fi

Supply issues

By raheim posted 24th Nov 2011


I really like the HOI3 series of games but I've stopped playing them because of supply issues. Playing as the USA any time I move units to a friendly country [e.g.,England] i can't supply them. I don't seem to be able to establish a supply convoy to friendly ports.

Same goes for North Africa. When i land there and reclaim any ports they revert to the ownership of the allied country and my troops become unsupplied. Then I can't establish a supply line either.

What am I doing wrong?


By Link Strife posted 24th Nov 2011

There are so many variables: are you part of the Allies; are you at war with Germany? Japan?; maybe the u-boats are sinking your supply convoys faster than you can build them; if you are allied with the UK then all your units within the empire are supplied by the British and not by you (units in allied territory are supplied by the host country)... My suggestion to you is that you visit the Paradox Interactive forums (just google paradoxplaza and choose HOI3). You will find a lot of threads discussing supply (and realize that you are not the only one with questions regarding supply). Another suggestion is that you get the second expansion pack (For the Motherland) as it solves many issues and makes the gaming experience more enjoyable. FtM even provides an 'arcade mode' which greatly simplifies supply if you want to use it although I haven't tried it yet.

By raheim posted 24th Nov 2011

Thanks, I think you've confirmed my thoughts. The problem seems to be that When I [playing as USA] move troops to England the host country takes over the supply and it [England] can't handle the demand. Thus, my troops become almost useless. I was hoping there was a way around this and it was not just a flaw in the game. Thanks again.

By gamersgate posted 24th Nov 2011

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By gamersgate posted 8th Dec 2011

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