Battlefield 3 Limited Edition UK

It doesn't work

By Solvelid posted 28th Oct 2011

I download Origin and BF3 works fine, laid the Serial key to it also, but when I want to start it. It says something about a battlelog, trying to write my Origin mail account and password but nothing happens :s


By Solvelid posted 28th Oct 2011

I am swedish and have the BF3 Limited Edition UK

By DDERME posted 28th Oct 2011

Battle log is a website that you have to use to play bf3 and there is no way around this because ea didnt bother making a main menu for this game so basically battle log is your main menu,if you cant log on to battle log that it can be a problem with battle log and i cant help you with that but i hope this helps you out a little.

By Solvelid posted 28th Oct 2011

I see I see :(
ah well gonna try some more but tnx anyway :)

By raf801 posted 28th Oct 2011

you need battlelog to play the game in singleplayer or multiplayer as the game is now browser based. which is a stupid move by EA. when you try to play the game it should prompt you to download and install battlelog in a bar down at the bottom of your web browser.

I have just noticed the website: which wont let me log in either.
But as i have origin then i can log in there and it will start a pop-up prelogged in.
Origin website also says this:
"The username or password you entered is incorrect. If you recently registered at the password that you created there has become your new Origin/ password."

i recommend that you start the game from either the origin software or it's shortcut.

i'll have to contact EA about this password thng...

By Solvelid posted 28th Oct 2011

When I start the game it goes to battle log and asks me to log in there :s

By Solvelid posted 28th Oct 2011

When I start the game it goes to battle log and asks me to log in there :s

By Solvelid posted 28th Oct 2011

I've sent a mail to EA and see what they will say

By bc79 posted 30th Oct 2011

I read in the site that you can use bf3 needs to have the latest version of origin if not does not work. If you've just downloaded origin might be for that.

By Solvelid posted 30th Oct 2011

I think I have the latest

By eazy937 posted 31st Oct 2011

in order to play BF3 you need to have the latest Origin and Battlelog, make sure you have the Cap Lock toogle off before entering mail and pass. The mail you are going to enter in the Battlelog should be your EA master ID, the same mail/pass you access to Origin.

In case it doesn't work, you can click the question mark button in Origin to have a live chat with the EA representatives, see if they can verify your ID to access BL.

good luck

By pineappleeater2 posted 31st Oct 2011

Try updating Bf3 from Origin (as several patches have already been made), right-click on BF3 in Origin and click 'Check for updates'. Also see if you have installed BF3 correctly as I had trouble getting it to work when I downloaded it from GamersGate, maybe something to do with it being the UK version I'm not sure, but using the serial key in Origin gets the normal Limited Edition copy.

By Solvelid posted 31st Oct 2011

how can it be installed wrong?:P

By Solvelid posted 31st Oct 2011

I've checked it now and it's updated, both the game and Origin, so I should contact one with live chat ?

By HellDuke posted 31st Oct 2011

You have to use the exact same details as you do when you log into origin. Use your e-mail and password. If you cannot log in, try using the "forgot password" link. If you cannot recover your password (or it doesn't help) contact EA through the live message system.

It does not matter that it is the UK version. I live in Lithuania and I have the UK limited. It works fine.

By Solvelid posted 31st Oct 2011

ok, but I have tried to login when it says that, but it says it again :(
I guess I have to contact them

By Solvelid posted 1st Nov 2011

Just found out a funny thing, I tried to go into Origin Offline mode and found out that I can play the Singleplayer campaign (which is buggy in some ways ^^) but after when I turn on the online mode it still goes into the battlelog and says that I need to buy BF3 to get access to battlelog :(

By bc79 posted 1st Nov 2011

Could be the firewall to block the game

By Solvelid posted 2nd Nov 2011

Wasn't the firewall, but can you do live chat with the support ?
How ?

By rodfod posted 6th Nov 2011

Have you downloaded the browser plugin for battlelog? On the bottom left of the site you may see if the plugin is updated or not.

By Solvelid posted 7th Nov 2011

Well yeah, but now it works for me! :D
tnx guys for trying to help ;)

By gamersgate posted 7th Nov 2011

Marked as solved!

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