Hearts of Iron III: For the Motherland

Hearts of Iron III: For the Motherland not Installing

By Blitzen posted 27th Oct 2011

Everytime I try to run the setup for the motherland expansion, it gives me an error message say that "Hearts of Iron III: For the Motherland was not installed." I have fully patched HOI3. Can anyone help me?



By Ravnos68 posted 27th Oct 2011

Did you install the game in a different location than the default?
If so, you may have to change the file location box during the setup menus.

By godly72uk posted 27th Oct 2011

did you install semper fi as well, and patch this to latest one? if you have installed HOI3 and semper fi, do they work ok? any MODs that you have i would install them last once you know the game is running FTM ok. Make sure when you redo the setup that you remove all bits of the game, patch it to latest then check it runs ok, then do same with semper fi, and then do same with FTM, and patch this to 3.05. If you do have the MODs you will need to patch game so FTM will run them. You will find this on paradox forum website.

By Blitzen posted 27th Oct 2011

I will answer the questions in the order they were posted:
1) I do not even get a chance to select an install directory: as soon as the game manager is done downloading, it immediately gives me the error message

2) I do not have any other expansions, addons, etc. All I have is Hearts of Iron III, and the For the Motherland expansion.

3)As stated above, I do not have semper fi nor do I have any other mods.

Please note that I have updated Hearts of Iron III up to version 1.4. I have not downloaded/applied any For the Motherland patches because I cant even get it to install.

Thanks for the replies, I really want to get this to work

By Link Strife posted 27th Oct 2011

You first need Semper Fi in order to install For the Motherland. It won't work otherwise.

By Blitzen posted 27th Oct 2011

But its not listed as a requirement?

By mattimothy posted 27th Oct 2011

When viewing the game and if you click to expand the system requirements button its lists HOI 3 and SF as needed to play.

By gamersgate posted 27th Oct 2011

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By gamersgate posted 16th Jan 2012

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