Sniper: Ghost Warrior

Serial Ker is invalid

By karchoong posted 13th Oct 2011

I just purchase the Sinper: ghost warrior and it take 12 hours to complete download.\r\nI\'v received activation code and serial key by the gamersgate. After completely install and key in the activation code, and when i try to play it\'s shown serial key is invalid. What should i do....? please help me


By stefanvalric posted 13th Oct 2011

If you're on a 64 bit system, change the sniper.reg file that is made available from the game download page so the key is added to 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\City Interactive\Sniper2' You should just be able to open the .reg with any text editor, I recommend Notepad++, and change it. If you continue to have a problem the key may be faulty and you should contact GamersGate for a new key.

By echelonone posted 13th Oct 2011

Make sure you put in the right serial key. Copy and paste straight off GamersGte into your game.

By karchoong posted 14th Oct 2011

I've try as what you advise me but its dosent work that way. Try to uninstall and install it back also look the same words appear on the screen. ( Serial key is invalid ). Please advise. I'm not very good in IT and still learning.

By ggarthur posted 14th Oct 2011

I have the problem. I also tried to un-install and reinstall to no avail. I hunted down some answers and I got the following from the internet. Work and Torchlight have keep me very busy and I have not tried this particular solution, so I do not know if it will solve the issue.

As Stefanvlric mentioned you will have to use a text editor like Notepad.

If you decide to use this solution and it works please let us know.



[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\City Interactive\Sniper2]
"WriteDir"="Sniper - Ghost Warrior"

By psycoman27 posted 20th Oct 2011

If this doesn't work you could always ask the people who run GamersGate for another CD key, that seemed to solve some other people's false CD key problems.

By vanmeerdervoort posted 5th Oct 2012

Download the .reg file and edit in notepad as ggarthur says, but make sure you use the second serial (not activation code) then run the file. Works :)

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